EDL Taste Test: Chocolat Royale vs. Hans & Rene


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FOLLY: Hans & René's glazed donut is N500 while Chocolat Royal's is N300. Both are pretty expensive for a piece of fried dough according to my wallet. 

NOSA: Mr. Biggs' is like N200 so I think this is fair tbh. Hans & René might be a little too much, however.



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FOLLY: Both are overwhelmingly thick, dense and doughy. The Hans & René donut is only slightly lighter than the Chocolat Royale one.

NOSA: The Chocolat Royale one had this "salty" thing to it. You know when you have too much baking soda in a baked item? Yeah, that taste.

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FOLLY: Also, I should point out that we bought both donuts at about 4pm on a weekday afternoon and neither donut tasted particularly fresh.

NOSA: I'll chalk this one down to Nigerian factor. It is what it is, I guess. 



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FOLLY: Chocolat Royale's glaze was more consistent while Hans & René's was flakier but I think that's a storage issue for Hans & René. 

NOSA: You know something funny? I thought this would be the other way round before we bought both donuts. Thanks for surprising me, Chocolat Royale.



FOLLY: Chocolat Royale because there's no significant quality jump between the Hans & René one that justifies the additional N200. 

NOSA; Yeah, as far as I'm concerned, these two donuts are the same. Well, if you ignore the baking soda situation. Even at that, the N200 jump is not justified.

Chocolat Royale vs Hans & Rene
Chocolat Royale
Hans & Rene
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