The Case For Tipping In Lagos

FOLLY: I was always a horrible tipper while I lived in America. This was because I always felt the tip was demanded of me and not earned. 

NOSA: Freshman year, I went out to eat with a group of friends. The bill came out and I pretty much unlooked that whole tip section. Standard procedure, right? My dad did the same thing a couple nights prior so clearly I wasn't doing anything wrong, right?


My buddies pretty much "tip-shamed" me. "OMG, they earn so little" "You're just living up the stereotype" etc.

FOLLY: The low wage argument never really tugged at my heart strings. I guess I always thought I was paying for the food and not the service, or maybe I'm a horrible person. I did tip, but never generously except when my friends made me feel bad. 

NOSA: I tried defending my reluctance to tip with the "I tip for good service" retort, but that was a lie. The service was great and I was just being Ijebu about it. Anyway, that's how I got into the habit of tipping. 

FOLLY: I also got annoyed when I'd order take-out that was about $7 and the delivery person would get offended if I tipped $1. Wait, was I supossed to tip $3 for a $7 meal ??

NOSA: 20% all time, unless I got particularly terrible service then I tipped $0.01 to prove a point (stupid, I know).

NOSA: So why don't I tip in Lagos? Not just me, why don't we all tip in Lagos? If we can rationalize tipping outside Nigeria with the "low wage" argument, why do those rules go out the window when we're back home ?

FOLLY: In Nigeria, I tip when one, the waiter doesn't bring my change and two, when I develop rapport with the waiter throughout the experience and we're on first name basis by the end of the meal.

NOSA: Nigerian waiters are paid terribly. Churrasco, for instance, pays their waiters about 10 - 15k per month and they don't get compensation for overtime or anything. That's less than the NYSC allowance! 

FOLLY: Oh, I always tip my bartender wherever I am in the world. That's one person I believe will always deserve my tips. 

NOSA: I'm going to launch a one-man campaign to make tipping a "thing". Leading by example. "Be the change you want to see" and all that.  

Anyway, we'd like to hear your thoughts. Do you guys believe in tipping? Especially in Lagos.