JOLLOF: All the Details

So, in case you missed our announcement last week, we've been working on an "all you can Jollof" festival for next weekend. "All you can Jollof" is probably not the best way to describe it because that sounds like a jollof buffet, which it isn't. So...


What is it?

It is a celebration of all that is Jollof over three days featuring a private dinner hosted by Kitchen Butterfly, a workshop on jollof and its origins, and it concludes with a festival.

The festival isn't just a group of vendors selling jollof. That's boring, to be honest. What we've done is find a small group of creative vendors who have taken up the challenge we tossed at them to re-imagine Jollof. Not "re-imagine jollof rice", but "re-imagine jollof". Example of some vendors creations: a burrito with Jollof rice as opposed to white rice, Jollof Gnocchi with shredded chicken, Smokey Ofada jollof, Suya Jollof etc.

Another good thing that since a lot of it is #localcontent it's all not very expensive.

We have some amazing sponsors too: Guinness Africa Special at the bar, Maggi with the Jollof rice bar and Jollof education for the workshop and JumiaFood with da vouchers. 

Where is it?

The festival will be at the historic Jaekel House at the Nigerian Railway Compound, Ebute-Metta. 


As the event draws nearer, we'll disclose the location of the private dinner and the workshop.

How will this work?

Unlike #EatDrinkFestival, this event will be ticketed - N1000. A nominal fee, but fee all the same. We aren't leaning as heavily on sponsors as we do with our other events and we kinda need to pay people for stuff.

Enter "EARLYBIRD" at checkout to get 20% off.

We'll be sharing a map of the venue and parking plans next week.