FOLLY: Nosa thinks Fried Rice > Jollof Rice. I disagree and based on informal Twitter polls, and you know Twitter people know everything, a lot of people agree with me. 

NOSA: I'm sure many people agree with me but are too afraid to state their opinion but I'm willing to lead the cause. Fear not brethren, Nosa will fight for you. 

FOLLY: Last year during the summer #EatDrinkFestival, I was extremely paranoid and had trouble sleeping in the weeks leading up to the event. I was terrified that it would rain and the festival would be completely ruined.

NOSA: Big events in rainy season give Folly major anxiety.

For that reason and some other very important business reasons, #EatDrinkFestival is becoming an annual event i.e. once a year in December. We will no longer have the summer EDF, however, we intend to have a smaller mid-year event to make up for it.

FOLLY: That said, we're happy to announce Jollof - a celebration of Jollof rice in all its incarnations and national varieties and all that can be Jollof-ed - think Jollof risotto, Jollof Arancini, Asun Jollof, Suya Jollof, etc.

NOSA: We're organizing this event in celebration of World Jollof Day in partnership with Jollof aficionado and celebrator - Kitchen Butterfly. 


Save the date SUNDAY AUGUST 20 and additional details will be released soon. 

Interested vendors can complete this form to apply.