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Menus, Parking, and Everything You Need to Know About Our Jollof Festival

JOLLOF is almost here and in typical EatDrinkLagos fashion, we’ve built a little map to guide you on the day. 

From long ATM queues to vendors not having POS, payments have been a bit of a challenge at our events. To streamline payments at the festival, Nigerian FinTech, Flutterwave, will be our official payment partners.

Vendors at the festival will have their rave product. Rave accepts payments from:

  • Bank accounts
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Verve
  • MPesa
  • American Express
  • Tigo Cash
  • MTN & Airtel Mobile Money

A lot about the festival still seems unclear, so we have also put together a short FAQ for everyone planning to attend the event:


This Sunday. 

August 20, 2017. 12 pm - 7 pm


The festival will be at the historic Jaekel House at the Nigerian Railway Compound, Ebute-Metta. 


 Tickets are N1000, but you can get them for N800 if you purchase online HERE and enter "EARLYBIRD" at checkout.

Oh, and kids get in free. 


If you need assistance purchasing a ticket, have questions regarding payment or if you need your tickets resent to you, please shoot us an email at 


Tickets are non-refundable


Not going to lie, it’s a bit tricky. If you’ve been to to the Railway Compound, you know what I mean. But we’ve figured it out and built this nifty parking map. 


If you’re worried about the walk, there’ll be a Keke shuttle from the parking spots.


If you don’t want to park at all, our transport partners, Taxify, will be providing some help and they’ll be at the festival to assist. New and existing riders get NGN 2000 off with the code JOLLOF




We will be out there rain or shine. Weather contingency plans are in place.


Definitely. There’ll be a couple of games for the little ones too. But please, watch your kids because this is Nigeria and people are weirdos.


We placed a premium on creativity with the menus and unlike #EatDrinkFestival, we hand picked the vendors for this event. You can check out the menus below:

Beyond the food, expect a couple of your favorite cocktail vendors and the Hans & Rene cart. Guinness Africa Special is setting up shop at the event and giving all attendees free samples.

Also, if you were at #EatDrinkFestival in December, I’m sure you caught the Maggi Jollof Bar. They’ll be back again for JOLLOF because duh, it’s a Jollof Bar.

If you have more questions, drop a line in the comments and we'll respond.

See you all on Sunday!

Kitchen Butterfly's Jollof Supper Club

If you’re familiar with Kitchen Butterfly, you already know how she’s the pioneer of this #JOLLOF movement. We like to call her the leading scholar on all things jollof.

A post shared by Ozoz (@kitchenbutterfly) on

A post shared by Ozoz (@kitchenbutterfly) on

A post shared by Ozoz (@kitchenbutterfly) on

I mean, she’s given us Banga Jollof

To kick things off for JOLLOF, she’s hosting an intimate 3-course dinner at Sao Cafe on Friday at 7pm. Have look at the menu below and reserve. Spots are limited.


FOLLY: Nosa thinks Fried Rice > Jollof Rice. I disagree and based on informal Twitter polls, and you know Twitter people know everything, a lot of people agree with me. 

NOSA: I'm sure many people agree with me but are too afraid to state their opinion but I'm willing to lead the cause. Fear not brethren, Nosa will fight for you. 

FOLLY: Last year during the summer #EatDrinkFestival, I was extremely paranoid and had trouble sleeping in the weeks leading up to the event. I was terrified that it would rain and the festival would be completely ruined.

NOSA: Big events in rainy season give Folly major anxiety.

For that reason and some other very important business reasons, #EatDrinkFestival is becoming an annual event i.e. once a year in December. We will no longer have the summer EDF, however, we intend to have a smaller mid-year event to make up for it.

FOLLY: That said, we're happy to announce Jollof - a celebration of Jollof rice in all its incarnations and national varieties and all that can be Jollof-ed - think Jollof risotto, Jollof Arancini, Asun Jollof, Suya Jollof, etc.

NOSA: We're organizing this event in celebration of World Jollof Day in partnership with Jollof aficionado and celebrator - Kitchen Butterfly. 


Save the date SUNDAY AUGUST 20 and additional details will be released soon. 

Interested vendors can complete this form to apply. 

Kitchen Butterfly Is Ushering In The New Nigerian Kitchen

We found her on Instagram a little over a year ago.  Ozoz, aka Kitchen Butterly, had the most fascinating takes on Nigerian food. Not in the boring "I blend pink eba" takes either. Her recipes felt like there was some science to it. Like her kitchen was more chemistry lab than kitchen.

Ozoz is a lot more than a "Nigerian food blogger". The label does her a great disservice.  She's a pioneer redefining our approach to Nigerian food. In another country, she'd be 3 cookbooks in with show on Food Network. 

There are a billion questions we've wanted to ask Ozoz and we finally got a chance to shoot some her way.

Where's your favorite place to go when you need inspiration?

My absolute favourite place for inspiration is in the pages of cookbooks.

Your recipes are very “out there* ”. We know you weren't professionally trained, i.e. Cordon Bleu and the like. Is there some sort of science to how you come up with your recipes?

Ha ha. I’ll take that as a compliment.

It comes from a few places. First, there’s knowledge - I’ve invested a lot of time reading, writing, eating and cooking food so I can literally taste flavours in my head. Then there’s the Japanese kaizen philosophy which I believe in - constant and neverending improvement, that works very well with my OCD :).  

Agbalumo Mimosas

Agbalumo Mimosas

Yaji French Toast

Yaji French Toast

And because of my science background - I’m an Exploration Geologist - I tend to take an experimental approach working from known to unknown, not only to recipe testing but also documentation - checking variables and constants and getting rather geeky about it. I love it!

You might be the only person on the Lagos food scene that puts in extensive work in terms of recipe development. Are we ever going to get all your recipes in one physical spot, like at a restaurant?

Thank you so much. I love food, particularly Nigerian food, and culture. My desire is to share what I know in a way that it makes a difference not only for cooks but for researchers who want to know what’s possible with our ingredients.

Will I ever open a restaurant? No. I think the hard work would take away the pleasure I find in cooking.

 How about more frequent pop-ups or even possibly a cookbook?

Cookbooks? TV shows? Food school? Yes, at some point. Pop-ups? Definitely.

Do you secretly wish you could patent or trademark some of your recipes? Because I know I’d be so pissed off if I came up with Nkwobi Jollof and someone claimed it.

*Crying with laughter* I don’t secretly wish that. The truth is I love sharing these ideas. I’m all about deepening our conversations and knowledge of food and pushing the boundaries for our cuisine’s sake.



Nkwobi Jollof

Nkwobi Jollof

We know (at least, we think) your ethos is the New Nigerian Cuisine and from following you it seems as though you don't make a lot of "swallow" type Nigerian food. What do you think is the place for these types of more traditional foods in the New Nigerian Kitchen?

It's important to understand the New Nigerian Kitchen. It's  my philosophy and practice around celebrating Nigerian cuisine in its entirety. It documents everything - history, culture, technique, traditional recipes, contemporary approaches, not just modern takes.

To be honest, time is the only thing that stops me from sharing all the things I wish I could about it. I do make swallow type food o. Plenty sef. I remember the time when I pounded yam (yes, mortar and pestle - I’m an Edo girl just in case) for my daughters who only ate Eba (garri) because they didn’t like poundo flour and converted them. *Super mum*

Asala-Scent Leaf Soup

Asala-Scent Leaf Soup

Or when I found Worowo - a special leafy green and combined it with Asala, African walnut to make a delicious soup. And when I made Banga (palmnut soup) and starch for Sunday lunch. But, I’m only one woman, a mind that’s a riot and not enough time to write it all down. Oh well, some day. So yes, the New Nigerian Kitchen is about it all. Every part of the spectrum - with a focus on celebration, on showcasing, on documenting.

Finish the following sentences

My favorite restaurant in Lagos is ... Terrakulture. Fried yam and goat meat.

Scent Leaf Curry Sauce

Scent Leaf Curry Sauce

I could eat ... bread with butter and jam every day for the rest of my life.

Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey? Jamie Oliver. There’s a recipe from Jamie’s Italy that still has me swooning 10 years on - Ice cream with olive oil and salt

My favourite spice/seasoning is ... Yaji, suya spice (Herbes de Provence is a close 2nd)

The best thing I've ever cooked is ... my scent leaf curry sauce with lemongrass rice and pawpaw salsa. For many reasons.



The Lunch Club: Kitchen Butterfly

It's really crazy how it's been 4 months since the last Lunch Club. We promise we'll never let that happen again. That said, this month we got to work with someone special that we'd be hoping to collaborate with for a while now - Ozoz aka Kitchen Butterfly. If you're not following her on Instagram fix that now.

Kitchen Butterfly Menu.png

The menu on this Lunch Club was so good that we had someone fighting us in Instagram comments. Please don't be that person and sign up for the Lunch Club mailing list here so you won't sleep on the next one.


Oh, we also had a mini wine tasting with Fat Bastard at this Lunch Club. We'll share more on the tasting on Wednesday though, today is all about the food.


A big thank you to everyone who came through. This weekend's group was amazing. If you aren't on the list and you'd love to come to one of our lunches, sign up HERE.