Milano Pizza Finds a Home in Lekki

Milano Pizza

Aaron's Mall, Olubunmi Owa St., Lekki I, Lagos

FOLLY: So a few months ago, on the same street as Ebaeno, a suya spot popped up. It seemed normal enough, but this suya spot was named Glover Court, after the famed Ikoyi Glover Court....

NOSA: Fraudulent.

FOLLY: I've still not been able to determine whether they are imposters of the real deal, however, when we visited the area to check out Pizza Milano I did notice that the ''suya preparers" woreuniforms similar to those at Glover Court, Ikoyi. 

NOSA: Still fraudulent

Anyway, we checked out the pizza place right beside our Glover Court impostors.

milano pizza lekki-2.jpg

FOLLY: I opted for the medium pizza, Nosa probably has a few words to say on my decision so I'll allow him to do that.

NOSA: The super schmedium pizza. It can probably fit in a pocket. A slightly big pocket, but a pocket nonetheless.

FOLLY: My choice of pizza was salami. I stick to Taverna for parma ham anything so I didn't want to experiment too much. 

milanopizza lekki-4.jpg

FOLLY: It's rare in Lagos to find Oregano sprinkled on pizza. 

NOSA: I think it's a Lebanese thing. Not the oregano, in itself, but the generous sprinkling of it.

milano pizza lekki-6.jpg

FOLLY: Crust-wise, it was as thin I like it (say no to thick crust pizza) and the cheese was mostly stringy.

NOSA: The cheese disappointed me quite a bit. 

FOLLY: What disappointed me, actually, was the saltiness of it all.

NOSA: I actually didn't mind it. Actually, I liked it, but I have weird taste buds sometimes.

FOLLY: I don't know if this came from the salami of the oregano was part of a herbed salt blend which would explain the over salting. 

NOSA: Might be a combo of both.



FOLLY: Out of 10, I'd give Milano a solid 6. It's decent but not half as good as the regulars i.e. Pizzeriah and La Taverna

NOSA: It's definitely better than anything in the area.





Salami Medium Pizza - N2700



Yeah, it's within a "Lekki Mall"