Fine Dining African Food?

Nok by Alara

12 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos , 0908 561 4815

NOSA: This is one of the more fascinating restaurants I’ve been to this year. West African fine dining.  This has to be a first. Mrs. Folawiyo really did it, dawg. Madting. 


FOLLY: That right there is a guavarita - ridiculously tasty even the chilli rim. 

NOSA: The Suya Calamari (or Calamari suya) was delicious as shit, but the portion was sooooooo tiny. Like, it’s a fine dining ass portion. 

The cornbread wasn’t like American cornbread. Mad spicy.


FOLLY: The Cornbread didn't have a normal fluffy bready texture either - it was sticky. So, that combined with the spiciness didn't let me like it. 


NOSA: We got the lobster too, which was just as delicious and the portion was just tiny. Well, not as tiny but it was a small portion. 

FOLLY: I wonder if the portion was smaller because I asked for the lobster to come shell off (the menu didn't say how it came so I asked the waiter). You also don't expect the bean salsa it comes with to be cold but it was. 


NOSA: The thing with Nok is that it’s so hard to reconcile African food with fine dining portions. I mean, the serving size is the major reason a lot of people love Jevenik. They serve you food like it’s your last minute before you hit death row. Nok jolts your expectations a bit and I kinda like it for that. They have pounded yam as a side and I’m sure the serving is like a fistful. 

FOLLY: I appreciate the fact that as a Nigerian restaurant, Nok's default is not to add pepper to everything e.g Pepper Lobster, Pepper Chicken, Pepper Oxtail cause that's very pedestrian. I felt like the food actually had unique flavors if you get what I mean. 

NOSA: On a random note, I love the cutlery. 

And the interior.

FOLLY: Oops I can't remember the cutlery thanks to 355 and Hard Rock Cafe. I loved the shakers, if they sell them in the main store I'd buy them and keep till I have a home of my own. 

NOSA: I mean, I’ve seen Alara so I should’ve expected it to be tastefully done, but this place is beyond gorgeous. It’s unabashedly African, but not in that fetishized “authentic” way. This reference will probably alienate a lot of you, but if you went to Loyola, think Mr. Chukwudifu’s accent.

FOLLY: The hostess wears an iro and buba. 


NOSA: I digress. 

The braised oxtail came with a bean mash. This thing was really ewa agoyin tbh. Delicious fine dining ewa agoyin, but still ewa agoyin. 

FOLLY: The bean mash was delicate - I really feel like that's the best way to describe it. 


NOSA: We got these sweet potato cakes as well. Came with the most delicious uwgu pesto on the side. 

FOLLY: Ehhh I didn't like the sweet potato cakes because we ordered sweet potato fries. The pesto was yummy. 


NOSA: I really like Nok. A lot of you might not, but I really like it. The concept of it so amazing to me, but I can definitely understand if it’s not.

This great if you're going on a date. It'll impress her but you might need to eat afterwards. It's accessible because it's African food that you know anyway.

It’ll upset a lot of people but trust me, it's worth the experience alone. You'll do it like once but you should do it.

FOLLY: Most people won't, but I appreciate the smaller portions because feeling so heavy and bloated after eating isn't something I enjoy. Everything we ate was actually really well made. I wonder where the chef is from because I doubt a Nigerian one is that patient, I know he/she is defs not white so I'm putting my money on Senegalese/Cameroonian. 



Suya Calamari - N2800

Sweet Potato Cakes - N1800

Spicy Cornbread - N800

Grilled Lobster - N6500

Braised Oxtail - N5000