Auntie Anne's in Nigeria?

Every week, we'll share fun food-related stories we find and we hear. We don't have a name for it yet lol.

Hello friends! It's Nosa again.  Last week got super busy in real life and I forgot to do one of these posts. Here's me making up for it.

Also, we still don't have an official name for this thing. Suggestions are very welcome.


There's an Auntie Anne's Clone in Abuja

There's a pretzel place in Abuja that's soooooo much like Auntie Anne's.

Look at Grab & Go..., look at Auntie Anne's.

It's uncanny and I don't care if it's a copy. I'm jealous. Abuja always gets the good stuff.

Meanwhile, speaking of American franchises in Nigeria, word on the street is that Pinkberry is coming to Nigeria. Heard it from a guy who hear it from another guy who heard it from another guy.



Friend of the blog and #EatDrinkFestival alum, Honey's Cupcakes, added some new flavors to her cupcake menu. The lemon one, in particular, is spectacular.

She had been AWOL for a while, but it looks like Honey is back. That makes Sweetspot, Vanilla Bakehouse, Salt Lagos, and Honey's Cupcakes our official go-to cupcake vendors in Lagos. 


Roadman in the Kitchen


A Pancake Eating Contest at Pancake Hub

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In my old life, this would've been my rocks. But I'm changed now.


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