7 Essential Food Instagram Accounts To Follow

...besides ours, obvs.


This is one of the favorites. Most "healthy food" instagrams tend to be full of meal prep days and struggle platters. Definitely not DubaiFitFoodie, her concoctions look like what you want to eat.

Lohi Og

Lohi is the OG of this food blog thing. Before all these little food bloggers came out with their weird food fusions like pink and purple eba, Lohi was doing the thing.

Honey's Cupcakes

Honey takes best shots. Proper dessert thirst traps, not those dead "i baked today" posts that the other cupcake people do. Eat.Drink.Lagos approves!

Chef Fregz

Chef Fregz and innovation pretty much go hand-in-hand. Don't believe? Just look at the boli canapés below.

Chef Flo

Chef Flo used to have a personal instagram that she just used to post the cute meals she would make for her family. Cute stuff. Then, she moved to Dubai to attend the ICCA and she went 0-100 real quick. 

Heels in the Kitchen

Heels in the Kitchen is another relatively new chef and I can't wait to see more of her. She could teach a course on plating too cause she has that down pat! 

Otres Restaurant

So many Nigerian restaurants are terrible at instagram. If they aren't doubling as personal instagrams, they're putting blurry pictures up. Not Otres though. They do it absolutely right.