Drink Lagos: Buzz Barr

This week, we checked out Buzz Barr – a bar that promises you the best buzz. Probably explains the extra “r” in the name.

Open from 8pm till 4am, until the restaurant opens next month, I really like the vibe at Buzz Barr. Its quiet and dark ambience makes it an ideal place for secret affairs, at least from when it opens till 11pm, before club folks start trooping in and you get caught.


We got all three drinks in one go: Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Honey Rita and The Porn Star.


For starters, the menu could use more senrenre to match the bar’s aesthetic. It reminded me of the graphics person that designed The Lagoon’s menu, it was too basic. It also didn’t look comprehensive enough, but from our #DrinkLagos escapades, we’ve learnt that a wide-ranging menu doesn’t necessarily mean the cocktails will bang. So we’ll let it slide.

The Strawberry Daiquiri, made with the usual rum, lime juice and strawberry syrup, looked really beautiful without the presumptuous salt rimmed around the glass like Pat Bar’s. It was served in a bulgy wine glass which isn’t typical as the daiquiri, like the margarita, is served in a cocktail or margarita glass (a stepped-diameter variant of a cocktail glass). Having the cocktail come in a really humongous glass was scary. In summary, it looked like diabetes in a cup.


The daiquiri, unlike the margarita which has a heavy citric base, falls within the sweet cocktail spectrum thanks to rum and other artificial sweeteners. Rum’s fermentation process which utilises sugarcane makes a solid base for the cocktail’s sweet undertone. However, its only downside is how tedious it gets when consumed in large amounts. The best way to enjoy this cocktail is in little portions due to the high sugar and alcohol content. An adult slushy like this one is probably the best way to deal with adulthood’s woes. Daiquiri is how you do sweet and is one of my faves.

Folarin was more interested in the Peach Honey Rita than I was, with its tequila, peach puree, honey mix and homemade sour mix. He mentioned it reminded him of a pina colada which we hardly ever order in Lagos because we’ve encountered a mixologist that used Peak milk and didn’t look back… for lactose reasons. This wasn’t my favourite drink in anyway, according to Folarin:

 “It was too floral and fragrant to be taken seriously, the tequila also made these overbearing notes more pronounced.”


Personally, I do not think a recipe with tequila, honey and peach puree are the best components for a cocktail. This con had more to do with the recipe than the mixologist. It was well mixed and had a fair amount of alcohol which immediately made its way to your taste buds without settling at the bottom of your glass.

The Porn Star, which is a passionfruit martini accompanied by a miniature glass of champagne, was O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G.


It was made from fresh passionfruit, vodka, passionfruit liqueur, vanilla liqueur, fresh lime juice and shooter champagne. This definitely makes top 5 Drink Lagos cocktails – it was neat, strong and sophisticated. I imagine this is what a black-tie event will have in its menu. We were directed by the mixologist, Anselm to take the two drinks simultaneously, not mixed or after the other. The martini on its own was amazing and before I was asked to take a sip of champagne, I really hoped it wasn’t going to dampen the dance party going on in my mouth. The champagne was a perfect accompaniment as I wished I got the name of the brand. I am all for cocktails that have a heavy vodka base that aren’t obvious because vodka reminds me of struggle. It was embodied by the vanilla and passionfruit liqueur and created a refreshing palate that wouldn’t be possible with just vodka. This is the kind of drink you keep ordering till you find yourself home, we didn’t want to stop!

Buzz Barr looks promising and I am hoping they maintain their standard in buzz-giving without being reduced as the bar that dodgy guys looking to have secret affairs come to.


Good for: Pre Drinks | Groups

Food: No

Happy Hour: No | Bottle Service: Yes | Wine: Yes | Beer: Yes



Daquiri - N4000

Buzz Porn Star - N5000

Peach & Honey Rita - N4000

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