Dating on an NYSC Budget...Revisited

NOSA: It's been 8/9 months since we put out the original list (In case you missed the original list, have a look HERE) and it's only right we give it a little update.

FOLLY: You're probably wondering why we use NYSC as benchmark. Well, that's because God willing, that's the poorest you'll ever be post university. 

Syrian Club

NOSA: Syrian Club is a real Lagos hidden gem. Considering you're getting the best Persian food in Lagos, it's crazy how you pay so little. There's a catch though - no alcohol. But that just means you in for some good Christian weekend afternoon fun.


FOLLY: Nosa often sneaks off to this place without me. I really wish I could go more often but Awolowo road is a trap. Repeat after me, Awolowo road is a trap. So it’s best you go on a weekend, and cash only lest you forget.

Hans & Rene

NOSA: No, I'm being serious here. H&R is expensive, yes, because N800 for a cupcake is a bit steep. But if you have a N5000 budget, you can do a lot of damage at H&R. Not like you and your date want to buy a whole cake anyway. A couple scoops of gelato, and maybe some other dessert,  is easily within the budget.


FOLLY: Listen to the man. I'd also make sure you get a different flavour from him (or her), so you can shyly ask to taste his. 

La Taverna (On Wednesday & Sunday)

NOSA: Taverna has N2000 pizzas on Wednesday & Sunday. Throw in a bottle of wine for 2/3k and you're more or less set to romance your boo. #ThankUsLater


FOLLY: You don't even have to get wine, a pitcher of sangria is N1800, and you'll get 4 - 5 glasses out of it. 

Cafe Neo

NOSA: I can see you shaking your head disapprovingly, but calm down first. Coffee dates might be an IJGB thing, but date na date. Coffee dates are a casual thing. It's not forward, but it's not like you didn't try either. And besides, does it always have to be a 10-course meal to qualify as a date.

download (1).jpg

FOLLY: You guys can do work together or get to know each other with no pressure. It really makes sense. 

Mario's Pizza

FOLLY: Apapa is so unappealing to me because of the traffic but when last I was here, Nosa and I found this gem so if you’re ever the in area.

marios pizza apapa

It’s absolutely worth checking out as you can share a pizza for well under N3000. 

Foreshore Harbor

FOLLY: Don’t get the seafood platter like we did the first time we were here. The combo platter is only N3500 and is enough for two. A bottle of wine here will set you back just about N3000. Lastly, the view is something you usually pay a premium for at Churrasco, Radisson and Oriental but at Foreshore Harbour you’re basically making away like a bandit. 


Ps. You can still grab a ticket to our Boozy Brunch Party on Sunday here