Cafe Neo Is Coming To The Mainland!

Yesterday, we had our usual "omg i didn't accomplish anything this weekend" Sunday ritual at Cafe Neo and spotted something pretty interesting. 

Nope, your eyes do not deceive you. 

Yaba. Surulere. Ikeja. 

Our favorite coffee shop is coming to the mainland. 

It has been a bit low-key but Neo is slowly Starbucks-ing the block. That flyer thing in the above picture doesn't even list their newest location - the one on 6 Agoro Odiyan. It's really interesting how they've aligned the brand to the tech and creative scene in Lagos and it'll be even more interesting to see how this contributes to the Neo growth story. Another thing that's particularly cool with the new Agoro Odiyan location is that it's situated in a new co-working space, called Cre8. You can definitely put good money on the Yaba location being in the heart of Yaba-con Valley. 

A lot has changed since Neo opened its Akin Adesola location last year. For example, they no longer have Folly's favourite sugar muffins, they've changed their sandwich offerings a gazillion times, Nosa's bagel sandwiches are also no more, as is Wilson's Lemonade. They now have salads, wine, cakes and donuts to name a few. That Yaba location might be a game changer as many places e.g Chefvys aren't receptive to Yaba as a tech hub, so we really can't wait to see it.