Searching For The Best Shawarma In Lagos: Shawarma & Co.

Shawarma & Co.

19A Agoro Odiyan Street. Victoria Island, Lagos*.

0909 000 10000909 991 1999.

NOSA: Our shawarma quest isn't over, guys. We're still here for you. This week, we tried Shawarma & Co. in VI. It's tucked in that space with Rhapsody's and that furniture store. The interior is built like one of those Chippy joints in London. But, like, a really clean one. 

FOLLY: It also reminds me of Pita Pit

NOSA: I won't lie though, this place gives off that "this is really a cover for something more sinister" vibe. If you come to Lunch Club one day, just ask me about it. I'll explain my little theory.

Despite the name, the Suyarma doesn't have any suya in it. Sorry to disappoint you, or maybe just me (since I'm the only person that likes that kind of thing). The suyarma is just the regular Nigerian-style shawarma - the one with our ketchup + mayo mix. The Shawarma, on the other hand, is the traditional Lebanese thing with garlic and whatnot. Like Mega Plaza shawarma. 

FOLLY: I'm not lying when I say I grew up on Mega Plaza shawarma. My father took me there one day and the rest is history. When I first moved back, I would eat a shawarma a day, and sometimes two i.e I would buy one, eat it, then drive back to 01 to get another. 


In the past year, however, my love for shawarma has dwindled cause I was no longer separated from shawarma by Lagos Ibadan Expressway or the Atlantic Ocean. 

NOSA: I know the feels. I used to be so dead for meatpie when I was in college. Like, I'd drive to Houston on weekends just to get a tray of the thing. Now I'm back, I'm just like "eh, meatpie doesn't really bang like that".

Chicken shawarma - lebanese style 

Chicken shawarma - lebanese style 

NOSA: I got the chicken suyarma and the thing was proper good. Like, Ebeano circa 2013 quality. Unlike Ebeano, the slaw in it was really rich and not cabbage dumped in to fill space. But you can't get "sausage" in it too, which is a shame. Who doesn't like sausage in their shawarma? 

FOLLY: I don't 'cause I'm not greedy.

Anyways, I got the chicken shawarma and thought it was great. I ordered using Hellofood and whoever processed my order must have thought I was crazy because I wrote "no pickles!" in every text field. No,  I'm not exaggerating, I really did. 


Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.49.24 PM.png

NOSA:  I wish the shawarma a little thicker, though.


FOLLY: Likewise, I found it a bit slim. I wanted to get a side aka Jollof Rice from my office cafetaria to go with it but sadly it was ofada rice day. 


NOSA: While you can't get sausage or a chicken + beef combo, Shawarma & Co. has bountiful shawarma options. There are a even a couple of vegetarian options too. One with fried cauliflower and another with fried eggplant. 

Oh, you can get waffles & crepes as well.

FOLLY: I would definitely go back to Shawarma & Co to try the desserts cause #science and I love dessert.  


Chicken Suyarma Sandwich - N1500

Chicken Shawarma Sandwich - N1500

*They're opening a store in Ikeja and Lekki soon