Like Sheraton, But Not Really

Sherlaton Restaurant

2 Adeola Odeku Street. Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 760 1873

FOLLY: Before we even get into what we thought about the food, if you ever find yourself needing to practice for the Tri-State area's DMV test, Cumberland Hotel will definitely be a great spot to test out your three point turn skills. The parking is unbelievably tight, it just had me wanting to yell fix it Jesus.

NOSA: I'm so glad I took my smaller car and not the trailer or I'd have fallen my hand big time. Parking in this place is an absolute mess and it's definitely not helped by all the construction going on at the "Luxury" hotel out front. 


FOLLY: Anyways enough about that, like all the other places we've visited this week, we were advised to visit a litlle ramshackle Indian restaurent at the back of the Sherlaton/Cumberland Hotel by a reader. 

NOSA: Sherlaton has N450 Star. You already know what that means, lads.


FOLLY: We ordered the Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Biryani and Cheese Naan.

Yes, we're aware about how 'safe' and unadventurous our order was but in trying a new Indian restaurant we had to act with all necessary precaution. 

NOSA: I'm not about to take risks at an Indian place. Dear reader, you won't hold my hand while I die on the toilet.


NOSA: I could have sworn I ordered the tikka masala and not just a plain tikka. The tikka was delicious, but just a heads up, if you want tikka masala don't just say you want the "chicken tikka" and expect the chicken tikka masala. Be specific or you'll end up looking like an idiot like I did.

The vegetable biryani didn't really wow me. Sarah Jessica Parker plain. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're vegetarian or trying to be a cheap bastard.


FOLLY: The chicken tikka was excellent, biryani was alright, and the cheese naan was mostly glorious except for some pockets of undercooked dough.

NOSA: The cheese naan wasn't as good as the one at Churrasco, but it's a solid 7. No shame in being a fan.


FOLLY: Besides the cheese naan at Viceroy that they obviously forgot to put the cheese in, I've liked cheese naan at every Indian(y) restaurant I've been too in Lagos. 


FOLLY: It is a truth universally ackowledged that in order to ascertain if an ethnic restuarant is quality, you need to see people of said ethnicity dining at the restaurant. Now let's expand that theory a little bit to include the fact that if a restaurant in Lagos is quality, you will inevitably find foreigns there. Not only did Cumberland have a few Indian patrons, but foreigns were dining there too. So yeah, that good. 

NOSA: Once you get past the parking situation and the overall dinginess of it, Sherlaton is pretty good. It's cheaper than Spice Route and the food is about as good. The service is surprisingly excellent too. Our waiter even repeated our order to us in case of errors. 


Chicken Tikka - N1900

Vegetable Biryani - N1800

Cheese Naan - N1200