The Chicken & Waffles Spot in Lekki

Mico's House of Chicken & Waffles

1 Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

0909 215 9056. 0701 066 2215.

NOSA: We tend to get a bad rap for only going to "Western" places and while that's a fair angle to look at it from, I think it's a terrible one. Food in Lagos doesn't exist in a binary. There are various cuisines in our wonderful city and it's only right to celebrate them. It's not an "us vs them" thing. Lagos, in a way, is a melting pot of experiences. These restaurants are in your Lagos. Not London or Houston or even Abuja, but Lagos. So stop being grumpy smurf and live a little.

Anyway, one time for Meefer for recommending this place. 

FOLLY: Uh huh,  "reader of the week"

NOSA: I liked the diner-ish feel of the space and the red tables and the fact they photoshopped IHOP plates on their poster. Well, not that last part. I thought that was terrible.


NOSA: Some lady actually came in here and ordered their apple salad and I was damn near ready to fight her. You came in a Chicken & Waffle spot, ma'am, why are you ordering an apple salad? It's like me walking into White House and ordering fried rice. Amala or bust, fam.

FOLLY: This was my first time having chicken and waffles. For how much I claim to be a southern belle, this is a major fail on my part.

NOSA: You get the benefit of doubt since this is an LA thing for the most part.


FOLLY: I really enjoyed it. Nosa can tell you about how I smother by bacon in pancake syrup and then dip it in ketchup so I'm definitely all for innovative food combinations, and even more so those that involve pancake syrup. 

NOSA: That bacon thing you do is forever gross.


NOSA: The waffle was a bit pancakey. Waffles should be airier and with a little crisp. It was almost like they put pancake batter in their waffle iron. 

FOLLY: Mico's should hire me to consult for them. I perfected the art of waffle making in the dining hall when I was in college. Mine never stuck to the waffle iron or got burnt, my friends used to ask me to make waffles for them.


NOSA: The chicken, on the other hand, was great. Quality southern fried stuff. I respect it.

FOLLY: Maximum ratings for the chicken. I kept telling Nosa I could eat a bucket of the chicken. Mico's if you're reading this please add a chicken bucket to your menu - I'll never go to Chicken Republic again. 


NOSA: I won't lie, I wanted to hate on this place soooo much. I think the logo and title font are both rubbish, in fact. But, this place isn't bad. Lagos needs places like this tbh. Sure, Nigerians won't understand it at first but if you build it, they will come.

They even offer breakfast all day. What they really need to do is be open 24-hrs like IHOP. They'd kill it as drunk food. Well, they need to add a V/I location sha. 

FOLLY: Or a food truck, outside any of those dens of iniquity in VI. It'll change the game. 


Chicken & Waffle Special - N2000

Waffle Drumstick - N600