EDL Taste Test: Debonairs vs Domino's

NOSA: If you’ve followed the blog or our Twitter for a while, you’ll know how much I hate Domino's by now. My hatred for Domino's should be like 8 years strong at this point. The crust, oh God, I hate the crust so much.

FOLLY: Nosa swears he's me. I can appreciate a thick crust pizza tbh, but Domino's thick crust is not the one. 

NOSA: Today, our Taste Test puts Lagos’ biggest pizza spots up against each other - Domino's vs Debonairs. Now, every pizza place has the every-meat-topping pizza. They might call it “Meatzza” or “Meat Fiesta” or whatever, but it’s really all the same thing. It’s a pizza built for gluttons like 10-year old Nosa. 

For today’s post, we ordered the medium “glutton pizza” from both Domino's and Debonairs.



eatdrinklagos dominos pizza-7.jpg

NOSA: Domino's is a shade more expensive than Debonairs, but in their defense, the Domino's “medium” is significantly bigger than the Debonairs one.

FOLLY: N2600 at Debonairs and N2800 at Domino's



NOSA: Plot Twist: Domino's tasted a lot more like pizza than Debonairs did. 

FOLLY: Debonairs didn't even put tomato sauce on theirs. The entire thing was incredibly dry. 

eatdrinklagos dominos pizza-6.jpg

NOSA: With its BBQ-y base, the Debonairs pizza would probably have been better as a sub. Also, for the gluttons in the house, Debonairs stuffs theirs with a whole lot of meat. There’s probably more meat than cheese on the thing. As a tradeoff for getting more meat, you get dodgy pepperoni. Can’t win it all.

eatdrinklagos dominos pizza-4.jpg

FOLLY: Maybe it's some halal version of pepperoni. 

NOSA: Domino's doesn’t come off this stainless. The oil in their pizza can probably fry an egg.

eatdrinklagos dominos pizza-3.jpg

FOLLY: Low-key, I think the Nigerians in that their kitchen fry the sausage and pepperoni before putting it on the pizza so the oil seeps out while it's in the oven. Or maybe the tomato sauce is just stew?   


eatdrinklagos dominos pizza-1.jpg

NOSA: Why don’t more people get the thin crust from Domino's?

FOLLY: It is infinitely better than their thick crust.



NOSA: I rag on Domino's a lot, but they make a better pizza than Debonairs.

FOLLY: Can't believe I have to admit this too,  but Domino's wins this battle. 

Debonairs vs Domino's
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