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Parking, Tips and Map: Your Guide to Getting Around Jollof & Other Things

#JollofAndOtherThings is now just 4 days away and we've prepared a guide to important logistical information for the Festival! If you've missed it, here are our previous introductions to the theme of this year's edition of Jollof Festival.

Getting to the Festival

The Festival moves to Muri Okunola Park this year, which is in Victoria Island and should be very easy to find even if you've never been. We are using King's College Annexe as our parking lot this year.


You can drive in through Church Gate Street and come out from the main King's College Annexe entrance, and from there it's a short walk to Muri Okunola Park. This parking area can hold up to 700 people. It has been reserved for our festivalgoers and we advice guests to not pay anyone for parking. You are also not advised to park on the Law School road because you might be hassled for money there. Still worried about parking? You can get an Uber/Taxify to the Festival, and avoid any parking issues. If you're not driving, it  gives you the oppurtunity  sample our cocktail and wine vendors.


Jollof Map Flyer-3-1.png

We have a handy map of all the stalls, stage and utilities at the festival to give you a visual guide. Aside from the food, there are challenges, art and showcases on display at the festival, so come in nice and on time to take in as much of the experience as possible.




As with all our previous festivals, we recommend you wear comfy clothing and stretchy pants because you're likely to do a lot of walking and eating. This year's theme, involving creative takes on Nigerian food, really encouraged our vendors to push the boundaries with their menus, and there are lots of interesting new dishes on every vendor's menu. Remember to have a read of our guide to the vendors or view the menus on instagram. Have an idea of who you want to target first, because some vendors do run out!

Have any more questions? We have an FAQ page for any thing else you might be wondering about, and if you still need some clarifications, drop them in in the comments here and we'll respond. Remember to get your discounted advance tickets while you can and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


The Maggi Mystery Box Challenge at #JollofAndOtherThings

With just over  week left until Jollof Festival, we've shared the first batch of vendors menus and released advance tickets (which we recommend you get ASAP). What else is there to look forward to at the event? Well, we've partnered up with one of Nigeria's finest culinary schools, Red Dish Chronicles and Maggi Nigeria for a unique, live cooking competition!

The Mystery Box Challenge will be a chock full of talent. There are eight contestants (all of whom are alumni or current students of Red Dish Chronicles), and they will be judged by some of the finest professional Chefs in the Nigerian food industry. The contestants will be in four teams, and will compete under three categories: Jollof as a starter or Jollof as a main and then Jollof 're-imagined'. Each team will have two members, and they will have 10 ingredients and one hour to cook their dishes in each round as follows:

Round 1a: Team A vs Team B - 'Jollof as a Starter'
Round 1b: Team C vs Team D - 'Jollof as a Main'

The winners of each qualifying round will then get their creative culinary juices flowing in the final round:

Winner (Round 1a) vs Winner (Round 1b) - 'Jollof Re-Imagined'





Karen (25) is an accounting graduate of Covenant University. Her passion for food led her to enroll in a culinary school and she’s currently training as a chef at Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School. She specializes in making cupcakes and meal plans for workaholics. Her hobbies include cooking, travelling, writing and baking.

Hauwa Omoleye Onifade or 'Chef Omey' is a University of Lagos graduate. She holds a Diploma in Culinary Arts from Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School. Her passion for spices and herbs makes her culinary skills outstanding and a force to be reckoned with.


Steven Ishaya holds a Bsc in Microbiology and Industrial Biotechnology. He is an alumnus of Red Dish Chronicles. He gained his culinary skills from intensive training and exposure, but his biggest strengths are his attention to detail and his ability to cook from the heart.  He is also a certified event planner, content writer and model.


Victoria studied Law at the University of Lagos and later attended Red Dish Chronicles to fulfill her desire to become a professional Chef. She is from Cross River state but was born and bred in Lagos.  When she isn’t cooking, she loves reading and teaching. She is currently working on a project to impart knowledge of the culinary arts on teenagers in Nigeria. She hopes to transform the culinary scene in Nigeria.


Morolake started her culinary career in October 2016 at Red Dish Culinary Academy where she was awarded a Diploma in Culinary Arts. She interned as a chef at Nok by Alara Restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos. She is presently refining her skills operating her own catering business. Rolake plans to emboss her creative mark on the world doing something she knows well: serving up delicious meals made with love.


Deborah Ebube (also known as Chef Debbie) is a Human Resource Management graduate, fitness junkie, and food lover. She loves baking and cooking for people. She also loves exploring cuisines and writing about food. Her favorite food are pancakes. She currently spends her free time inventing things in the kitchen and stuffing her siblings with food.


Victor is a graduate of Covenant University with a Bsc in Mass Communication. He holds a certificate in Brand & Marketing Management. He worked in the corporate world for 3 years and quit to follow his passion for food. He’s currently enrolled at Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School to obtain a Diploma in Cuisine. He owns a start up fast food service called “Chow Station”.


Aloha holds a BSc in Microbiology from the University of Ibadan. She is currently a Chef in training at Red Dish Chronicles for the 1 year Professional Combination Programme. She also runs her food business “Aloha’s Cuisine”, which caters to personal and corporate events. Before starting a food business, Aloha worked at Stanbic IBTC Bank as an account support officer. In her spare time, she loves to read books and spend time with family.




Chef Stone - Graduated from the French Culinary Institute (NY). He worked at Giotto and Paramount in London. He is the founder of the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School.

IMG_1296 2.jpg

Chef Zoey Blaq - Is a Red Dish Chronicles alum. She was triumphant as the winner of Maggi Kitchen Battle at EatDrinkFestival in December. She is the owner of Zabambam Kitchen.

Kitchen Butterfly - is  the pioneer of the #NewNigerianKitchen. She has been featured in CNN’s African Voices and the late Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

Chef Imoteda - Is Cordon Bleu trained. She is the founder of Heels in the Kitchen and an EatDrinkFestival regular. She is also the creator of the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour.

Chef Michael Elegbede - Is a Culinary Institute of America graduate. He is the executive Chef and owner of ÌTÀN. He has worked at Eleven Madison Park in New York.

#JollofAndOtherThings: Tickets are LIVE!

FOLLY: ICYMI, we're having a Jollof Festival! 

NOSA: Another one...


FOLLY: The first Jollof festival happened last year as a collaboration between Kitchen Butterfly and Eat.Drink.Lagos. It was really amazing and very unlike EatDrinkFestival, so we decided to do it again

NOSA: If you didn't attend last year, here's what you can expect from Jollof. 

Food, Glorious Food

FOLLY: First of all, Jollof is all about Nigerian food and Nigerian fusion food. While, there will loads of different types of Jollof on offer, we also have vendors who will have some crazy creative menus on offer come August 19. 

NOSA: All the menus are on our Instagram page here. Our sponsors will also have some special offers for early birds.

Mystery Box Challenge

FOLLY: We've also partnered with Red Dish Culinary stage to host a mystery box cooking challenge. There will be three rounds and three teams; in each round they will get a box of ten mystery ingredients, a challenge, and 60 minutes to complete it. I'm really looking forward to this. 

Art & History

FOLLY: In the Culture Corner of Jollof, we will be screening a Jollof documentary on loop. All you'll need to do is grab a pair of bluetooth headphones from the headphone stand and you'll be able to dive into the experience. We'll also have culinary books as well as Nigerian art on sale. 

NOSA: There'll be a couple local artists exhibiting their stuff. This is the first time we're permitted non-food vendors, beyond ourselves, at an event. But in line with celebrating Nigerian food, 

After Party

FOLLY: We've partnered with the good folk at Silent Disco to have a mini after party from 6 pm till when the festival ends. You'll need to pay for headphones but there'll be two channels of music to vibe to. 

Get Tickets!

NOSA: We've released tickets HERE and early bird tickets are on sale at N800 each. Tickets will be available on the day for N1000 for POS payments and N1500 for cash payments. 

FOLLY: Just buy your tickets in advance and save yourself the hassle. 

NOSA: Yeah, just buy it online because it's cheaper and cash is so 2016.

Meet the Vendors: What's on the Menu for Jollof and Other Things

We are now just over three weeks away from Jollof Festival: Jollof and Other Things at Muri Okunola Park. We previously shared what to expect from this year's edition of the event, and how it is stepping things up even further from the inaugural event in Jaekel House.


GIF image-A24021853567-1.gif

This year's festival will have the finest culinary talent on site. The theme encourages creativity with all kinds of Nigerian food, and the vendors are taking it on with gusto. The first batch of announced vendors includes established favourites like Mo's Jollof, Delicioso Mobile Chefs and Limehouse Cocktails, to new gems like Shaun's Pops, WeHeartBonBon and The Cocktail Factory.

If you were at JOLLOF last year, you know you can  expect some delicious and creative takes on Nigeria's dish. It wouldn't be JOLLOF, if you didn't.  Captain Licious is combining the best of multiple worlds - they have seafood jollof, 'chikwobi' and Ofada fried rice on the menu. Mo's Jollof will be serving scrumptious authentic firewood jollof rice, with various options of smoke-stewed turkey and plantain to go with it. Both Mo's Jollof and Buka2Go have freshly made amala with ewedu and gbegiri on the menu- don't miss it. Buka2Go is also expanding the scope with their Senegalese jollof and Ofada jollof rice at very affordable costs. Ette's Barbecue is flipping the script with jollof abacha, coconut jollof with shredded goat and more.

For Nigerian barbecue and grills, Nasco Grills and Delicioso Mobile Chefs have you covered.  From ribs to gizdodo sticks to the alluring sounding 'Ebute Metta Sliders', all your meaty desires will be met. Delicioso is back with their smoky, tasty asun, BBQ guinea fowl and bush meat, with a wide variety of affordable sides to choose from. Jollof and Other Things will also have some flavours from the rest of the world- Sub Delight will offer brown rice and deli wraps, while The Burgundy Stove will be serving New Orleans fish strips and Korean street chicken.

Need something to cool you down after all that flavour-filled fieriness? There are several vendors who will have alcoholic and non alcoholic chilled drinks available. Shaun's Pops has scrumptious, homemade, preservative-free passionfruit, chocolate hazelnut and mojito popsicles. The Slush Queen will be on deck with cocktails- the 'Jollof Digester' sounds like a treat- and icy treats for kids. Big Fish Cocktails has the Amarula Martini while The Cocktail Factory  will have their gorgeous strawberry daiquiri on offer, as well as their 'Zoborita' and 'Orijinality' original creations. Bubbletii will be serving their unique, juice ball-filled iced tea drinks.

Support smaller, homegrown businesses with our artisan vendors who will provide goodies to take home. Oh So Nutrition has yummy cookies, pressed juice and granola all made with Nigerian materials. The Juice Lady has tasty, healthy bottled juices such as the 'Earth & Spice" and "Beetle Juice" drinks, starting at N500. Namii will be selling their healthy, modern tigernut (Kunun Aya) based snacks and beverages.

Hungry for something sweet? From cotton candy and banana bread to soft serve and milkshakes, there are many confectioners on site to suit your sugary needs. WeHeartBonbon has a variety of gorgeous fruit and cheese cakes and bread, starting at just N250. Victoria Treats will put smiles on everyone's faces with their marshmallows, waffles and candyfloss. Hans and Renee are back with their acclaimed Naija inspired treats, Moo Diary has a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic milkshakes and 308 Patisserie hass a range of envelope pushing desserts- chin-chin apple crumble, zobo waffles and more.

More vendors will be announced in the coming weeks, with almost every type of Nigerian inspired-dish imaginable across their menus. Follow EatDrinkFestival on social media to get instant updates on vendors, ticketing and all other information Jollof related.

Jollof & Other Things: Jollof is Back

Jollof is Back!

Eat.Drink.Lagos & Kitchen Butterfly are back with the second edition of JOLLOF. Last year’s inaugural event at Jaekel House saw food-lovers from all over Lagos come together to celebrate not just Jollof rice, but the creativity of local culinary talent.

Jollof (1).png

This year, the experimental and craftsman's vibe remains, but we're making things a bit different. For one, the festival is moving to the Island - we’ll be at Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island on August 19th. Like last year, it will be a ticketed event - tickets will be available very soon.

The theme this year is not just “Jollof”, but “Jollof and Other Things”. Vendors are invited to create interesting and rich menus inspired by all traditional Nigerian dishes- not just jollof rice.  From agbalumo gelato to scent leaf pesto, we’re looking to have the envelope pushed on traditional Nigerian food. All forms of main meals, appetizers, desserts, sides, drinks, cocktails and snacks are included under this umbrella, and a wide variety of tasty (but not boring) dishes should be expected. Nigerian food is some of the richest and most diverse in the world, and it’s about time it gets the credit it deserves.

This year’s edition of the JOLLOF also introduces the “Artisan” vendor category. In our  previous edition, only freshly made, ready-to-eat food was on show, e.g. jollof and fried rice cooked on site, freshly barbecued chicken, homemade smoothies, fish off the grill and so on. This year, all of those freshly prepared goodies are still included, but independent crafters will also be showing off their pre-packaged specialty products. This includes homemade packaged baked goods, granola, craft beer and sodas, spices and more. These will all be made with mostly Nigerian ingredients, locally sourced and will serve to support our fantastic homegrown food businesses.  Homemade crafters in Lagos, with no physical location, face a lot of challenges getting their products into the competitive market. At this year’s Jollof Festival, we’d like to introduce more of them to potential customer bases and open up long term relationships for them.


Jollof and Other Things will have a wealth of attractions for anyone who enjoys the blossoming Nigerian food industry and is not to be missed. More information for attendees will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Interested vendor participants are welcome to view our detailed information document.