We Finally Tried The Sushi at Avenue Suites

Shogun Sushi Bar @ The Avenue Suites

1390 Tiamiyu Savage Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 903 3300

NOSA: For some reason it has taken us this long to review the sushi bar at Avenue Suites. Weird because I worked on that street for the longest time. Same thing with Terra Kulture. Speaking of Terra, that's probably where we should do lunch today.

FOLLY: This is the most un-Japanese sushi restaurant I’ve eaten at. They served us bread rolls and popcorn as our complimentary starters. I thought it was weird, but correct me if I’m wrong.

calamari avenue suites sushi.jpg

NOSA: We started with the crispy calamari, which was about as crispy calamari as crispy calamari gets in a crispy calamari way. Sometimes I really don't appreciate when things taste as they're expected to taste so one time for this crispy calamari for being as crispy calamari as crispy calamari should be.

FOLLY: I think what Nosa is trying to say is that there was no culinary defrauding going on with the crispy calamari and it was exactly what they said it would be – He’s right. 

Yellow Mango Wrap

NOSA: This one was my idea, which is hilarious because I detest fruit and here I am ordering a roll with mangoes in it. Oh, mangoes are my least favorite fruit too. To my surprise, this tasted very mango-ey and I complained to Folly because why would a roll with "mango" in it taste like mangoes. Sometimes, I don't understand me either. i wonder how women date me. 

FOLLY: Dude, it was OTT cause it was rolled in mango and had mango filling - doing the most if you ask me. Tasted okay when i poked out the mango filling with my chopstick. Yup, coming from you Nosa this was an odd choice but you did the same thing at Fusion. 

Lagos Pretty Crab

NOSA: I really liked this one. Probably my favorite of the lot. 

FOLLY: Defs my favorite and I'll take all the credit cause I picked it. 

Tamara Philadelphia 

FOLLY: Philadelphia roll is always the one with the cream cheese. I always wonder if if was named for the American city or the Philadelphia cream cheese brand. It was the most forgettable of the lot, I didn't think it really stood out for me.

NOSA: This one wasn't bad either, but it's a bit hard to fuck up a Philadelphia Roll. This is like Sushi 101: Intro To Sushi. If you go to any sushi place with a shit Philadelphia, just walk out. Don't bother get other rolls. Not worth it. 

sushi plate.jpg

Crispy Crazy

NOSA: I always get a crazy whenever I get sushi. Can NEVER go wrong with it and it's usually the cheapest on the menu. Scrooge like me, it's always a move. I think Lagos is the only place you'll find a crazy roll, I believe. I might be wrong but I've never found it anywhere. Not even at YO! Sushi

FOLLY: This is a very safe roll, I don't even know what goes in it tbh. I really think it's a California roll with decoration on top. 


NOSA: Shogun doesn't have the widest selection, but the sushi is alright. It's not on Izanagi's level and to some degree, Fusion. It's about on par with Sakura and infinitely better than Bonsai's.

FOLLY: To me, Shogun feels like an afterthought to Uptown which is downstairs, it has very little seating and barely any natural light so I didn't really like the space. 



Crispy Calamari - N2700

Yellow Mango Wrap - N1800

Lagos Pretty Crab - N1900

Tamara Philadelphia - N1900

Crispy Crazy - N1600