Best Lagos Cafés To Work Out Of


NOSA: As a young entrepreneur without an office space, you’re always a nomad. Your business is too young to afford office space in Lagos’ stupidly expensive real estate market. And co-working spaces? Oh boy, those are the worst. 

FOLLY: They are ridiculously expensive and are without remorse about it too. 

NOSA:Anyway, here are some of the Lagos' finest spots - with decent Wi-Fi AND good coffee - where you can pop out your laptop and work for a while. Make sure you purchase an item and you don’t take your calls indoors. 


Cafe Neo


NOSA: This is probably the most common option of the lot. They have multiple branches, which makes them the most convenient option. Also, although not the fastest, there’s free Wi-Fi. It will definitely come in handy when your SmileON kicks in.

FOLLY: Nah their free wifi is the worst. It's non existent these days. I only go here when I need to kill time. 



Hakeem Dickson Street, Lekki, Lagos.

NOSA: This is a personal favorite. They serve pastries from Honey’s Cupcakes and this is probably the only cafe/coffee shop with biscotti in Lagos. Oh, the Wi-Fi is probably the fastest of all the options on the list too. Unfortunately, they don’t open on Mondays and they also aren’t open early. Trade off, I guess.

FOLLY: The pastries have been MIA for about a month now and there's really no indication of when they will be back. They have toasties though but about that, why is the pricing so godamm weird? Why is my toastie N1,181.25? Of course I pay with my card each time cause they never have my change, in fact I've stopped asking - POS please!


Art Cafe

282, Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

NOSA: This is another favorite. There aren’t lots of outlets and the parking is a bit poor, but the space is great for meetings. Wi-Fi is also available on request.

FOLLY: This one has never been my cup of tea and I don't know why. 


La Pointe Coffee Shop

4A, Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

NOSA: This is newest of the lot and the most expensive. A sandwich will cost you over 3k so you’ll have to be careful with how much you indulge. There’s also free Wi-Fi on request.

FOLLY: I don't want to loud this place too much before people start using their wi-fi to download Game of Thrones and they cut it off.

Also, it's still paining me that the owner charged me ANOTHER N800 to add hot water to my pot of tea.  She was the one that offered o, I didn't ask. In fact, I'm boycotting this place from now on. 

Do you know any other spot (especially on the mainland) to work out of? Let us know.