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Loire Valley Wines at La Pointe with The Lunch Club

Over the weekend, we got invited by Kufre, the La Pointe wine expert and a Loire Valley wine ambassador, for a wine tasting and training. The wines in question were from the Loire Valley region in France. According to Sarah, the La Pointe owner, the region is known for its wines and its castles. The region was the center of power in France for a brief minute and in that period, the French elite built great castles. When power moved back to Paris, the French elite chose to spend their summers in the Loire Valley. 


Anyway, enough of the history lesson. 

At the tasting, we wen through about 10 different bottles and Sarah gave us couple tips on tasting wine. For example, when looking out for the true color, it’s best to place your glass a white sheet.

Sounds obvious, but yeah. 

Also, we got an explanation for why Whites usually cost a lot more than Rosés. Rosé, regardless of how great it is, doesn't age well. They're more of an "instant drink" and this affects their value in the market. 

EDL Weekender: BBQ & Cravings Breakfast Looks Lit

EAT: Breakfast at BBQ & Cravings

FOLLY: Yes, you read that right. The OG checkered napkin/paper mat spot has expanded their breakfast offering. It's not completely new because they've always had pancakes but I've never seen anyone order them.

NOSA:  We actually posted about it a while ago

NOSA: BBQ & Cravings needs it's own food truck btw. One that moves from location to location during the day. They can add a "Find my iPhone" type thing to it too. Find the Truck. 


DRINK: At Liquid Hub By Spronks

FOLLY: We were just here this week but I don't think there's a better spot to wait out traffic if you're heading from the island to the mainland on a weekday. It's the second turn on the right once you get down from Falomo bridge. 

NOSA: If you love your wine and you think Winehouse has fully casted, Liquid Hub is the new wave. They do a 3 Wine "Flight" thing for N3,500 too.

FOLLY: I think that offer is just on Wednesdays. 

SAM_1149 copy.jpg

BONUS: Hans & René After Dark

FOLLY: Remember that one time we made a special flavor for Hans & René, well they are doing it again. 

NOSA:  I wonder what special flavors they'll have this time. 

There’s Another Wine Bar In Ikoyi

Liquid Hub by Spronks

2 Webb Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

0803 381 6508

NOSA: I “discovered” wine bars a couple of years ago in grad school. If I remember it correctly, that’s exactly the point I started becoming washed and began my slow transition to “get off my lawn” mode. Wine bars were the perfect spot to get hammered and hang out with my fellow olds.

FOLLY: He's not that old. 

SAM_1149 copy.jpg

NOSA: From my little research, there are 4 wine bars in Lagos - Wine House, the one on Awolowo that no one wants to share with me, the one in Yaba, and Liquid Hub.

FOLLY: Yeah I didn't know there was one in Yaba, and I'm pretty sure the one on Awolowo road is an urban legend. 

SAM_1146 copy.jpg

NOSA: What I really liked about Liquid Hub was that they have actual food on their menu. It’s not the most extensive menu, but it’s infinitely more than what Wine House has to offer.

FOLLY: The wine list is disorganized. There's absolutely no method to the madness. It's not arranged by colour, type, grape, year, nada. It's all listed in the order the person pulled them out of the carton or something equally as random. 

NOSA: The food took forever, but the waiter appeased us with cheese and crackers so I’ll let it slide. 

FOLLY: It's funny because they just out of the blue offered us complimentary cheese and crackers, promptiing us to ask for the food, and then they told us it'll be some time. I had the grilled tiger prawns with mashed potatoes, which according to the menu is the owner's special. 

SAM_1153 copy.jpg

NOSA: The mash looks like eba. Tasted better, thankfully.

FOLLY: Eba with yellow garri. 

NOSA: It had some lumps in it, but on the whole, it was pretty serviceable mash. 

FOLLY: This consistency of the mash was very thick. It could have been smoother as Nosa highlighted, but the lumps were few and far between so I'd give it a 6.5/10. Yeah, I don't know why it looks so yellow either. 

SAM_1155 copy.jpg

A better Yoruba Nigerian than me would have loved the tiger prawns because they were very hot and peppery. The menu said the prawns were marinated in a green pepper sauce and served with a green chili sauce. So, the lay(wo)man that I am imagined that the green pepper sauce was made with green bell peppers, and not the same green chilis that were going into the sauce that was served on the side which, because I fear God, I didn't touch.

NOSA: For my main, I got the Nigerian Platter, which consists of Ojojo, Akara, Dodo, Dundun, and gizzard. Basically, it’s everything you can buy on the roadside in Lagos. It’s a street food platter more or less.

SAM_1158 copy.jpg

FOLLY: I only tasted two things from this platter: Akara and Dundun (which I honestly thought was sweet potato).

NOSA:'s not sweet potato?

FOLLY: No, Dundun is fried yam and fried sweet potato, is well, fried sweet potato. 

Anyway, growing up, I never ate Akara that much. I know in most homes Akara and Ogi was reserved for Saturday mornings but in my house, we had yam & corned beef. The Akara in this platter stood out for me. It had crayfish in it, and I've never seen that done before. 

NOSA: I hate akara, but I loved the Nigerian platter. This platter is everything I wish Wine House had. 

SAM_1163 copy.jpg

FOLLY: I feel like we should also have reviewed Liquid Hub on the quality of its wine list considering it's a wine bar. However, I'm not going to pretend that I know whether they're packing or not. They do have wines for every budget, however, so if you do visit I'm sure you'll find something that works for your taste and also pocket as well. 

NOSA: You know what’s hilarious? Considering how often I went to wine bars, I could never become a wine snob. But then again, I drank boxed wine…so yeah.

FOLLY: I've never drank boxed wine. 


NOSA: There’s a little to be desired but I think Liquid Hub is our little diamond in the dirt. There’re some things that I wish were a lot better aesthetically like the mash and the menu, but there is something to this place. 

FOLLY: Liquid Hub has pretty good service. Our waiter was attentive and when he wasn't knowledgeable on certain things, he went to find out instead of BS-ing. 

NOSA: This spot would be perfect for post work drinks. Get a bottle of wine and a couple of platters, and your group is all set. 



Nigerian Platter - N3500

Pineapple Daiquiri - N2500

Grilled Tiger Prawns - N4000



Liquid Hub is in a complex with a large parking lot. 

The Lunch Club IX: The Winehouse Lounge

So far, all editions of The Lunch Club have been heavy on the food. A bit disappointing considering there's a big "DRINK" in the middle of our name. Anyway, this month, we fixed that. 

With help from The Winehouse, we were able to put together a little wine tasting event for our ninth Lunch Club. The owner was nice enough to give us a little lecture on wines as well. Sounds like school, but does school serve alcohol?

We should have asked for a little more food though.

valdivieso chile
wine bar ikoyi
winetasting in lagos
asun winehouse
wine house lounge lagos

Again, a big thank you to everyone who came through. It was lovely having you guys this month. 

The Lunch Club is a curated dining experience created for Lagosians seeking something different from their city. We’ve taken the idea of a private supper club and flipped the script. The Lunch Club aims to create a delicious, interesting, and exclusive experience for around 10 people; no two gatherings will ever be the same. If you'd love to join our little club, sign up HERE

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XV
Subject: Liquor Lover

Message: Hi Folly, Hey Nosa.
So I’m bored with taking my liquor straight, in the confines of my home, alone :( and this has led to my body craving cocktails ( really strong ). Biko suggest a place(s) that would make my liver happy. Thanks .
P.S. Is Day Drink Lagos a thing yet ?
— O.I

FOLLY: This may come as a shocker following the recent Chocolate Royale scandal, but Cafe Royale is actually pretty good for cocktails. Just do not order the food whatever you do. Once you find yourself needing food, leave the establishment right away cause if you stay, it would unfold into a series of terrible decisions. Trust me. 


FOLLY: I'd also recommend RSVP for great cocktails. The Copa Del Lebanon has been my favorite drink since January. 

Finally, if you're a wino La Taverna and Winehouse are great picks. 

We're still trying to make #DayDrinkLagos a thing, we even created this guide

Subject: Dinner for 10 or more..

Message: Hi,going to be 21 in sept and i need a good place,with good food,resonable prizes,good view for pictures..what do u suggest?
— M.O

NOSA: View? Cactus or Sky Lounge or Uptown

Sky Lounge and Uptown are a bit pricey so those two are out. Cactus is reasonable and has a nice patio.

Foreshore Harbour is another outside one. 

FOLLY: I'm not sure about Foreshore Harbour because it's not proper food like that, it's platters. I guess it really depends on your price point, Uptown has a great view.