Is Bungalow the Lagos Version of TGI Friday's?

Bungalow (Ikeja)

9 Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja, Lagos

0908 000 0257

NOSA: After traffic and Lekki when it rains, the menu at Bungalow is the most stressful thing in Lagos. Japanese, Mexican, Nigerian, and “Continental” all on that clumsy iPad app? My head hurts just thinking about it.

FOLLY: Even on a non stressful day, the menu is clumsy. I can't flip through and weigh my options conveniently.

NOSA: Oh, for the longest time, I kept calling it "Bungalows" when it's actually "Bungalow".

FOLLY: Oops, I still call it Bungalows.

NOSA: We realized our original Bungalow review didn’t really capture everything about Bungalow’s ridiculously expansive menu. So, over the next couple of weeks, we’re reviewing each of the menus because you could literally break the menu up into 4 different restaurants.

FOLLY: This was my idea because I wasn't ready to condense the sensory overload that was Bungalow's menu into one review post. Nope, I wasn't having it. 


NOSA: To start, we took ourselves to their Ikeja location to try out the Mexican menu. Ikeja because the Island location is beside that God-awful gutter.

FOLLY: Nosa still has PTSD of gutter that was near his house growing up and I ran into a gutter once cause it was covered by rain water and I was so excited to head to a fun day, so I guess we're both scarred by gutters. 

NOSA: A couple of years ago, I got served the worst Taco Salad ever at Bungalow. For science, I ordered it again.

FOLLY: While I took Nosa's approach of ordering something so simple that you'd have to be a real "genius" to screw it up so a chicken quesidilla.


NOSA: Maybe I caught them on bad day two years ago or I caught them on a good one last weekend. Either way, the taco salad was infinitely better than when I first had it. The tortilla bowl was not soggy, the guac was fresh, and I even got proper cream cheese this time.

FOLLY: He's not lying because it looked pretty good. I don't think I got a chance to taste it, however. 

NOSA: The lettuce was bit too chunky, however. I guess not everything changed. The salad would've been a lot less stressful to eat if the the lettuce was shredded and the tomatoes cubed.


FOLLY: The quesadilla looked and tasted like a quesadilla. It could be improved with a bit more flavor on the chicken and more cheese but structurally and ingredients wise, it was solid. 


NOSA: The quesadilla was definitely worth the price. I expected something more lightweight, but no sir, this was a thickum. 

FOLLY: A bit random but the guacomole tasted a lot like mango. Like a lot like mango, I thought it was weird. 



FOLLY: They have a much nicer space than in Victoria Island.

NOSA: Disagree. The VI location is beside the Lagos version of a sewer.



Fiesta Taco Salad - N5400

Chicken Quesadilla - N5500



Yup, for Ikeja, they have a sizable off street parking lot