Eko Cocktail Club Happy Hour: The Backyard Lagos


It was the second edition of Eko Cocktail Club’s Happy Hour series on the 28th of February. Another opportunity to go balling at the end of the month and spend less while getting drunk. This time the event was at the Backyard Lagos and honestly it was needed, as it seemed like February was never going to end.

From 7:30pm-10pm, the Backyard offered a Happy Hour menu with a select list of cocktails for a discounted price . The cocktails were Tom Collins, Geta Head, Long Island, Sex on the Beach, Aperol Spritz, The Backyard Whiskey Sour and a specially curated cocktail for the night - Muna’s Delight.

One of the major perks of being part of the Eat Drink Lagos Team is having the expense card, which definitely came through on this night because I ordered every single thing on the menu.  Legit a “living life like it’s golden” moment.  



So with my armour and shield ready (which really was just fries and water on the side for balance purposes), I stepped into the battlefield and ordered my first drink “GETA HEAD”

It had to be Geta head, first of all the name is a bit “catchy’ but more importantly it had red wine, vodka, fresh watermelon, gomme syrup mixed with fresh lemon juice and a “swoosh” of soda water.  The butterflies in my tummy were all over the place and I couldn’t wait to taste it. It didn’t disappoint at all, it was sweet but a nice sweet. The mix and taste of the watermelon, wine and fresh lemon juice all came together brilliantly and you could just taste that hint of vodka, not overpowering but definitely present. Be warned, however, as it is one of those drinks that you’ll keep taking and it will end up killing you.

Next, I ordered the Long Island and Sex on the Beach. Pretty familiar cocktails so I wasn’t really looking forward to anything, I just knew I was in a war and I had to fight till the end.  The Long Island was a pretty good one; it wasn’t a typical Lagos Long Island. It was mixed really well so you know you’re killing yourself but it doesn’t make you feel too bad in that moment. The Sex on the Beach, on the other hand, was really overpowered by the juice especially the orange juice, but hey, it was happy hour, vodka and orange juice didn’t seem like a bad idea at that point.



Because I AM A QUEEN IN THESE DRINKING STREETS, I went all out out and ordered the Tom Collins, the Aperol Spritz and the Backyard Whiskey Sour all at the same time.

The Tom Collins was good; it’s a drink that is really about good gin with a good mix of lemonade. I would have preferred it with less soda water. It felt like there was a lot of soda water mixed into it instead of it being “topped” with soda water. The Spritz Aperol was pretty decent, but I am not a big fan of the cocktail itself. It tastes like watered down cough medicine to me but a couple of people swear by it especially if the bitters and bubbly elements are mixed right.  

 I will not lie, I cannot really remember if the whiskey sour was good enough or not but I did finish it and I still ordered the Muna’s Delight, which I drank happily while dancing to amazing music from the DJ.

The Happy Hour at the Backyard was definitely a hit. The space at the back already gives a good vibe, top it up with good music, discounted drinks and fun people and you have an experience. Definitely can’t wait for the next Happy Hour Series. Battle Won! Address me as the Conqueror and Queen in these streets.