Sunday Brunch at Orchid Bistro Express

Orchid Bistro Express

40B Raymond Njoku Street, Ikoyi, Lagos

0808 456 8824

FOLLY: ICYMI, Orchid Bistro opened in Ikoyi and it’s a really cozy well-lit space. We had lunch there soon after the opening and we thought it was okay.

We went back last week for breakfast but it didn’t quite work out because they were packed to the brim and the only available seating space was outside, and it was about to rain so we hit up Mr. Chang instead.

Over the long weekend, we tried again and were a bit more fortunate.

orchid bistro breakfast menu-2.jpg

NOSA: Because Orchid Bistro Express is as good as it gets in Ikoyi, it's predictably packed for Sunday brunch. Like, it's not sustainable at all. The kitchen can not handle the Sunday numbers because beyond the ridiculous wait time for a table, the wait time for food is near unbearable.

FOLLY: I’m not sure if it's available in Ikeja, but Express has a breakfast menu of about 5 items: English, Cumberland, American, Healthy, and I think the last one is Kosher.

NOSA: Kosher wasn't listed, I think. Must be an off-menu thing.

FOLLY: On a normal day, I absolutely love Orchid Bistro in its two iterations so I was devastated by the quality of the food I received on this visit. The place was packed and their kitchen obviously struggles to deliver food that is consistent when they are as busy as they were.

For example, my scrambled eggs were both cold and over cooked, while Nosa’s weren't.

orchid bistro breakfast menu-6.jpg

NOSA: The eggs needed a huge helping of salt too

FOLLY: I saw other tables getting scrambled eggs and fried eggs that looked well made but I was presented with this.

NOSA: And that bacon...

FOLLY: With my bacon, the chef must have forgotten this on the fire because as you can see it’s pretty burnt and black. Overcooked was a running theme through the entire meal because the bottom two pancakes were burnt and disguised by the topmost one.

orchid bistro breakfast menu-4.jpg

NOSA: If you can get past the burnt pancakes, they were serviceable. So, a positive, perhaps

FOLLY: In the spirit of "positivity" I'm trying to identify what I did enjoy about the meal/Orchid Bistro...

NOSA: The waiters?

FOLLY: The waiters did try to please everyone in spite of the fact that it was a full house. I also did like that all the breakfast meals are served with freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee/tea. Thirdly, the salt and pepper mushrooms were great.

NOSA: There's potential if Orchid Bistro Express can get over the service issues. Maybe they can try a reservation-only model so the kitchen and the space aren't so overwhelmed. Or maybe not, I'm no expert here. But it's clear they have a problem with Sunday numbers and if the food quality is consistently affected, something must be done.



FOLLY: I was disappointed. 

NOSA: I concur. Could be A LOT better. For the amount of money shelled out, there isn't a lot of value. Ingredient costs are high, perhaps.



English Breakfast - N4000

Cumberland Breakfast - N5000

Extra Pancakes - N2000



Just about 3 dedicated spots to Orchid Bistro.