Work Lunches: Y'Didda Chicken


NOSA:  Apparently, Y’Didda Chicken is simply a play on words for “Why Did A Chicken…”. Like, why did a chicken cross the road. The chicken never crossed the road in my instance.

Or actually, it took him three hours to cross the road. Maybe the chicken was at a busy intersection or trying the cross Ozumba.


FOLLY: I actually laughed out loud at that. I never thought Nosa was funny until now. 

NOSA: Because that’s the only way I can explain why an order placed before 11am, like they recommend, got delivered cold at 3pm.

FOLLY: They did advise that it'll be delivered between 1 and 2 pm. Since they don't deliver to the mainland where I worked I ordered for delivery during their second delivery window (5 - 7pm) so that I'd have it for dinner.

NOSA: Like, what was I supposed to do with that shit? Eat it?

Ok, I did eat it, but I had it for dinner and I was hungry.

The salad was a bit of a write off because their salad isn’t built to sit in transit for so long. Lucky for me, the couscous came on the side and a little microwaving brought it back to life. And I like couscous so maybe Y’Didda can be forgiven.

FOLLY: I ordered a pasta salad but I didn't get a pasta salad. I got the exact same salad as Nosa below complete with apple slices but zee pasta. I complained and was told that they forgot to pack the side of pasta. I'm confused because my understanding of a pasta salad is that the pasta comes in the pasta salad. I guess I wouldn't have minded mixing it myself if I had received the pasta.

NOSA: The chicken was actually pretty good. I got the honey jerk, which wasn’t the honey jerkiest of them all but jerk enough.

FOLLY: I was in an absolutely foul mood when I got home and realized what I ordered wasn't what I received. I was hungry and had just come from the gym so I was understandably furious. I complained and they offered to give me a 50% discount or jollof rice, I wanted neither.

The chicken was alright, I didn't eat the salad.



NOSA: It’s easy to tell Y’Didda is great with chicken. Would be a shame if they weren’t. But it’s the other stuff that’s not food that they aren’t good at. To fumble two different orders on two different days says a lot. You can’t possibly have that many off days.

FOLLY: It wasn't a great experience for me so I'm not likely to order again. 

NOSA: They're probably better for catered lunches.

FOLLY: Shrug




Pasta Salad - N3000

Coucous Salad w/ Honey Jerk Chicken - N3000



NOSA: Delivery guy had no clue so I just rolled with it