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Work Lunches: Food Truck by My Green Apron

NOSA: Our first experience with My Green Apron wasn’t the greatest and if we’re being completely honest, I was not particularly eager to give it another shot. But they just got a food truck, a more expansive menu, and the owner acknowledged our issues in the comments of the initial review. . 

FOLLY: Yeah I’m not going to lie, that experience kept ringing in my head as we took a leap of faith with their newly launched food truck.

I was expectant because the menu and the pictures of the food looked really good on Instagram.

NOSA: So yeah, why not give it another shot?

FOLLY: There was quite some traffic in Lekki and I was lazy so I placed an order for delivery from the truck within Lekki Phase One.

IMG_9820 copy.jpg

FOLLY: On Nosa’s advise, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Suya Breast & Jollof Bulgur

FOLLY: I see my coworker eating bulgur all the time but I’ve never tried it. In fact, I don’t even know the health benefits of substituting bulgur in place of rice but hey all the healthy kids are doing it so I jumped head first.


NOSA: It tasted a bit like rice, but then again, I ate Folly’s leftovers.

FOLLY: The jollof bulgur was absolutely tasty. The texture and consistency of bulgur was more similar to pasta than rice, but a hell of a lot starchier and chewy.

NOSA: Now, that you mention it. I definitely see the pasta thing. A bit like orzo in some ways.

FOLLY: I did enjoy it and I will definitely consider making it at home. The chicken suya breast was also great. The chicken was so lean and smoky. You could taste that this was made on charcoal grill or at least charcoal smoked.

NOSA: The chicken suya didn’t do much for me, but again, I ate Folly’s leftovers so take my comments with a pinch of salt. What I really liked was the sweet potato mash and I can’t believe we didn’t get a good picture of it. Anyway, it’s not much of looker but just know it’s a slept on star on the MGA menu.

Largely because of the guacamole, I ordered the Steak Wrap. If you want to sell me, you should definitely go with guacamole.

Like the wrap from The Health Kitchen, the steak wrap did leave me filled with guilt and regret. The steak strips weren’t tasteless and the guacamole wasn’t lacking in salt. It sounds like a minor thing, but lots of people think they can just mash up some avocados and tell you it’s guacamole. No, sir. 

MGA food truck 2.jpg
MGA food truck 1.jpg

I probably should’ve ordered a side with it because the wrap didn’t particularly fill me up and I probably should not have expected it to. I mean, I’m a big boy.

What I really liked, even more than the food, was the price point. Eating healthy in Lagos is not just a struggle but it’s expensive as hell. MGA serves an incredible menu at a ridiculously affordable price point. In our last review of MGA, I complained a lot about how the pricing wasn’t sustainable. All of those complaints are out the window now. They’ve definitely hit the sweet spot.

Or maybe I’m just paid better now. Either way, point stands.



NOSA: Despite forgetting to send me the bill until COB, I’d definitely go back to MGA Food Truck. It appears a whole lot has changed and I’m a fan.

FOLLY: I agree with Nosa, I’m a huge fan of the MGA Food Truck and Lekki desperately needed this. The sweet potato mash is delicious and even if for nothing else, I will be back for that.




Jollof Bulgur - N800

Steak Wrap - N2000

Chicken Suya Breast - N1000



Victoria Island - N700

Work Lunches: The Health Kitchen

FOLLY: We’re continuing the healthy series today also known as Folly is working from the Island so order from all the place that don’t cross the bridge. This is one place I’d been really dying to order from based of their Instagram. I’m so glad that we finally did because, spoiler alert, The Healthy Kitchen did not disappoint.

NOSA: Disappoint? What’s that?

The Health Kitchen0004.JPG

FOLLY: Ordering was simple enough, I called in stated my order and my delivery address. I specified the time I wanted my order to arrive and it was delivered with 9 minutes of said time. I call that timely and also impressive.

NOSA: My order came in very “on time”. Asked it to be delivered at 2pm and it got to me 15 minutes early. Warm too. I get the feeling that their kitchen is not too far from my office.

FOLLY: I was quite excited by the menu and I wanted a fuller experience so I ordered an appetizer (Parmesano Mushroom Bites) as well as a main (Warm Red Cabbage Salad).

NOSA: Ordered the Chicken Avocado Tortilla Wrap with sweet potato fries as my side. The sweet potatoes were tasted delicious in ways that the adjective doesn’t do it enough justice. 

The Health Kitchen0003.JPG

Chicken Avocado Tortilla Wrap - Grilled chicken breast sliced with bell peppers, caramelized onions, chopped tomato and a fresh avocado spread served in our home made gluten free tortilla bread

NOSA: Now that I read the description on the website, I don’t think I can recall tasting any onions or peppers or tomatoes. No wonder it tasted so “healthy”. The avocado spread was so overwhelming. You can tell from the pictures too. It’s literally popping out fo the tortilla wrap.


FOLLY: The mushroom bites were glorious and the exact kind of thing Nosa would like. As I ate them, I felt a little bit bad that Nosa didn’t get to experience them too. The stuffing in the mushrooms were stuffed with onions, green pepper, and a blend of hard salty cheeses i.e. the best!

Parmesano Mushroom Bites - Button mushrooms flipped and stuffed with scallions, garlic, bell peppers and a mix of cheeses

NOSA: Yeah, I’m a bit jealous of those. Might order those some other time.


NOSA: About my tortilla wrap, I didn’t think there was any difference, taste wise, between a gluten free tortilla and a regular wheat tortilla. I was wrong as hell, boy! When I ordered the wrap, I thought I’d feel some guilt while eating it because of the tortilla. Nope. Felt no such thing. The tortillas had this weird texture that I can’t quite explain with words. Almost dry or “dusty”. If you ever order it, it’ll all make sense. 

The Health Kitchen0001.JPG
The Health Kitchen0002.JPG

NOSA: Speaking of guilt while eating, since cleaning up my diet a bit, I feel so terrible when I fall off the wagon. Just looking at myself all disgusted like, “why did I have to eat all that?”. This is why finding The Health Kitchen feels like the Lord sending me a message. They have zoodles and gluten free pizza on their menu. It’s like striking paleo gold.


Warm Red Cabbage Salad - Served with raisins and sunflower seeds topped with feta cheese

FOLLY: I picked this salad because red cabbage and rocket are my preferred salad bases but this was such a monochrome salad that I tapped out halfway through. In addition to the red cabbage, the salad had raisin, sunflower seeds and feta. The raisins contributed a consistent general sweetness to the salad and the dispersed sunflower seeds, thankfully broke that up every time I got one in a bite. The feta was also great while it lasted - I think the limited amount of that also contributed to me tapping out a bit earlier than planned.



NOSA: Like The Healthy Salad Company, The Health Kitchen is also on the pricey side. Why does healthy food have to be so expensive? For the same outlay, I can stuff myself with shawarma. It’s definitely worth it, but its hard to rationalize the spend if it’s a daily thing. They really do need to get a physical space though. I know it’s not as easy as just saying it, but the menu definitely deserves sit down treatment. 

FOLLY: Loved! I will definitely order again. The Health Kitchen has such an exciting and streamlined menu.



Parmesano Mushroom Bites - N3360

Warm Red Cabbage Salad - N4100

Chicken Avocado Tortilla Wrap - N4900



Victoria Island - N300

Work Lunches: The Healthy Salad Company

NOSA: We haven’t done a lot fo Work Lunch reviews in a while because of Folly. She just had to work in the middle of a delivery dead zone also known as Ilupeju. For all the amazing exotic restaurants that place has, it’s the absolute pits when you’re ordering takeout. Island vendors won’t cross the bridge while mainland vendors think it’s “too far”. If it’s “too far”, what is Apapa, eh?

FOLLY: Ilupeju has the worst food selection of any neighbourhood I’ve spent an extended amount of time in Lagos. There’s Chicken Republic and Gypsy’s and that’s all.


NOSA: Anyway, I’ve been meaning to order The Healthy Salad Company for a work lunch since I tried their potato salad at our festival in December.

FOLLY: While I’ve been lusting since I saw the glistening pesto on their Instagram page.

NOSA: I’ve “been meaning” because I’ve had a hard time convincing myself to spend N4000+ on a salad. Oh, and I can’t expense it to the EDL account if Folly isn’t ordering too. So you see how much of a toll this thing is taking on me. 

FOLLY: You’re just being dramatic.

NOSA: As luck would have it, Folly is working on the Island this week and the stars have aligned. If you’re ordering from The Healthy Salad Company, you’re advised to do it the day before or super early on the day. The terms are really clear so you don’t start with the usual “I ordered today and it delivered the week after” complaints. The owner is also pretty clear on the delivery window too. For me, I was told to expect my order after 2pm (I ordered on the day).

FOLLY: I also ordered same day and my delivery window was after 12 pm. I’d have liked it a little bit more specific but I know how much trouble delivery companies are so I understand.


NOSA: It’s good to have expectations clear from the get-go so I know what metric I’m using for my disappointment. Also, post 2pm worked because I’m on this intermittent fasting thing so late lunch is the new lunch. And you don’t even need to call to order. There’s an order form on the instagram page, which I found too late - 

FOLLY: Now let’s get into the food.


NOSA: I ordered the Grilled Prawns on Wholewheat Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes and Olives tossed in raw green pesto. Typed that out so when you look at the damage you’re not too shocked. It’s not your razz carrot and cucumber salad, you get?

FOLLY: I ordered the Pan Cooked White Fish, butterbean, avocado, and tomato salad on Romaine topped with raw green pesto. Yeah, there’s no short version of the item on the menu.

NOSA: The salad was, for lack of a better word, luxurious. Look at all that prawn. Way more generous than your average Lagos restaurant. Oh and the olives were a great touch too. Added some “saltiness” to the whole thing. The roasted tomatoes provide the opposite effect and balance it all out with some “sweet”.


FOLLY: Likewise, I thought it was luxurious but sadly I didn’t enjoy it. I blame the fish and the dill in the pesto. I could barely eat the fish because it was slathered with the pesto. The pesto had dill in it - I hate dill. The ripple effect was that I then found the rest of the salad meh without the pesto. I get that dill is an anti oxidant and has all these positive benefits but yeah get thee behind me you evil herb.


NOSA: I don’t think you can consider my order a salad, to be honest. I was expecting a cold pasta salad, but I don’t think this was the plan. After a couple bites, I shoved it in the microwave and accepted I was eating pasta - Prawn pesto macaroni. No point lying to myself. 

FOLLY: In mine, I did like the avocado and the butterbean. I wish there was more avocado. You never ever get butterbean in regular salads from most lunch delivery companies - you’ll have to go to a proper restaurant to find that in a salad.



NOSA: The Healthy Salad Company is a bit pricey and I probably won’t order it with ridiculous frequency unless my salary is doubled. But I see why it’s so expensive. The ingredients are of the best quality and the salad is pretty good to boot. The only problem here is that they don’t pay us enough in Lagos to regularly partake.

FOLLY: The prawn pesto salad looks great and I honestly would like to try it but the possible thought of dill being in there is giving me hives.




Grilled Prawn on Wholewheat Pasta - N4500

Pan Cooked White Fish on Romaine - N4000



Victoria Island - N1000

KMAC Grill and its Black Boxes of Indulgence

NOSA: If you've been on Admiralty Way recently, you've probably noticed the new car wash that popped up across the street from the Adebayo Doherty intersection. The one with the "container" buildings and whatnot. Well, in there, you'll find one of the better BBQs in Lagos. 

The menu at KMAC Grill is pretty simple, you have four options - Mini Black Box (Party Special), Mini Black Box, Maxi Black Box, Jumbo Black Box. Technically, there are only three options because the Party Special is only available for...parties, i.e. minimum order quantity is twenty. 

Each box is like variety pack for BBQ and as you go up in size, the contents become more ostentatious. In typical EDL fashion, we went for the biggest of the lot - the Jumbo Black Box. We did it so you don’t have to. Or in this case, so you have to.  

FOLLY: You actually have to. The Jumbo Black Box is everything you want in a party platter. I wish we had checked out the place a couple weekends earlier so I could have ordered these as party platters for my birthday. 

Kmac Grill Jumbo Box 1.jpg

NOSA: In the Jumbo Black Box, you get:

  • 1 cheeseburger
  • 5 chicken pieces
  • 5 turkey pieces
  • 5 sausages
  • 5 corn cobs
  • 2 camb/pork chops
  • 2 spicy grilled Prawns
  • Sweet Potato or Yam Chips
  • Pepper sauce + ketchup

FOLLY: The box itself that the food is presented in is very good quality. To be honest, it's an actual gift box, the type you use to package a gift to someone that you actually care about.


NOSA: A little breakdown of the box's contents:


FOLLY: For me hands down the best meat in the box. First of all, it was a good cut for grilling (a rib chop). It was very tender and had just the right meat to fat ratio.

NOSA: The pork chops were so tender and I honestly didn’t expect it. I mean, it’s a grill in the middle of a car wash. If you're like me you might not ordinarily expect good things there.

FOLLY: The fatty edge on the outer edge of the chop might have been my favourite part. The pork chops were dry rubbed and the flavour came all the way through. You could see that they were totally and completely coated because a lot of the dried herbs and spices were visible on the meat. 

Kmac Grill Jumbo Box 5.jpg


FOLLY: My next favourite thing in the box was the corn. It was moderately flavoured but I loved how liberally grease was applied because I really hate dry corn. It was also grilled direct so it had a lot of that smoky, grilled, and charred flavour.



FOLLY: Honestly and truly, I really think there's a tie between the sweet potato and the chicken but I'll let the chicken have this one because this is the first piece of chicken I've truly enjoyed in over six weeks.

(Aside: I think I want to become pescetarian but let's check back on that in a month or two.)

NOSA: Like Folly, I haven’t been big on chicken for a while, but this got me out of my funk for a brief minute. So yeah, it’s good enough. 

FOLLY: The chicken was both smoked and grilled. The grilling seared it, but the smoking gave it that classic taste and helped the meat pull apart for easily. 



FOLLY: The "home fries" size of this was wonderful - had me hating regular fries for a second.  The technique of crispy edge and soft inside needs to be appluaded. Likewise, the spice blend that the fries were dusted in as well as the mustard/mayo drizzle deserve celebrations.

(Ed. Note: Half expected an "accolades" joke here)

Kmac Grill Jumbo Box 2.jpg


FOLLY: I really wanted to like the prawn but I swear underneath the shell tasted like the sea. Or maybe because we were seated by the waterside and the smell of the sea was in my face? Either way, I honestly struggled to enjoy this.  


FOLLY: Now, we're officially getting to the back benchers and generally the members of the class that drag the average down. Why can't we have actual sausages over franks?

NOSA: I will keep asking this whenever I see frankfurters, why don’t more Nigerian spots use Satis if imported sausages are too expensive?

FOLLY: Please, Lagos establishments take note.

Kmac Grill Jumbo Box 17.jpg


FOLLY: Everything they did to the chicken is what should have been done to the turkey. It was so hard to bite into, and tasted like it was just fried without any particular concern for texture or taste. 

NOSA: I’m not the biggest turkey fan and this didn’t really change my stance. They did taste great in tacos the day after so maybe there was a little redemption. 

Kmac Grill Jumbo Box 4.jpg


NOSA: Very very bad. 

FOLLY: Out of respect to everything else in the Jumbo Grill Box, and especially speaking on behalf of the pork chops, corn, and the chicken I think we should have the option to leave out the burger when ordering.

NOSA: They probably know this one shouldn't be in the box so they give you just one of it, unlike the other items in the box. KMAC just needs to sub this out for a basic bread roll.

FOLLY: You can tell that KMAC's speciality is grilling because everything with the exception of the turkey was solid and the grill masters just don't quite have the burger finesse..yet and I hate that it's dragging down the curve. I had so many issues with it from the patty tasting like it was grilled from frozen, wet cucumbers in between the bun and the patty, the cheese wasn't melted, and the over dressing.

NOSA: The burger tasted like a Mr. Biggs burger. 


FOLLY: Again with the exception of the burger, I wouldn't rate anything I had less than an 8/10. If you're having a party, allow the small chops and get this instead. The seating area isn't much so you're better off taking your order to go. 

NOSA: I don't think they want you to sit in.

FOLLY: Oh, very important to call in advance the wait time for this is 45 minutes to 1 hour.  




Jumbo Grill Box - N15000




Heels in the Kitchen and Chef Benedict Enter the #WorkLunch Business

FOLLY: Some of our faves are expanding into the lunch delivery space and we’re excited. This is important because usually Chef Imoteda and Benedict’s meals usually come with a hefty price tag so I personally love that they are doing this to make their food more accessible. 

NOSA: Imoteda has done this in the past, but I don't think it worked out as planned. Benedict, on the other hand, is giving this #WorkLunch thing a go for the first time. I wonder if this is the start of a larger trend for Lagos chefs. Maybe we'll get a Chef Fregz lunch service in the near future.

FOLLY: Unlikely but we can wish.  

NOSA: To me, it feels like the logical step before opening up a physical location in Lagos. Private dining is great, but daily lunches are fantastic for cash flow. 

NOSA: The best part of this is that both chefs are keeping their menus very accessible. Benedict, in particular, seems to be keeping things strictly with pasta.

FOLLY: It’s such a good idea for streamlining logistics which is where most businesses struggle. Ps. I can personally vouch for Benedict’s pesto pasta. 


NOSA: Smart move because #WorkLunch is whole different kettle of fish. I might be able experiment with weekend dinners and whatnot, but my regular lunches don't stray too far from the staples. A quick scan around my office suggests that other people do the same thing. 

 FOLLY: For Heels in the Kitchen menu, my recommendation is the Stout Molasses Ribs. Food aside, I do hope they have the logistics of delivery sorted to a T because having delicious food is only a fraction of the work.