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You Got Served...For Posting a Picture

You remember what I was saying the other day about customer service and trying not to jump the gun when it comes to customers giving bad reviews? If you don’t, click here.

Well, it seems like an Indonesian airline could use some of this advice. What is this gist, you ask? So apparently, an Indonesian travel blogger Ruis Vernandes, on his flight from Sydney to Bali on the Garuda Indonesia, had been handed a handwritten menu. It was written on a piece of paper that had obviously been removed from a spiral-bound notebook. I mean, I understand the shabby chic or rustic look but even that might have been a little too rustic. 

Source: YouTube Rius Vernandes

Source: YouTube Rius Vernandes

Vernandes seemed to think so as well when he shared a picture of the menu on his Instagram page. The picture *unsurprisingly* went viral and of course, drew amused comments from his followers. The airline’s management, however, was not amused and quickly took to Beyoncé's internet to announce that the menu was not supposed to be viewed by passengers but only by cabin crew members. They also published an internal memo stating that it was banning videos and pictures from cabins in their planes. Ah, small play? 

After a little online push back, the management backtracked that pictures were only banned if they were ‘disturbing the peace’ of other passengers. Lol, yeah right. As if that wasn't bad enough, on the Wednesday after this incident, (it had happened over the weekend), Vernandes and his fiance received a brown envelope in the mail that meant they had been served. Um, what? 

The brown envelope contained a police summons which meant that the airline had filed a formal complaint to the police and Vernandes could be looking at up to four years in jail if convicted. Mad ting. Imagine posting a video on Instagram (as part of your job oh! Okay, maybe hobby) and getting sued for it. He posted a picture of the envelope asking for support from his fellow vloggers and influencers, stating that he didn’t want to see a future where one could be criminalised for giving constructive criticism. 

Last I read, Garuda Indonesia had dropped all charges and offered Vernandes and his fiancé two free tickets. All I have to say is, Tearoom management is learning work when it comes to completely botching customer service.

EDL Weekender: Trivia Night is Back...and Wizkid Too

Super short week so I don’t hate myself as I type this. There’s quite a bit to do this weekend and Trivia Night is back.



New playlist for the weekend.


Drinks at Atmosphere

Home to Christina’s cocktail of the year, the Frosé

Rosewater pairs fantastically with botanical flavours for obvious reasons and I loved that the watermelon and strawberry never overpowered its subtlety. In fact, the rosewater was the most pungent detail, in a way that countered the overly sweet notes of the fruits present in the drink. It was layered, not sweet in a nauseating way and was ultimately refreshing. I loved how simple and lush it tasted.

Read her review HERE



NOK Throwback Night

An epic throwback experience with DJ Bristar. To make a reservation, send an email to or call 0908 561 4815


Ciroc Summer Party with Wizkid

Have no idea what “Tropical Luxury” means but Wizkid is going to be there fresh off his feature on Beyoncé’s album. So you can definitely expect to hear “Brown Skin Girl” eleventy billion times.


Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night

It’s another month so Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night is back. The categories for this weekend:

  1. English Premier League

  2. Chemistry

  3. Food & Drink

  4. Video Games

  5. Nigerian Banks

Get your team of 4-6 and reserve your spot HERE

Trivia Night August 18.png

Brunch Out

#BrunchOut is finally back this weekend and this time we bring you The Last Days Of Summer Edition at @atmosphererooftop!!!!! It’s a whole new venue and you don’t want to miss the amazing @jamesonngr cocktails, great menu, amazing music and great vibes all around !!!
— FOMO Lagos

Free to get in and there’ll be free cocktails Music by Aye!, Dj Nino, Honeeay, Oma Mahmud

  • Venue: Atmosphere, Lennox Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1

  • Date: Sunday, 18th of August

  • Time: 2PM-9PM


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

Your Tastebuds Remember: How Taste is Connected to Memory.

You know how you can smell something familiar and literally be transported to another place and another time? No, I don’t mean teleportation, I mean memories. Apparently, it may the same with the sense of taste as well. The first time I tasted a popular lemonade drink, I spat it out because it tasted like this horrible herbal medicine my parents used to feed me and my siblings when we were younger. It wasn’t even funny cause it used to make me throw up back in the day. I still can’t drink that lemonade because it always reminds me. It works in the other direction too and we all have a few things which we love eating because it tastes of a favourite childhood memory. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s what experts have to say about this. 

  • You can’t taste well if you can’t smell. It’s true. The sense of smell and that of taste are closely linked, due to their ability to respond to chemicals in food and drink and also their proximity to each other. The combination of these two senses working together is what gives you a sense of flavour. The headquarters of this is in the brain and it's called the gustatory cortex. It makes the decision of if your body would reject or accept whatever it is you’re tasting. It's why when you smell a strong scent, you already have a pretty good idea of what it would taste like. So when people look at you weirdly when you say something tastes like soap, you now have an explanation for knowing what soap tastes like- and it’s not that you've actually taken a bite out of a bar of Lux.

  • The fact that the sense of smell and that of taste are so closely connected is what makes it possible, or easy for a memory to be tied to a taste- or smell. While tastebuds can pick up five basic tastes- sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami, we all know tasting food and drink is way more fun than these five and that’s where the olfactory receptors come in. We have quite a lot of these: about 12 million located in the nose and nasal cavity and they are responsible for sending electric signals to the olfactory bulb located in the brain. This bulb lives quite close to the hippocampus which is one of the brain’s most important structures for memory. See? Now it makes sense why you remember your grandma’s house when you make egusi using her recipe. The smell receptors are also the reason you can tell the difference between her egusi and the one bought from The Place.

  • Finally, there’s something called taste aversion. This happens when you eat something and get sick after eating a particular type of food. The next time you come in contact with that particular item, its flavour can cause disgust or nausea prompting you to avoid it. This is the brain’s way of reducing the risk of you repeating that mistake again. Thanks to this survival method employed by the brain, it has also become a supplementary way of enjoying our food. We can recall positive memories associated with meals and repeat those for our enjoyment - and not just avoid the negatives ones.

Fun, right? Learning new things about how our brains and bodies work is always fun. The brain has always been the most fascinating part of the body to me and I might have considered neuroscience if I wasn’t so averse to chemistry and science class in general.

Join Us This Weekend For Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night VIII
Trivia Night August 18.png

It’s another month so Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night is back. You guys asked for more details on categories so I’ve decided to give a little hint on each one:

  1. English Premier League - The EPL is back so it’s only right we have a category dedicated to it. Questions about the current season and the clubs involved.

  2. Chemistry - How well do you know your elements? Or your covalent bonds?

  3. Food & Drink - Well, this is a bit obvious. You read this blog already.

  4. Video Games - This is all about the consoles and the hardware behind what we see on our screens.

  5. Nigerian Banks - How well do you know your Nigerian banks? From their logos and slogans to who bought who.

We’ll be at La Taverna (again) for Trivia Night and we’d like you guys to join us. You’ll need a team of 4-6 to participate and you can reserve by clicking the little button below:

EDL Weekender: A Party on the Beach

Super loooong weekend that we deserve. Here’s stuff you can do this weekend



New playlist for the weekend and it absolutely does not feature a lot of Drake


Dinner at CUT

We checked CUT out last week and we had the most amazing time. The 3-course dinner was an absolute steal for the price and we recommend you check it out over the long weekend.



Happy Hour at South

Happy hour is from 6pm to 8pm, which is perfect for the cubicle champions. You can always stay back for the party afterwards.



Element House

Beach rocks on a Friday? If you love house music, DJ Lambo is throwing a beach party with all types of house music and Chef Alex is going to be working the food.


Paint the Night Paint Party

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!