Your Favorite Twitter Uncle's Favorite Nigerian Restaurant

Terra Kulture

1376  Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island

01 270 0588

FOLLY: Yes, after what has seemed like forever, we finally went to Terra Kulture. Honestly, this wasn't either of us' first time at this restaurant.  I've been a few times and in fact, Nosa used to work down the street from here so he's grabbed lunch at Terra Kulture lots of times. 

NOSA: Terra is like Twitter Uncle HQ. Can't knock them sha, free wifi is always the move. And I'm always in Cafe Neo anyway. 

FOLLY: 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Anyway, I've recently taken a liking to yam pottage, especially that from Tastee Fried Chicken (it's so delicious). So naturally, when we had lunch at Terra I had to try the Asaro. Random, what's the difference between Asaro and Ikokore ?

terra kulture food lagos.jpg

NOSA: I got my usual - the egg sauce with corned beef and boiled sweet potatoes. I never experiment when I'm at Terra. Order the same thing every single time. 

I remember the first time I came here, I had no clue you could get the egg sauce without the corned beef. I'm not the biggest corned beef fan so I grudgingly got it. Shit was so delicious that I haven't looked back since.  

FOLLY: Nosa's corned beef and egg stew tasted way better than it looked. 

NOSA: Terra is the only place I can rationalize eating "yam & egg" outside my house. The consistency is incredible and considering how Lagos restaurants can be one thing today and another tomorrow, that's an admirable quality for Terra to have. It always tastes the same. Quantity is always the same too. In fact, my egg always outlasts the sweet potato at the same stage in the meal. 

asaro terra.jpg

FOLLY: I don't often eat meat so I decided to try it today and I was hopeful for super soft meat. Sadly my meat didn't even come close to soft. It's funny cause I was wearing a white dress so I was carefully battling with the meat as I rocked the knife forward and backward in an attempt to cut it. 

NOSA: I can never get into asaro. No matter how much I love yam. Can't ever click. That's the point I draw the line and allow my Bini brethren go ahead of me. 

terra kulture.JPG

FOLLY: On the whole, I liked my asaro but I felt it needed just a bit more salt. However, I guess cooking Nigerian food in a restaurant setting is a bit difficult because much of it is 'to taste' and you're better off not putting too much salt so your sensitive patrons aren't complaining, and those of us that need more can just use a shaker. 

That said do not ever be seen adding salt to your Yoruba mother-in-law's food unless you want suffer in "arΓ­nfΓ­n" for the rest of your marriage.


NOSA: Terra is my favorite Nigerian restaurant in Lagos. I haven't tried a lot, but of the few I have tried, it's by far the best.

FOLLY: Β We should check out Yellow Chilli next, apparently their sea food okro is better than L'Afric's. 



Stewed Beef - N1000

Asaro - N800

Boiled Sweet Potatoes - N600

Corned Beef Sauce & Egg - N1500