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WATCH: The Maggi Mystery Box Challenge

The full video recap of the Maggi Mystery Box Challenge at #JollofAndOtherThings is finally ready and we’re super excited to share it.


A bit of a backstory: as Eat.Drink.Lagos large audience events have grown, we’ve been constantly looking for ways to add new elements and keep things from going stale. One of such elements is the addition of a main stage. The entire premise of our large audience events was to create a market of sorts, but with growing crowds, we’ve come to understand there must be something to tie it all together. Most large audience events tend to opt for musicians performing, which is great but isn’t really on brand for us. Nosa shares his playlists every Friday, but we aren’t really connoisseurs of music. Well, the brand at least. We’re food blog that organizes food events, surely out “main event” must be something related to food, no?


This thinking is what birthed the Maggi Main Stage in December. We got a couple of our chef and food blogger friends to battle it out in the Maggi Kitchen Battle. While that went well on the whole, we quickly realized we didn’t create much content from it. A bit of a massive blind spot on our part. At #JollofAndOtherThings, we got another shot at it.


This time, we worked with Maggi, again, and the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School. We got eight recent grads and current students to form teams of two and battle it out in a Jollof-themed challenge. But that wasn’t all, Maggi supplied each team with a box of mystery ingredients for use on the day. Also, this time, we made sure we recorded it all.

The sound is choppy in bits, but it’s a a fun watch. In December, we plan on taking it up a whole notch and we can’t wait to share what have planned with you guys. A big thank you to everyone involved in helping us with this. Congrats to our winners too, we’ll have them as special vendors in December.

Parking, Tips and Map: Your Guide to Getting Around Jollof & Other Things

#JollofAndOtherThings is now just 4 days away and we've prepared a guide to important logistical information for the Festival! If you've missed it, here are our previous introductions to the theme of this year's edition of Jollof Festival.

Getting to the Festival

The Festival moves to Muri Okunola Park this year, which is in Victoria Island and should be very easy to find even if you've never been. We are using King's College Annexe as our parking lot this year.


You can drive in through Church Gate Street and come out from the main King's College Annexe entrance, and from there it's a short walk to Muri Okunola Park. This parking area can hold up to 700 people. It has been reserved for our festivalgoers and we advice guests to not pay anyone for parking. You are also not advised to park on the Law School road because you might be hassled for money there. Still worried about parking? You can get an Uber/Taxify to the Festival, and avoid any parking issues. If you're not driving, it  gives you the oppurtunity  sample our cocktail and wine vendors.


Jollof Map Flyer-3-1.png

We have a handy map of all the stalls, stage and utilities at the festival to give you a visual guide. Aside from the food, there are challenges, art and showcases on display at the festival, so come in nice and on time to take in as much of the experience as possible.




As with all our previous festivals, we recommend you wear comfy clothing and stretchy pants because you're likely to do a lot of walking and eating. This year's theme, involving creative takes on Nigerian food, really encouraged our vendors to push the boundaries with their menus, and there are lots of interesting new dishes on every vendor's menu. Remember to have a read of our guide to the vendors or view the menus on instagram. Have an idea of who you want to target first, because some vendors do run out!

Have any more questions? We have an FAQ page for any thing else you might be wondering about, and if you still need some clarifications, drop them in in the comments here and we'll respond. Remember to get your discounted advance tickets while you can and we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


#JOLLOFWeekend in Pictures

Only right that on the actual World Jollof Day, we share pictures from our Jollof weekend. Very on brand, you know?

We started Jollof weekend with a screening of Kitchen Butterfly’s documentary on Jollof in Nigeria. For everyone who missed out on it, Kitchen Butterfly’s documentary will on the internet soon.


On Sunday, we had our first festival on the mainland. A little bit out of our comfort zone, but it had to happen. We get a lot of flack for being overly focused on the island, so we decided to fix that this year by taking Jollof to Ebutte-Metta.

We’re very grateful for the vendors and all the guests that showed up. For the first time, we actually got to enjoy one of our events and we hope you guys did too.

Huge thank you to our sponsors Flutterwave, Guinness Africa Special, Maggi Nigeria, Jumia Food, and Taxify for the support.

RECAP: Kitchen Butterfly's Jollof Supper Club @ Sao Cafe

Jollof weekend has officially started and to kick things off, we had Kitchen Butterfly opened it up with a nice little intimate dinner at Sao Cafe. A big shoutout to our sponsors: Guinness Africa Special, Maggi, and Food Trolley. Most importantly, we're super grateful to Sao Cafe for being such wonderful hosts and letting us use their kitchen.


She treated our 25 dinner guests to a 3-course dinner chronicling her adventures with Jollof


Jollof weekend isn't over. This afternoon we're at 16/16 for a screening of Kitchen Butterfly's documentary on Jollof.

JOLLOF_ Rice That binds(2).png

The screening starts at 2pm and we'll a little intellectual discussion on Jollof afterwards lol. Entry is completely free for this event. Maggi and Guinness will also be back serving free Jollof and Guinness.