SAO & The Muse 2: The Food

SAO & The Muse is a creative showcase of the hottest young and rising artists living and working in Lagos. For 2 days, Sao Cafe will open up its doors to celebrate the artists and their different forms of art.

NOSA: For second edition of SAO & The Muse, SAO is changing up the menu a little bit for the day (two days, actually) and we got a chance to be part of it.

A bit of a mildly related, but random note, a restaurant “creative director” would be the best job ever. You sit with a chef and basically guide him through his process. Like, “hey! Add some ginger here” or “Make dodo with rare asun”. That kind of thing.

FOLLY: A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips....

NOSA: Fair but last night we got to be creative directors for one day. We ran through the menu and shared our thoughts/recommendations.

First up…the meatballs.

NOSA: There will be breaded one and a regular one. The breaded one was by far my favorite. It worked so well with the aioli like the two were made for each other. A match made in culinary heaven just like yam and egg.

FOLLY: I think we preferred the breaded one because it eases you into the meat. The aioli, as Nosa mentioned, was absolutely fantastic. 

NOSA: Next thing was the SAO take on "Smoked Salmon on Toast". The chutney on this was so delicious and would absolutely kill it in a chicken sandwich. If NOK ever wants to revive their chicken sandwich, they need to come get this chutney recipe.

FOLLY: Or Sao should just create a chicken sandwich on their regular menu and add this to it. 


NOSA: The cucumber cups weren't my favorite. I already hate cucumber so cutting it so thick is a "no" for me. The little salmon salad it came with has major potential.

FOLLY: They are 'elevated' so we needed a plate to cut it down to snacking size. 

DSC00177 2.jpg

NOSA: The true star of the night, for me, were these little asaro-looking bowls. Made with sweet potato and boiled plantain, it should ABSOLUTELY be added to main SAO menu. I'm going to start a petition if I have to.

FOLLY: When I used to work on the Island the Sao lunch special for N1k was my wave. I just want to know when and if this can be ordered to the lunch menu so I can order an entire takeaway pack full of this. 

NOSA: In all the art and alté going on, this particular item feels so relatable and easily eases you in into the whole vibe of SAO & The Muse.

FOLLY: The wooden pick might not work for you if you're a grubber so be like me and ask for a spoon. #NoShame

NOSA: The night's dessert is a cranberry mousse with pomegranate and a melted crumble top. You might be a bit apprehensive given the description, but this is pretty pretty good. Word to Larry David.

FOLLY: This is me. I was very apprehensive because cranberry vodka is my least favorite drink ever.

FOLLY: I may not like cranberries but.I love pomegranates so the pomegranate surprises that popped up in every other mouthful were just delightful. The cranberry was also really just a hint so it worked for me. My suggestion was that maybe they could layer the crumble through the mouse. 

NOSA: Sao & The Muse 2 is this Thursday (i.e. tomorrow, and Friday). They'll have couple artists that really like and Show Dem Camp is performing their new EP. 

FOLLY: The canapés will be served complimentary in the earlier part of the evening. 

NOSA: As a patron of the arts (lmao), I suggest you swing by.

FOLLY: As a patron of food, you don't want to miss this. 

Eat.Drink.Lagos is a media partner for Sao & The Muse 2