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Can Orchid Bistro Bring their Ikeja Magic to Ikoyi?

FOLLY: Ikeja's neighborhood darling is now in Ikoyi. It's a small space as expected since the vibe they are likely going for is an intimate bistro/cafe look and feel. 

NOSA: When I found out it was going to be off Awolowo Road, I was super disappointed. I can't even front at all.

But on arrival, I was less so. I mean, it is still off Awolowo and Awolowo is still the worst place on earth. But...and a big BUT, Orchid Bistro Express is just so tastefully done up.

FOLLY: The decor is very intentional because the first thing you see when you walk in are orchid at the bar while on your approach there is some greenery in the outdoor area. It's not quite Green Village transplanted to Ikoyi from Ikeja, but it will, without a doubt, suffice. 

NOSA: It is a shame, however, that all the decor still have price tags on them. Is there any place in Lagos with a return policy?

All that aside, this is the perfect space for brunch. The natural light and the outdoor area? 

Just perfect.

If the owners of Orchid Bistro ever stumble on this blog, they need to hit us up because we totes have the best idea for the space.

FOLLY: Mozzarella sticks aren't the something I'd normally order but my interest in the stringy cheese bars was piqued on this day and thankfully Orchid bistro delivered.

orchid bistro express-1.jpg

NOSA: I've never had mozzarella sticks in Lagos so I pleasantly surprised by the one at Orchid Bistro.

FOLLY: The cheese was, in fact mozzarella and not rolled processed cheese slices. This is not a slight at Orchid Bistro because I didn't expect any less of them.

NOSA: I mean, they have an actual BLT on the menu.

FOLLY: However, at the same time, it shouldn't be taken for granted because of the little importance many Lagos restaurants place on using quality cheese. 

orchid bistro express-5.jpg

FOLLY: I took Nosa's approach to ordering and I went for one of the most expensive entrees: the Braised Oxtail. The menu stated that it came with Pilaf Rice but the waiter asked if I'd prefer mashed potatoes instead, I did. 

The oxtail was braised in a rich tomato sauce that I really enjoyed with the mashed potatoes.

orchid bistro express-6.jpg

NOSA: I'm surprised Folly liked it because I thought the mash was clumpy and certainly not their best effort.

But as they say, "One man's meat..."

FOLLY: Sadly, the oxtail itself disappointed me. It was tender but not fork-tender i.e. not easily pulled apart with a fork. I had to be very intentional in cutting the meat from the bone with a fork and knife. In a different setting, I'd have picked up the piece with my hands and dropped the cutlery.

NOSA: I went with the Bangers & Mash as my main...

orchid bistro express-8.jpg


Deconstructed Bangers & Mash, anyone?

The portion of mash was pretty miserly, but in hindsight,  that wasn't the worst thing since I didn't like the mash at all. The Bangers were bangin' though. 

orchid bistro express-4.jpg

FOLLY: In one word, I found the mojito to be refreshing. I also liked the fact that it wasn't overly loaded with sugar.

At Orchid Bistro you have to order dessert because it's more or less, their core competency.

NOSA: The Cheesecake was rubbish.

orchid bistro express-10.jpg

FOLLY: I prefer cheesecake much sweeter, this was tart and the crust was soggy. Another disappointing experience for me. 

NOSA: All this big English for "the cheesecake was rubbish".


FOLLY: I've always enjoyed visiting their Ikeja location so I look forward to making Orchid Bistro a neighborhood fave. 

NOSA: N500 for a takeaway pack is daylight robbery.




Mozzarella Sticks - N3000

Bangers & Mash - N3000

Braised Oxtail - N7500



Limited street parking

Orchid Bistro Is The Best Thing In Ikeja

The Orchid Bistro

Green Village, 58A Isaac John St., GRA, Ikeja

01 773 9090

NOSA: Our original Orchid Bistro review has aged a bit and our pictures weren’t that good so we decided to revisit.

FOLLY: I didn't feel right linking anyone to that review when they asked about the spot. 

NOSA: Meanwhile, about visits, have you guys noticed any new spots on the mainland you think we should check out? Just drop us a line and we’ll get to it. 


NOSA: We ordered samosas and spring rolls to start, which took forever to be served. When they did get served, the spring rolls were AWOL because they ran out of spring roll or something. 

FOLLY: The picture of the samosa is now also AWOL because the image files suffered irrepairable damage. I even downloaded some dodgy software from the Internet in an attempt to fix them. To drink, I had the Watermelon Delite which is a watermelon, lime and vodka cocktail. I did find it delightful as the name suggests.  


NOSA: The samosa was a little bit on the burnt side and there was way too much oil. Oh, the samosa kept falling apart too. On the bright side, it wast one of those frozen samosa things. 

FOLLY: The samosa looked very home made with a 'rustic' flair. Please help me out here and just imagine it. The samosa filling was very meaty, but 3 samosas at N1800 is hardly value for money. It also came with a misplaced soy sauce based dressing. Misplaced because it didn't complement the samosas.


For my main, I'm here to state without an ounce of regret that I had the shepherd's pie. It arrived straight out of the oven so I had to give it about 5 - 7 minutes to cool down after my first few bites because it was too hot. I was impatient all throughout that waiting period because the first few bites I had were oh so delicious.

NOSA: Bloody hell, the shepherds pie was so delicious.


FOLLY: I think I feel about the shepherd's pie the way Nosa feels about the lobster and shrimp lasagne at Vellvett. 


NOSA: I ordered the ribs as my main. Before I ordered it, I had to make the waiter promise me the ribs would be tender. Snapchatted it too.

FOLLY: We had to get it on camera before, you know, he says he never said that like our waiter at Oriental Garden. 


NOSA: The waiter told no lies. The ribs were incredibly tender. Fall off the bone and everything. Infinitely better than the one at The Wheatbaker, which cost almost double the price of this one. I’ll let the bottled BBQ sauce slide and the worthless side veggies . 


NOSA: Orchid Bistro isn’t the greatest, but it’s still the best place we’ve tried on the mainland.

FOLLY: I think it's pretty excellent. Their drinks are cheap but with good reason as they aren't actually that good.  




Samosas - N1800

Rum Punch - N1500

Shepherd's Pie - N6000

Baby Back Ribs - N6500

Watermelon Delite - N1600




Sufficient, but the 'compound' is tight. 

Valentine’s Day in Lagos: Where to Eat

NOSA: Valentine's Day is almost here, friends. There's probably only one question on everyone's minds.

FOLLY: Where should you eat?

NOSA: I was going to go with "Will I roast?", but that works too.

FOLLY: Well, as usual, we're here to help.

NOSA: ...with food recommendations, not where to find bae.

FOLLY: If you still email to ask where to take your "beloved", I will reply with a link to this post because I don't have any other "more special recommendations".

Kindly, bookmark it now. 

For The Food

Casper & Gambini's

Budget: N15,000 - 25,000

FOLLY: I’ve only been Casper & Gambini's once so there’s not a lot riding on this recommendation. I really feel the need to put that out there. 

NOSA: I've been here twice so you can take my word for it. C&G is the new "IT" spot in Lagos for good reason. 

FOLLY: After Orchid Bistro, this is the second most laid-back restaurant on this list; we’re obviously not counting Hans & René as a restaurant, please. I had a great time here and if feedback from readers means anything at all, I imagine you would too.

NOSA: The menu is pretty extensive and I really liked it on both of my visits.

Eat.Drink.Lagos Review

1089 Agoro Odiyan St., Victoria Island, Lagos

0700 227 73770816 761 7005 

For The Ambience

Nok by Alara

Budget: N20,000 - N30,000

FOLLY: Definitely for the romance

NOSA: The decor. The lights. Yeah, defs for romance.

FOLLY: The restaurant already feels intimate on a regular day, it may be the dim lighting or the glass window that allows you to see the night sky, but there’s just something about Nok that’s quiet and romantic. 

NOSA: I'll tell you this for free: don't come to Nok if you're trying to stuff yourself with food. Big error on your part. If you're an adventurous diner however, Nok will be absolutely perfect. The menu is African fare that you're familiar with, but with a fine dining twist.

FOLLY: Their cocktails are also delicious.

Eat.Drink.Lagos Review

12 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


For The View

Sky Lounge

Budget: N25,000 - N35,000

FOLLY: The only reason Sky Lounge made this list is because sometimes you can’t win it all.

NOSA: Nope, you can't. 

FOLLY: Nosa has said something on this blog before about a direct relationship between higher altitudes in Lagos and average food, he is right. The food at Sky Lounge isn’t fantastic but it’s passable because, and only because, the backdrop is beautiful. 

NOSA: If you're going to be corny and propose on Valentine's Day, you might as well do it here.

Eat.Drink.Lagos Review 

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

For The Wallet

Hans & René

Budget: N2,000 - N5,000

NOSA: Gelato dates are the move for 2016. Major 🔑

FOLLY: If I had to choose somewhere on this list to go to for Valentine’s Day, it’d be a tie between Nok and Hans & René. Nok really just makes it because I’m still fascinated by the building’s architecture and the restaurant’s menu, so it’s another chance to visit again. 

NOSA: A Hans & René date takes out all the stuffiness of a traditional dinner date and adds a bucket fun.

FOLLY: I like the idea of a casual Hans & René date because I can (and will) have 3 desserts, each one representing a course in a 3-course meal. 

The Palms (Lekki), Ikeja City Mall (Ikeja), Radisson Blu (Victoria Island) 

0808 777 3333

For The Mainland

Orchid Bistro

Budget: N10,000 - N15,000

FOLLY: Without a doubt, Orchid Bistro is my favourite restaurant on the mainland.

NOSA: It's really not competing with a lot, tbh

FOLLY: What I particularly like about this café is the consistency. Certainly, it won’t blow your mind but it’s good food every time. The cherry on the cake for me – pun intended duh – is their dessert selection. I particularly like their Apple Crumble and Red Cherry Cheesecake. 

NOSA: Orchid Bistro is the only restaurant I've found in Lagos that has a BLT sandwich on the menu. It's a quality BLT to boot.

Eat.Drink.Lagos Review

Green Village, 58A Isaac John St., GRA, Ikeja

01 773 9090


For The Singles

The Lunch Club

NOSA: We aren't done with planning, but following conversations on Twitter, we've decided to have a Valentine's Day Lunch Club. Why singles? Well, no one in a relationship wants to spend Valentine's Day with a group of strangers. Well, unless you're in a long distance relationship. In that case, you might as well be single. 

Jokes aside, this should be a lot of fun. 

FOLLY: If you're actually interested in coming for this, please subscribe to our Lunch Club mailer in the sidebar.

Mainland Eats: 3 Mainland Restaurants to Check Out Right Now

We get lots of criticism for being very "island-centric" because the bulk of our reviews are of spots on the Island.

"You people only go the Island"
"Eat.Drink.Lagos? More like Eat.Drink.Island, amirite?

Not today tho. Here are 3 mainland restaurants you should check out right now. 

Golden Tulip

200 1st Avenue, Festac, Lagos

FOLLY: I had to go to Festac for work so that’s how I ended up in Festac. I was quite early for the meeting so I wandered into the restaurant.


FOLLY: It’s N4500 per head and they have a waffle bar so obviously it had to happen.  The waffle itself was very average as it was crepe batter they used – it was a waffle/crepe bar.  


They had all the standard breakfast buffet and Nigeria options too, there was also this barbeque chicken thing that I particularly liked.



Orchid Bistro

Green Village, 58A Isaac John St., GRA, Ikeja

FOLLY: It’s been a while since we were last at Orchid Bistro. However, whenever we’ve received a question from someone asking specifically for somewhere on the mainland to go and we opened it up to our readers to suggest places, the resounding answer is always Orchid Bistro.

NOSA: There are bunch of restaurants on that Isaac John strip and Orchid Bistro is arguably the best of the lot. I mean, there's Jevenik but there's also rice and stew at home. So yeah, Orchid Bistro is the move.

FOLLY: For dessert, definitely get the Apple Crumble or the Red Cherry Cheesecake or both.

Zen Garden

60 Isaac John Street. Ikeja, Lagos

NOSA: Home to the best spring rolls I've had in Lagos. After some exploring, it's probably one of the better Chinese spots in Lagos. Not like you're spoilt for choice or anything. What that thing they say about beggars and choosers again?

The space is ginormous so it's definitely great for big parties and this place might the only Chinese spot in Lagos an extensive starter selection.