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Join Us This Weekend For Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night VIII
Trivia Night August 18.png

It’s another month so Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night is back. You guys asked for more details on categories so I’ve decided to give a little hint on each one:

  1. English Premier League - The EPL is back so it’s only right we have a category dedicated to it. Questions about the current season and the clubs involved.

  2. Chemistry - How well do you know your elements? Or your covalent bonds?

  3. Food & Drink - Well, this is a bit obvious. You read this blog already.

  4. Video Games - This is all about the consoles and the hardware behind what we see on our screens.

  5. Nigerian Banks - How well do you know your Nigerian banks? From their logos and slogans to who bought who.

We’ll be at La Taverna (again) for Trivia Night and we’d like you guys to join us. You’ll need a team of 4-6 to participate and you can reserve by clicking the little button below:

Join Us This Weekend For Eat.Drink.Lagos Trivia Night VII
Saturday, October 13.png

This was actually supposed to be last weekend, but we completely forgot a new month was upon us. We took a little break because of our Abuja event, but we’re back to status quo. Categories for this weekend:

  1. Women’s World Cup

  2. Geography

  3. Disney

  4. Guess the Celebrity

  5. Baby Animals

We’ll be at La Taverna (again) for Trivia Night and we’d like you guys to join us. You’ll need a team of four/five to participate and you can reserve by clicking the little button below:

Moët & Chandon Grand Day Returns to Lagos to Celebrate the Iconic Impérial!

Moët & Chandon is thrilled to announce its annual Moët & Chandon Grand Day, a day of sparkling celebrations around the globe where, for 24 hours, in 80 regions worldwide, friends and guests of the Champagne House will come together to raise their champagne glasses in a worldwide toast to the 150th anniversary of Moët Impérial, a global icon of celebration since 1869.


This year, the 4th  annual Moët & Chandon Grand Day, will continue its festive tradition with a grand lineup of events celebrating the epic journey of Moët Impérial which, from the world’s podiums to Hollywood’s red carpet, has marked personal & public milestones launching global celebratory traditions for 150 years. From day to evening and well into the night, Moët & Chandon will bring together over a million people from New York City to Ibiza and London to Tokyo, in a bubbling toast to its universal icon of celebration. 

The dress code is gold and glam for this event and it is is invite-only. However, a few tickets are set aside for purchase on Nairabox.

Wherever you live, wherever you travel, on June 22nd, you are likely to find a Moët Grand Day event, so seize the #MoetMoment and join the global movement!

Be sure to catch up with the #MoetGrandDay festivities!


Also, Uber is offering a 50% discount for the trips TO and FROM the event at #EkoPearlTowers. So guests should ensure to take advantage of that by simply applying the code: MOETGRANDDAYNG.


Founded in 1743, Moët & Chandon contributed to introduce champagne to the world by offering a range of unique wines for every occasion. From iconic Moët Impérial to the Grand Vintage Collection, from the extroverted Moët Rosé Impérial to the innovative Moët Ice Impérial, each champagne dazzles and delights with bright fruitiness, an enticing palate and an elegant maturity.
Moët & Chandon celebrates the thrill of living. With a bottle of its champagne opened every second around the globe, Moët & Chandon knows that every second is an experience, and every experience is a #moetmoment to live now.

Please drink responsibly


Sweet Treats for a Sweet Girl at #EatDrinkAbuja

The EatDrinkFestival is an annual food festival proudly organized by the team. An ever-evolving event, the festival is aimed at connecting food vendors and celebrity chefs with aspiring chefs and individuals who simply have a fine taste for food. For most of its existence, the Festival had only been available to the residents of Lagos. Last weekend, however, things took a historical turn with the first ever #EatDrinkFestival hosted in Abuja!

A few members of the team and I made our way to Nigeria’s capital city last weekend. While other team members were choked with organisational duties and the smooth running of festival activities, I was in Abuja for one simple mission; Eat, Drink, Repeat. I did exactly that.

Food festivals are glorious. Being surrounded by pleasant aromas, a myriad of flavours and people who are just excited about food as you are is absolutely uplifting for the spirits. At the festival, 20 food and drink vendors dished out their finest and as always, I picked a thing or two I’d like to write about. I visited as many vendors as I could and now, I will be telling you why I will either find their home addresses or erase them from my memory, Dumbledore style. Over the next couple days I’ll be telling you about my favorite vendors at the Festival.


Buttercream Abuja

Build Your Own Cupcake: Chocolate Cupcake, Maltesers, Caramel Popcorn and a Shot of Baileys


Buttercream Abuja happens to be the first vendor I tried at the festival. While everyone made a beeline to Cocktailville n Chops, I decided to start off sweet. One of the things that drew me to Buttercream’s stand was the giant pink balloon arch. It was so cute!

The owners were especially friendly, offering me a bit of their Nutella Banana Bread as a sample. It was absolutely delicious. That’s a lot coming from me because I would usually never put banana bread in my mouth.

I had the option of having a regular cupcake and building my own personalised treat. I decided to go with the latter. A chocolate cupcake, Maltesers, Caramel popcorn and shot of Baileys later, I was in my happy place.

Biting into the cupcake, I felt like I was biting into a fresh cloud. It was fluffy, moist and its sweetness was thoroughly balanced. The creaminess of the Baileys complimented the taste of the chocolate so well while the Maltesers and Caramel popcorn added a bit of crunch to the smooth, fluffy texture. Overall, this was a win.


I absolutely loved them! Between their amazing customer service and the even more amazing cupcake, I can’t decide what got me the most. Would recommend to everyone I’ve ever met.


Cookies and Cream Yoghurt, Cashews and Cookies (Toppings)


I visited the Yogurberry stand a bit late, so they’d run out of a couple of froyo flavours. Bummer! I feel like the vendor understood my pain because he looked sadder than I was telling me they only had a few flavours left. Of the ones available, the Cookies & Cream caught my fancy so I decided to try that out. For the toppings, I went with cashew nuts and chocolate chip cookies. The game was set.

The yoghurt was a flavour overload! The cashews provided a twist to the sweetness of the yoghurt and cookies. I have a sweet tooth but I don’t particularly fancy overwhelmingly sweet treats. This frozen treat kept its sugar levels friendly. On the matter of texture, the yoghurt was smooth and silky. I really enjoyed eating this.


Yogurberry is doing an amazing job with frozen yoghurts. Unfortunately, they don’t have branches in Lagos so I can’t pop in at will.


Waffle Stop

Waffle Pops – Waffles with chocolate and caramel syrup, coconut flakes and crushed Oreos


Taking a walk through the festival, my nose picked up on the most delightful thing and I absolutely had to trace the scent. That’s how I found myself at Waffle Pops. Waffles are a personal favourite so I took no time in ordering.


The vendor at the Waffle Pops stand had to be one of the bubbliest people I’ve ever met. I loved her energy. The base dish was the waffle which could then be topped with an assortment of syrups and candies. I decided to go for chocolate syrup, coconut flakes and crushed Oreos. The bubbly lady was nice enough to drizzle on some extra caramel syrup and that made me pretty happy.

Let me tell you when I bit into this waffle, I caught a glimpse of paradise. It was warm, super soft and fluffy! It’s almost as if the waffle melted in my mouth. I can’t put into words the joy I felt eating this waffle. It was perfect. While making notes on all the things I’d tried, the only reaction I could muster on this was a ‘whoa!’ That’s exactly how I felt. That is still how I feel. I’m still shook!


I want to be adopted by the owner of waffle pops and fed waffles everyday in an air-conditioned room while watching Rick and Morty. If my waistline breaks up with me because of these waffles I won’t even be mad. Transitioning from an hour-glass to a blob shouldn’t be too hard. Round is a shape, right?

The C.F.Eats’ Guide to #EatDrinkAbuja

For uninitiated, here’s a little bit about Chasseur Fou Eats:

You can call me CFE (cee-eff-ee)! Living, eating and taking on Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, one post at a time!

They’re one of our partners for the Abuja festival and you can follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

In 2017, someone snarkily asked me: “What is there to do in Abuja, even?” And I answered: “Bruh, eat.” And I wasn’t lying. Eating out is relatively cheaper here than in other big cities and we have hella cute cafes scattered all around. Now, as luck would have it, the angels of food have smiled upon us by giving us EatDrinkLagos’ very famous EatDrinkFestival! So, on the 8th of June, we will all troop (fork in hand) to Harrow Park to get a taste of Lagos’ finest food festival, tailored to our very eclectic taste buds.

Eat Drink Festival Day 1 -0051.jpg

I know, I too am overwhelmed at ALL the possibilities and ALL the food but it’s okay, I’ve created this guide to help you (you, me, everyone on the C.F.Eats team) navigate the festival and get a taste of flavours from all around the world along the way!

Remember, it’s a marathon, not a race, so if you get there early, you can pace yourself and pretend you’re doing a Tastemade food festival review at the same time!

CrazyPe0ple Cocktails To Start The Day


As soon as we walk through the gates, we’re heading for the CrazyPeople’s Cocktail stand because it’s only right that we start with an Abuja fave.

Everything on the menu looks inviting but we’ll start with something light, like a Bay Breeze for example, because we want a drink to whet our appetite and put us in the mood for the food, which we’re always in btw, but this will allow us take cute pictures with our cup in hand before our inevitable food pouch starts showing itself :)

Pocket: -₦2000

Buttercream Abuja for something sweet


Now that our pictures are taken, it’s time to get down to business with an amuse-bouche. Buttercream Abuja’s Nutella Banana Bread is on our list because Nutella, duh, and one slice sounds like a nice way to exercise our jaw muscles.

I know amuse-bouches are meant to be free but the price of these items can technically be considered free if you close your eyes and don’t think about it too much.

Pocket: -₦500

The Vegan Trip to China


Vegans aren’t left out as Lily’s Hands make Deep Fried Seitan Cutlets and if you’re into this sort of thing, you get to take a quick food-inspired trip to China!

Pocket: -₦2000

Main 1

because there will be several others


After getting an appetiser, we’ll head for Ette’s Barbecue because that Famous Turkey and Plantain will not eat itself. Fun Fact: Chef Ette is from Calabar and my family used to have him over to do barbecues for us during Christmas and other random occasions, so I can tell you for free, his grill is magic.

Pocket: -₦1500



You can head to Jaka’s Grill for a taste of what I think is also from Calabar (or maybe I just think all the grill people come from Cross River State) and try the Grilled Sticky Chicken Combo Box.

Pocket: -₦2500

Waffle Stop for Another One


After our first main, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate our ability to taste food. What’s a better way to do this than to taste even more food? Trick question, there’s no better way.

At this point, we’ll saunter over to the Waffle Stop stand for a Waffle Pop! Our food pouch has started to rear its head but we’re sure we can still squeeze out a few more pictures at this point. We’ll pick up a chocolate covered waffle pop and take all the pictures we can get at this point.

Pocket: -₦1500

Thirst Quencher Time


After a sweet treat, we’re going to need an alcoholic drink to lift our spirits (and counter the pending sugar rush). So, to Entree’s Cocktails we go! They have a drink called Tiger’s Blood and by virtue of its name alone, we have to try it.

(At this point, you can convince your friends to try the Watermelon Agua Fresca from Legal Tenders Cocktails and take a sip of it because you’re a sophisticated person too dammit!).

Pocket: -₦1000

Main 2

because we’re just getting into it


If you’re a lasagna fiend like my friend Amiola, you can hop over to Melo’s Kitchen stand for a taste of Italy and try their Mini Lasagna! Honestly, eating lasagna at a food festival is my aesthetic but if it isn’t yours, there’s a bunch of other things to try on the menu here.

Pocket: -₦1500


You can head back to Lily’s Hands to try the Garlic & Rosemary Infused Slow-Baked Chicken and dodo because, honestly, I’ve been eyeing it since I saw Deep Fried Seitan Cutlets.

Pocket: -₦2000

Sweet Endings


Now, at this point, it is important to know you have done your best, honestly. Cool off with a Strawberry Basil Lemonade treat from Ice Pop.

Pocket: -₦500



If parfaits are your thing, try one of France’s more popular exports in the form of the Medium Cup Parfait from Parfait Cafe (tongue twister? No?)

Pocket: -₦1200

Now, congratulatory high-fives are in order because you made it!! You came, you ate, you conquered! You can go home feeling well accomplished because you really did the damn thing.