Jerk Chicken And Unlimited Rum Cocktails At Insignia This Weekend

NOSA: This is not a drill, friends. Bottomless rum cocktails.

FOLLY: Insignia Restaurant is having a Caribbean themed evening this Saturday March 19. I thought it was very random so I googled if there was any special holiday on March 19. For example, Jerk Chicken Day (like Pancake Day) or Jamaican Independence day, but there was nothing.

 NOSA: Do you ever need a reason to eat chicken?

FOLLY: I guess not. So what is it anyway?


NOSA: A little fun fact - the DJ was a year ahead of me in Loyola, uno. Obvs he's great at this DJ thing. Loyola kids are great at everything. 

FOLLY: I disagree but I'll allow it. On the menu is Jambalaya Rice, White Fish with Black Bean Salsa, Jerk Chicken (duh) and a few other items. 

NOSA: So it's not the regular Insignia menu.

FOLLY: Still a bit caught up on how blissfully random this is, but I think Nosa and I are definitely due for an Insignia revisit, and N2000 for unlimited Bacardi cocktails sounds like a good reason to check it out.

NOSA: I really want to test how bottomless their cocktails are, but I also don't want to die. 


FOLLY: Hopefully the rum cocktails are truly unlimited because some restaurants have actually TRIED it.

NOSA: There's also a "Best Dressed" competition. 

FOLLY: LOL I'm going to sit that one out because I have zero swags.

NOSA: I had one of those dreadlocked rasta hats in college. Would've been perfect. 

FOLLY: As usual with Insignia set menus, the price you see is the price you pay. No taxes, service charges or toll is additional. You don't have to reserve a table for this, but by all means it'll probably help.

NOSA: If you do, tell them we sent you.

Insignia is at 13 Kasumu Ekemode St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Phone: 0903 749 79910706 828 2250