8 Lagos Restaurants to Check Out in 2016

NOSA: In the last month or so, a couple of new restaurants have popped up around Lagos. We’ve decided to put together a list of them so you check them off your 2016 restaurant bucket list. 

Tbh, this list is more for us than you guys lol. 

FOLLY: You weren't supposed to say that though.

NOSA: Quick caveat, being included on this list doesn’t mean these restaurants are amazing. We’re just suggesting you check them out because they’re new and stuff. 

Hard Rock Cafe

NOSA: We’ve been to this one already lol. But yeah, you should check it out because the space is massive and the mac n’ cheese is awesome.

hard rock cafe

The manager said they’ll be getting karaoke nights in 2016 (move away, Shaunz) and the pool outside should be done. I’m actually excited about the pool because it’ll have a pool bar aka it’s lit. 

FOLLY: I wonder what qualifies you to enter the pool, do you have to eat first ? My swimming coach from when I was in primary school said to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before swimming. Also, wouldn't it be awkward if I'm just chilling in the pool surrounded by eating folks.

Sip & Bite

NOSA: The guys at Sip have decided to take the restaurant part of the place seriously so they relaunched the thing as Sip & Bite. Typing that name makes it sound so stupid in my head. 

sip and bite lagos

FOLLY: They really shouldn't have called it Sip & Bite.

NOSA: I had their shawarma after a night at Sip. Shit tasted amazing but i was drunk so don’t take my word for it.

Casper & Gambrini

NOSA: Pioneered this one solo since Folly left me for dead in Lagos.

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

Had their grilled cheese, which was great when you take out the fact they lied to me about how the egg would be cooked. Told the man, I don’t fuck with the yolk in egg. I wanted my egg all the way scrambled. I don’t like that poached shit either because I’m a princess and I like things my way. Guess what I chowed three bites in?

FOLLY: Runny egg yolk? But why was there egg in the grilled cheese ? Was it a breakfast grilled cheese ?

Nok By Alara

NOSA: This one is my early pick for 2016 restaurant of the year. I’m calling it. 

nok by alara

FOLLY: We've been to this one already too. I suspect Nosa likes the decor and utensils more than he likes the food, but I may be wrong. I love their cocktails, they are all the way delicious.


NOSA: Delis isn’t new like that. But not a lot of people know it exists so it’s going on this list. They make some of the better sandwiches you’ll taste in Lagos. The pesto chicken and the roast beef are easy favorites.

delis cafe akin adesola

FOLLY: I like Delis but clearly not as much as Nosa does. I really like the space, the natural light makes a good picture great. Another awesome thing about Delis is how FRESH the food always tastes. I mean, they share the same space with one of the better supermarkets in Lagos for produce so are we really that surprised, it's still worth noting however.

NOSA: Oh, they have your favorite import beer not like those other restaurant that lie on their menu.

The George

NOSA: Like Delis, The George isn’t new per se. But their brunch isn’t out there like that, which is crazy because the pictures look sooooo live.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “so why haven’t tried it yet?”. Well, man proposes, bank account disposes. 

FOLLY: I hear their poolside cocktails are amazing. Soooooon sha.

Sprinkled & Spiced

NOSA: Sprinkled & Spiced isn’t a restaurant if we’re being honest. But hey, it’s my blog, I can do whatever I want.


FOLLY: They have a space on Ribadu so I think that qualifies them.

NOSA: They had a stall at #EatDrinkFestival and although we didn’t get to try them (I barely ate on the day), everyone I asked about their stall seemed to think they were amazing. They also have soft pretzels so they HAVE TO be on our 2016 to-do list.

Sao Cafe

VSCO Cam-1.jpg

NOSA: Sao Cafe is another one that opened this Christmas. We got invited for the opening a while back. The space is probably the nicest you'll find in Lekki and Honey of Honey's Cupcakes supplies their desserts


NOSA: So these aren’t restaurants, at all. Like, no physical location at all. 

FOLLY: I'm not in 2016 yet but I know you'll be doing it wrong without these guys.

Kitchen Butterfly

NOSA: You guys have to meet Ozoz and try her food if you can. She’s one of the sweetest people and her smoky jollof at #EatDrinkFestival was such a hit.


Finding her food is pretty difficult so you have to pay attention to the e-streets for random popups. And who knows, maybe we can get her for a Lunch Club


Goodness Gracious Gourmet

NOSA: I had her mac n’ cheese at #EatDrinkFestival and I loved it. She does a daily deliveries for Work Lunches so it’s pretty easy to get a hold of her stuff.

FOLLY: I ordered the pork chops for lunch one day and it was lit, everyone that was chowing rice and stew had serious plate envy.

NOSA: Just follow her Instagram because she shares her daily menu on there. 

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