Drink Lagos: Sailor's Lounge

Safe Sex on the Beach

Safe Sex on the Beach

We arrived Sailors at about 5:15 pm, the sky was pretty lit and the live band wasn’t out yet thank goodness. It was relaxing until it was time to find where to sit. The waitresses were having a hard time letting us sit where we wanted because they felt we were ruining their sitting arrangement. It was ultimately a group of mean girls screaming at our own waitress to halt and move us somewhere else. So unprofessional. What’s wrong with calling her aside and not making a scene? Ugh.  

Moving on, we ordered the Safe Sex on the Beach - a mocktail with orange juice, cranberry and peach syrup. 

Fun Fact: If the name didn’t give it away, this is the virgin version of Sex on the Beach

Sailor’s take on it lacked the maraschino cherries and grapefruit juice. Perhaps that what happens when you live in this part of the world, everything is usually a substitute for something. 

(Ed note: Blame Buhari)

It makes sense to switch the grapefruit with orange juice because they both have a citrus-y base and for a hack, it did a good job mimicking the typical recipe. It was icy, soothing and sweet like summer. 

Bloody Orange

Bloody Orange

Campari has been showing up a lot on drink menus and so we went for it on the next drink. Blood Orange, made with vodka, Campari, fresh orange and pineapple Cointreau. 

Maybe it’s just me but I always thought this cocktail used actual blood oranges and not just orange juice. If you ever come across a menu that has Blood Orange Gin and Tonic go all out, that used to be my therapy in Shoreditch. Sailor’s Blood Orange was quite good and ridiculously strong, I guess that’s the point. 

However, if you like your taste buds you might want to skip this. It wasn’t as bitter as I expected because of the pineapple infused Cointreau and fresh oranges. I’ve noticed Campari is best paired with citric notes for tolerance, that’s probably why Fanta and Campari are excellent partners. The acidity lifts the bitterness.

Just before the live band decided to interrupt this wonderful evening we closed with the Drunken Sailors; a five white house spirit and Sailors’ secret ingredient lol. 

Just before the live band decided to interrupt this wonderful evening we closed with the Drunken Sailors; a five white house spirit and Sailors’ secret ingredient lol. 

I could taste the rum, tequila, vodka, gin and a lot of ginger, that’s it! I couldn’t figure out the rest and this is easily one of the strongest cocktails I’ve had in my Drink Lagos adventures.

It came with a warning – a shot glass. Apparently, anytime you feel like taking a drink you’d have to take an entire shot and maybe having this on Sunday night before work wasn’t a great idea. 

Was it worth it? Perhaps.

I have a problem with beautiful spaces and bad smells, Lagos does this to you a lot of the time. I am yet to see a waterfront without that ridiculous smell of death. Then there’s plastic waltzing around the water and the flies being absolutely disrespectful. Despite all these shortcomings, Sailors is still in business. Perhaps due to a market that cares majorly about escapism than aesthetics. 

(Ed note: Not sure about “escapism”. That’s what they like in Lekki. It’s their spec)

Sailors 3.jpg


Good for: After work drinks - Pre drinks

Food: Full Kitchen

Happy Hour: No | Bottle Service: Yes | Wine: Yes | Beer: Yes




Safe Sex on the Beach - N2000

Blood Orange - N3500

Drunken Sailor - N4000



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