Bukas And Joints

NOSA: For some reason, we never go to these things when we're invited. Idk why, really. They just come in the email and we just ignore them. When this one came in, I thought, "why not?". I worked with Biola Alabi's publicist at my old job so it wasn't like we were revealing ourselves to someone new. 

Long story short, we checked out a screening of Bukas and Joints.

Before I start anything, I want to tell you guys a little story about Olisa Adibua and I.

FOLLY: Kind of a long story but go on.

NOSA: At a product launch event for my former employer, I met Olisa for the first time. By "met", I mean we were on the same line for food.

Olisa, dressed in a suit and flip flops, was at the pepper soup section of the buffet. There were, like, 10 or so of us waiting with Olisa for pepper soup. Homeboy gets a bowl and starts dishing.

And dishing.

And dishing.

Like, dude lits finished the entire thing of pepper soup. Now, it wasn't a lot of pepper soup left but it was enough for like 3 or 4 of us. Enough for me, for sure, because I was right behind him. 

I didn't get pepper soup that day because of Olisa and since that day we've been sworn enemies. Obviously he doesn't know about this, but in my head, he's my arch nemesis. Everlasting beef, fam.

FOLLY: He doesn't even know you fam.


NOSA: Bukas & Joints is like a Nigerian version of one of my favorite Food Network shows - Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Olisa damn near replicates Guy Fieri's mannerisms too.


There production was a bit iffy at points and the editing could use some work, but I REALLY liked it. You can shout "copy copy" all you want, that one is your business. This is what I imagine a Nigerian take on a popular show should be like.

NOSA: There's one part in the episode where Olisa goes to Agege (place is called "Oluwaloseyi Cool Spot") to try snake pepper soup.

Yes, SNAKE. 

It was so hilarious watching Olisa dodge trying to eat the thing. 

FOLLY: The lady that owned the cool spot told Olisa about how people come for all over the country for her Snakemeat pepper soup. e.g. Kaduna, Akure, Sokoto, Ajah, and lots of other places. It was very funny because her name is Mrs Basirat and you know what they say about Iya Basirat ....

bukas and joints olisa agege bread

NOSA: I had a little blonde moment too. Had ZERO clue Agege bread was actually made in Agege


Well, I didn't know Ewa Eganyin originally originated from the Republic of Bene and Nigerians reinvented it. That said, Mrs Basirat also "imports" her snake from the Republic of Bene.

NOSA: The show premieres this Sunday 20 March on AIT. If you can find that on your decoder, you should definitely give it a look.