#JOLLOFWeekend in Pictures

Only right that on the actual World Jollof Day, we share pictures from our Jollof weekend. Very on brand, you know?

We started Jollof weekend with a screening of Kitchen Butterfly’s documentary on Jollof in Nigeria. For everyone who missed out on it, Kitchen Butterfly’s documentary will on the internet soon.


On Sunday, we had our first festival on the mainland. A little bit out of our comfort zone, but it had to happen. We get a lot of flack for being overly focused on the island, so we decided to fix that this year by taking Jollof to Ebutte-Metta.

We’re very grateful for the vendors and all the guests that showed up. For the first time, we actually got to enjoy one of our events and we hope you guys did too.

Huge thank you to our sponsors Flutterwave, Guinness Africa Special, Maggi Nigeria, Jumia Food, and Taxify for the support.