Breakfast Around The World

The Foundry

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Plot 288B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island. Lagos

NOSA: This time last year, I'd put good money on Foundry having the best Full English in Lagos. Infinitely better than that one place that puts boiled eggs in theirs and claims it was a simple error.

Now? Not so much.

the cockney

the cockney

FOLLY: If you've ever had the Whitehouse Breakfast at Casa Lydia, the Americana at Foundry is essentially the same thing. I've been eating both for a long time and have never been disappointed until today. 

the americana

the americana

NOSA: Maybe the chef is still out of the country. The mushrooms were tasteless. Like they just got them out of a can or something. The eggs seriously lacked salt. 

FOLLY: The mushroooms were just sad and they used to be proper fried with the onions. These might have gone from can  random container  microwave → our plates. 

The Cockney

The Cockney

FOLLY: Every other time I've ordered this I've gotten full size fluffy pancakes. Why change something that isn't broken ? These pancakes reminded me of the crepes at Four Points, which I hate. 

NOSA: The pancakes look like add-ons you get in those My First Kitchen playsets.

the americana

the americana

NOSA: And the bacon tasted like fried ham. Sigh. I really don't know what happened to Foundry. Fell off big time. 

FOLLY: The bacon was probably fried ham, but I liked it.  


NOSA: I mean, just look at how good The Cockney looked last year.


Damn, Foundry. Last year you was the man, homie

FOLLY: I don't believe this was their best showing, so I'll definitely go back and give 'em another chance.


The Cockney - N3,200

The Americana - N3,200