A Reckless Adventure

This restaurant has closed down


Plot 1B. Block 49. Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase I. Lagos

0815 509 2372

NOSA: I had this English teacher in JSS1. Really quirky guy. He left after my first year because Jesuits get moved around a lot. In my last test he graded, he left me a note. It said, "Greatness, make it your destiny".

I did this for you, Brother Styne.

I did this for you.

FOLLY: Nosa convinced me that we needed to do this "for science".  

NOSA: Because if we don't try it, who will?   

FOLLY: I really wanted no part in this because I was certain the food would be terrible. But then a little part of me thought maybe it could be a diamond in the rough because there are always loads of cars outside.

It was NOT and do you know what I learnt from this experience ?  Nigerians don't deserve nice things. How can a place so terrible be so full all the time ? These are probably the same people that go to RSVP and say the food was "meh".

NOSA: Like these guys?

They had a fair selection which usually means Chinese Rice, Noodles, Vegas, Sauces, chicken maybe like 8 dishes or more to select from, for me! That was a good deal. You can easily compare them to those China Town buffets outside Nigeria very affordable.
I thought it was a great find discovering N1,500 chinese buffet with take-away in Lekki. They also have a good space and the biggest WOOOW is that they are open 24hours because I went there at 10pm and they where still very much open.

No way whoever wrote that, wrote it with a straight face.

Yeah, this was a terrible idea from the start. 

FOLLY: The meat dishes looked like a Lagos gutter after it rains. There was just so much broth and the meat sank to the bottom. You had to use the the ladle to navigate the watery mess.

NOSA: Looks like something the Wicked Witch of the West cooked up to kill Sleeping Beauty for good.

FOLLY: The noodles were linguini cooked with extra MSG and soy sauce. The only decent tasting thing 

NOSA: The noodles tasted like the Lo Mein you get at those Chinese spots in food courts at the mall. Positive, I guess. 

FOLLY: The "beef chilli sauce" definitely smelled off to me, so I just ate the vegetable fried rice (white rice with carrots tossed in) to be safe. 



NOSA: I did this so you don't have to. When you see that banner, just keep driving.

FOLLY: Uh huh. Don't pass go, don't collect $200; just keep driving. 



Buffet - N1500