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Buka Week: Iya Eba

FOLLY: We came here straight from White House and I didn't actually think anywhere could be worse than that but I was promptly proved wrong. 

NOSA: We should have gone to Fowler instead, but you didn't want to listen.



NOSA: The most watery okro soup I've ever seen in my life. Like, ever.


FOLLY: Cold pounded yam and draw-less watery okro to boot. 

NOSA: Shouts to them for having a streamlined menu though - Eba, Poundo, or Amala.



FOLLY: Worst food I've eaten at a Lagos establishment.

NOSA: I already had food poisoning so I didn't eat.

FOLLY: One of my friends stans for this place, so I'd use this forum to apologize to her cause it's not all that. 

NOSA: People come from far and wide to frequent this place so it can't be all bad.



N100 for a wrap



Why do you even want to go there?

Ok, there are like 5 parking spots

Swallow Wars Final

We started with 16 and now we're down to two. Almost everyone called it that Pounded Yam would make it to the final.

Pounded Yam vs Eba (Yellow)

So, I guess what we were just looking for over the past week and a half was its opponent. 

Amala (Plantain) vs Semovita

If this were a bible story, Pounded Yam would be called Goliath, and Plantain Amala would be David. 

We never really got to discuss swallow & soup pairings earlier on, and we've been wondering.

What are you favorite swallow and soup pairings ? Let us know in the comments!


The Final: Pounded Yam vs Amala (Plantain)

Pounded Yam is your #SwallowWars champion!

Swallow Wars: The Quarterfinals

No real surprises in our first round. Well, maybe Wheat losing to Plantain Amala. Definitely didn't see that one coming. 

The North

Awks Tuwo Jero.

The South

Onunu is pounded yam and plantain in case you were wondering. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.40.50 PM.png

The East

Zero ratings for pounded cocoyam. 

The West

Lafun never stood a chance. Surprising close race between Amala and Eba.

So where does that leave us?

"Amala vs Pounded Yam" looks like such a tough match up. I (Folly) have to take sides on that this particular battle, on behalf amala of course. It's gonna be a deadly day, cause amala is ready to die on the line. 

Anyway, enough talk, get voting!