We've Found Orchid Bistro's Island Location

Orchid Bistro is Coming to Awolowo Road

Creep ting finally paid off.

A bit of shame it has to be Awolowo Road though (Technically, it's Raymond Njoku) because Awolowo Road is the worst strip in this fine state. The absolute worst. I (Folly) hope there's parking. 


Road Chef is Opening a Second Location

Lekki's favorite 24-hour fast food is finally getting their second location....in Ajah.

I'm surprised it's taken them this long actually. Fully expected them to be in every nook and cranny of Lagos when they launched.


Eat.Drink.Lagos Videos?

It's been on our planner for ages now, but we think we're finally ready now. Or at least ready to give it a shot. We've bought a tripod and everything.

The inspiration for our first stab at video is our Taste Test series where we compare one item from a couple of vendors. A couple of weeks ago, we shot a screen test with some internet friends in a dark room (smh on our part). The video is pretty rough around the edges, but it has given us an idea of where we want it to go and how we want it to look. 


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