Eko Cocktail Club Happy Hour: South Eatery & Social House


There are a couple of things abundant in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos; stress, bad drivers, heat, body odour and Sanwo-Olu posters. However, it is also overflowing with bars that don’t give a rat’s bum about Happy Hour.  So I am starting a petition to force these lacklustre bars to indulge Happy Hour as part of their corporate social responsibility lol. Yes, Lagos sucks and the least you could do as a bar for an anxious population is offer drinks for half the price. Unlike bars in other cities like New York and London, Happy Hour is non-existent in this part of the world, and honestly? That sucks.  

However, on February 1, 2019 South launched the first edition of Eko Cocktail’s Happy Hour series, which offered a selected list of cocktails for half their usual price from 8pm to 11pm. I think South was the best way to start the series as it generally attracts a young and hippy crowd with the catch phrase – We Are All Mad Here. 


 The cocktails were the Southern Revival, London Berry Bramble, Ndali’s Vanity (which was an entry to ECC’s recipe competition) and other classics – Margarita, Daiquiri, Moscow Mule alongside the usual suspect; Long Island. 

Nothing beats catching up with friends over drinks after a long week. However, service was generally poor. My London Berry Bramble which I have raved about endlessly was ridiculously bland that I couldn’t even taste the gin. It was like a fruit juice, although the Southern Revival was a great boost without bourbon – yes it’s okay to freestyle your mocktail for sober February. 

The waiters were overwhelmed more than half of the time probably due to the influx of people. When I complained about the bramble’s lack of gin all they did was act confused, pick my drink up and say; “but Ma, there is gin in this thing.” And proceed to avoid eye contact all night. 

 Although, like all Long Islands in Lagos, South’s version didn’t disappoint as it was perhaps the most ordered cocktail of the night. What else do you expect from a drink with six spirits? It did its job exceedingly well by inducing a heavy 3-day hangover. 

I don’t know about coming back to South for the Happy Hour series, but if I do I’ll try not to sit upstairs and sit at the actual bar! In the meantime, I look forward to the happy hour series at other interesting bars.

Also, FYI to all future Happy Hour bars please stock up on extra waiters and bartenders, otherwise you will be shocked at the crazy influx of discounted-cocktail-seeking people especially on a Friday night.