Orchid Bistro Is The Best Thing In Ikeja

The Orchid Bistro

Green Village, 58A Isaac John St., GRA, Ikeja

01 773 9090

NOSA: Our original Orchid Bistro review has aged a bit and our pictures weren’t that good so we decided to revisit.

FOLLY: I didn't feel right linking anyone to that review when they asked about the spot. 

NOSA: Meanwhile, about visits, have you guys noticed any new spots on the mainland you think we should check out? Just drop us a line and we’ll get to it. 


NOSA: We ordered samosas and spring rolls to start, which took forever to be served. When they did get served, the spring rolls were AWOL because they ran out of spring roll or something. 

FOLLY: The picture of the samosa is now also AWOL because the image files suffered irrepairable damage. I even downloaded some dodgy software from the Internet in an attempt to fix them. To drink, I had the Watermelon Delite which is a watermelon, lime and vodka cocktail. I did find it delightful as the name suggests.  


NOSA: The samosa was a little bit on the burnt side and there was way too much oil. Oh, the samosa kept falling apart too. On the bright side, it wast one of those frozen samosa things. 

FOLLY: The samosa looked very home made with a 'rustic' flair. Please help me out here and just imagine it. The samosa filling was very meaty, but 3 samosas at N1800 is hardly value for money. It also came with a misplaced soy sauce based dressing. Misplaced because it didn't complement the samosas.


For my main, I'm here to state without an ounce of regret that I had the shepherd's pie. It arrived straight out of the oven so I had to give it about 5 - 7 minutes to cool down after my first few bites because it was too hot. I was impatient all throughout that waiting period because the first few bites I had were oh so delicious.

NOSA: Bloody hell, the shepherds pie was so delicious.


FOLLY: I think I feel about the shepherd's pie the way Nosa feels about the lobster and shrimp lasagne at Vellvett. 


NOSA: I ordered the ribs as my main. Before I ordered it, I had to make the waiter promise me the ribs would be tender. Snapchatted it too.

FOLLY: We had to get it on camera before, you know, he says he never said that like our waiter at Oriental Garden. 


NOSA: The waiter told no lies. The ribs were incredibly tender. Fall off the bone and everything. Infinitely better than the one at The Wheatbaker, which cost almost double the price of this one. I’ll let the bottled BBQ sauce slide and the worthless side veggies . 


NOSA: Orchid Bistro isn’t the greatest, but it’s still the best place we’ve tried on the mainland.

FOLLY: I think it's pretty excellent. Their drinks are cheap but with good reason as they aren't actually that good.  




Samosas - N1800

Rum Punch - N1500

Shepherd's Pie - N6000

Baby Back Ribs - N6500

Watermelon Delite - N1600




Sufficient, but the 'compound' is tight.