Pizza Wars

La Veranda @ The Blowfish Hotel

17 Oju Olobun Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

0812 111 1222

NOSA: After the disaster that was Umutu Coffee pizza, Folly and I needed something proper to eat. So, we decided to stroll down the street to The Blowfish.

FOLLY: Blowfish is like Ikoyi Club for the foreigns. They all come there on Sunday afternoon as a family for a dip in the pool then family lunch afterwards. 

NOSA: I've heard lots of good things about La Verandah pizza. That it might actually be better than Pizzeriah and La Taverna. Big words.

We went with the Regina

The crust is a a little thicker than the pizza at La Taverna and Pizzeriah. Think Debonairs-thick. This thing is actually pretty good, I can't front. If thin crust pizza isn't your spec, this is the one for you. 

FOLLY: Thick crust isn't my spec but I didn't hate this at all.

It's not often that you find garlic on pizza. I'm not sure if it was in the sauce, or as a topping. Either way, it really upped the taste profile of this one. 

NOSA: I honestly don't know why we haven't been here since our first trip. Loved their lasagne. La Verandah is actually proper good. I might have to update Essential. It's pretty interesting that 3 of the better restaurants in Lagos are on the smallish street and owned by the same family. Perhaps they sabi the work.

FOLLY: And it's different cuisines of food too: Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean and Indian. I saw  two large Indian families having lunch in the main restaurant of Blowfish, so that definitely means the Indian food there is good. If you're looking for good ethnic food anywhere in the world, observe the profile of the guests. If Indians are eating at an Indian Restaurant, that restaurant is legit. 

That's how I know Lihao Chinese Restaurant in Yaba is legit, and Zen Garden as well.

NOSA: Oh, the waiter was super helpful too. Shoutout to you, Emmanuel.

FOLLY: What do you guys think ? Where has the best pizza in Lagos ?

If you say Domino's I'm reporting you as spam. 


NOSA: La Verandah is one of the better places to eat at in Lagos. The margarita isn't really the wave though.

FOLLY: It's also nice to be able to get lunch outside by the pool and people watch. 


Regina - N3500