Food Diary: Jumoke Gets by With a Little Help From Friends

After our Food Diary installments (Folly, Nosa), we've opened the floor to Eat.Drink.Lagos readers to journal their eating for a week and share with us.

This week, we have Jumoke, a fan of all things food related. When she's not eating or thinking of food, she practices law.

So, I am supposed to be trying to be fit, but this week has shown me I am failing woefully. I do not work in a bank or a tech company, but my office actually “tries” with the freebies they give us. The office cafeteria, though, is another matter.

The food is not worth the money or calories, so I try to take lunch from home everyday. My grocery list for the week

  1. Minced meat: N570
  2. Burger Buns: N350
  3. Fresh Basil: N520
  4. Natural Yoghurt: N450


Breakfast - 9:15am

A quick bowl of cereal before church.

Snack - 1:30 pm

Church took forever so obviously I was hungry by the time we got home. The week before, I picked up some kilishi in Abuja. I snacked on that and C&C Gourmet coconut chips from Cafe Neo.

Spent: N0

Lunch - 1:30 pm

Yam. Eggs. Stew.

Dinner - 8:00 pm

Could not make it to Anu Bello’s AboutLastNighttt Street Feast ☹. Made myself a burger with some fries as consolation. It was no South burger, but it did the job

Spent: N0



Breakfast - 6:50 am

Woke up really hungry this morning so I had Special K before leaving for work.

Snack - 10:50 am

Because of my early breakfast, I was huuuuuungry by 10am. My office gives us free fruit and they literally disappear in 5 minutes. Snagged an apple and a banana before we ran out.

Spent: N0

Lunch - 1:00 pm

I’ve heard lots of good things about TFC’s “Ajoke” rice, so I gave it a shot. Ordered it with Charcolit chicken. And surprise-surprise, the rumours were true for once.

Spent: N1570

Dinner - 8:15 pm

Found some left over Bolognese sauce in the freezer, added a few basil leaves and repurposed it as Jollof spaghetti for Tuesday’s lunch.

Wasn't too hungry so settled for plantain chips and an orange for dinner.

Spent: N0



Breakfast - 8:50 am

Made a parfait before I left home and had it for breakfast.

Spent: N0

Snack - 12:00 pm

My colleague got me an apple from the office fruit stash.

Spent: N0

Lunch - 1:10 pm

Had the Jollof Spaghetti I made the night before with barbecued chicken gifted by a friend

Spent: N0

Dinner - 7:30 pm

Had rice and goat curry with steamed vegetables for dinner. Then, a slice of Salt Lagos’ “Best of Both Worlds” for dessert - given to me by a colleague

Spent: N0



Breakfast - 9:00 am

The office assistant got me bread and akara. I have no idea where he gets it from and to be honest, I don’t want to know. Best breakfast I had all week.

Spent: N200

Lunch - 12:00 pm

It was a colleague’s birthday and we got small chops. Wolfed it down in record time

Spent: N0

Lunch…again - 1:30 pm

Another colleague got a couple of boxes of pizza from La Taverna. Had 2 slices.

Spent: N0

Dinner - 7:50 pm

Ate some left over rice and goat curry from the night before

Spent: N0 



Breakfast - 9:30 am   

Plantain chips and granola   

Spent: N0

Lunch - 1:10 pm

Got lunch from Veritas, a lunch delivery service: Boiled plantain, potatoes, fish sauce and chicken  

Spent: N1300



Breakfast - 10.00 am   

Ordered an Orange Dreamsicle smoothie from WildThyme Gourmet. Delicious!   

Spent: N1500

Lunch - 1:50 pm

Lunch from Veritas again - Sweet Potato porridge and grilled turkey   

Spent: N1300

Pre Dinner - 4:00pm   

My colleague bought me a BBQ chicken wrap from Angelo’s Kitchen. Then, another colleague’s got suya and we all pounced on it like a pack of piranhas   

Spent: N0

Dinner - 8:00 pm

Stir fried chicken and veg Indomie

Spent: N0

Nightcap - 9:30 pm   

Glass of wine and So Yummy popcorn

Spent: N0


Total: N6060

I am so proud of this number, I won’t even lie ☺

So Folly believes we should get a Nosa and a daddy, and we’ll be as lit as her. It is obvious you should get colleagues like mine and you’ll be as lit as me.

FOLLY: A word!

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