An Amazing Burger in the Most Unlikely Location


NOSA: Over the weekend, an acquaintance hipped us to what he thinks is Lagos’ best burger.

A bit mad because we’re supposed to know these things. Lagos’ best burger is hidden in a random boutique hotel in Victoria Island AND we didn’t know? Nah, no way. Had to confirm.

FOLLY: Had to. I quickly searched on Trip Advisor and shared the link with Nosa. 

NOSA: The menu is currently under construction so the owner/manager/guy-in-charge ran us through the burgers. Not the full menu, just the burgers. So clearly, it’s a popular thing.

That said, we got the chicken wings to start. Couldn’t just jump right into the burgers but maybe we should’ve because the wings weren’t the best.

DSC00315 copy.JPG

NOSA: As crossfit as crossfit chickens get. Like, fresh off a clean and jerk ladder.

FOLLY: It wasn't as hard as some other chicken wings I've had in Lagos but it was obviously the wings were simply fried in stew - nothing fancy. 

NOSA: The stew was nice sha. I took a bit of a gamble with the burger because while I love the idea of eggs in a burger, I’m really not the biggest egg person.

DSC00318 copy.JPG

FOLLY: The egg in mine was really runny and on my first bite it squirted at me staining my dress and scarf. 

NOSA: Also, it had a pineapple slice and Folly has referenced a lot on this blog how I can’t stand fruit.

But I wanted the full experience for science, soooo…yeah.

DSC00320 copy.JPG

FOLLY: I refused to taste the pineapple in the burger and slid it out before I started eating. 

NOSA: Contrary to everything I thought, the pineapple worked well with it. 

DSC00316 copy.JPG

NOSA: With a better cut of beef, this would be a next level burger. Or actually, no, the patty is just right. If you go with a more expensive cut of beef, it might distract a bit. With more experimental (read: fun) burgers, it’s best to go with an understated patty. You’re basically overcoming the lower quality patty with all the efizi.

FOLLY: I didn't enjoy the burger but tbf it didn't have a fair chance. I was stuffed from lunch and dinner and wasn't really interested in eating anything so this was a tad bit exhausting. 

NOSA: Using an elite cut of beef would be like fielding the most expensive player in the world and parking the bus.

Oh wait, Mourinho does that.

Disregard the analogy.



NOSA: The burger is good enough. I wouldn’t put it over the BBQ & Cravings equivalent, however. About the same, to be fair. Considering how a lot of people don’t know about it, you’d argue it’s a hidden gem.

FOLLY: Just take Nosa's review for it. I wasn't present. 




Cheeseburger - N3000

Dagwood Burger - N3500



Eh. Not a lot. Like, 5 spots.