We Think We've Found the Best Shawarma in Lekki


NOSA: We haven’t been shawarma hunting in a really long while. Lucky for you guys, we ran through our budget for the month so cheap eats suddenly entered our radar.

FOLLY: Shawarma's in Lekki are plentiful so one has to be very sceptical. 

NOSA: Meat Up is one place I’ve been hearing about a lot. First, we got a DM telling us to check out the shawarma at Entourage Mall. These Lekki “malls” put me off so I wasn’t really enthused to give it a shot. I put it on our schedule, but like, wayyyy at the bottom.

FOLLY: I'd only heard about from one person. It was a random tweet I scrolled past. 

NOSA: Then, Jola mentioned it. As an OG friend of the blog, we really trust Jola’s taste. At this point, I might have bumped it a little bit on the schedule, but the thought of blowing our entire budget on Shiro dim sum seemed more appealing so Meat Up didn’t get bumped up THAT much.

FOLLY: For the most part Nosa has the food eating schedule down pat. I usually will go most places he says we should go except the odd time when I put my foot down and say "not happening".

eatdrinklagos meat up-1.jpg

NOSA: Anyway, with our review budget looking real funny in the middle of the month, my coworker mentioned this “new shawarma place” that I just had to try. Turns out it was Meat Up again. I guess we had to check it out at this point.

We ordered a chicken shawarma, with no “hot dog” and little light on the pepper, and the grilled turkey.

FOLLY: But the attendant decided we couldn't have possibly known what we were doing and proceeded to put not one, but TWO sausages in the shawarma. 

eatdrinklagos meat up-2.jpg

NOSA:  Now, I don’t have a problem with this, but Folly does and we were splitting the shawarma. If you, like Folly, are very averse to pepper, you might have to pull those dudes by the ear and make sure they get your order right.


The shawarma, itself, was a delight. Absolutely loved it. Top 5 in Lagos, or maybe just Lekki, as far as I’m concerned. In fact, Top 2 and it’s not 2. That’s how good I think it is.

FOLLY: Personally, I felt the shawarma was alright. The sausage really threw me off because I've always prided myself on not being a Philistine so this was my first taste.

NOSA: Shawarma without sausage is joke stuff abeg.

Anyway, I must add that it lacks a bit of structural integrity so this is not the shawarma you want to order for date night. You need to devour this one in the privacy of your home.

Before i forget about it, the turkey was pretty good as well.

FOLLY: The turkey was too hard but take my opinion with a grain of salt cause I only had one bite.

eatdrinklagos meat up-4.jpg

NOSA: It’s very hard to mess grilled turkey up and these guys didn’t. Actually no, it's easy to mess up turkey. I've had some terrible grilled turkeys in my lifetime now that I think about it.



NOSA: I'll definitely get the shawarma again.

And again.

And again.

FOLLY: Just one again for me, for now. Let me re-evaluate without those nasty hot dogs.





Shawarma - N1500

Turkey & Yam - N1600



Like, 3 or 4 spots.