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A Trip to Godaif Village

FOLLY: If you want to feel like you’re not in Nigeria for a hot second (literally), the garden at Godaif village is good place to start. You may have to wear ear plugs so that you don’t hear the noise of the car horns and possible nose pegs for the smell of Nigeria but honestly, visually it’s an escape.

NOSA: The instagram pictures really do not do it any justice. It looks like one of those villas you find in telenovelas, but a bit smaller.

FOLLY: The inside as well is tastefully furnished, cozy and relaxing.

Godaif Village.JPG

FOLLY: The menu says an increased offering is coming soon but until then we have cafe staples - sandwiches, salads, and pastries.

NOSA: It’s a standard cafe menu with some wine added and an extensive tea selection. To be fair, I wouldn’t come here primarily for the food because that’s very much WIP. You should definitely come here for the space. It’s an absolutely wonderful space to work out of.


NOSA: Picking the right sandwich to order was a bit of a challenge. I really wanted to try a bunch of the paninis, but they bagel sandwiches too.

FOLLY: I don’t like paninis that much. I find that there’s always too much bread and not enough of the stuff in between (fillings) so I opted for the Ham and Cheese Bagel Sandwich.

NOSA: While I settled for the Avocado and Chicken Panini

FOLLY: Bagels are still quite rare in Lagos so I never pass up the opportunity. Everything had cheese so i decided to risk it all in spite of my intolerance and go for it. I was already planning to have the cheesecake later so a little slice of cheese in my sandwich was not going to be my undoing, the cheesecake would be.  


FOLLY: The bagel sandwich was good - it was a simple coffee shop sandwich. No frills. A chunky homemade spread or house sauce could have made it more interesting, but for a sandwich that didn’t announce itself to be more than a “Ham and Cheese bagel sandwich”, it was enough and delivered.

NOSA: The avocado and chicken sandwich was very much a chicken salad sandwich so I have no idea why I asked for it to be toasted. Chicken salad sandwiches are infinitely better when cold, but like a dunce, I got mine toasted. I definitely liked it, but it could’ve been a lot more enjoyable. Like, as enjoyable as the Quinoa Salad I ordered as well

The quinoa salad reminded me of those cute little salad things you get with dinner when you fly long haul and I really love those. It had quinoa, peppers, cucumbers, raisins and walnuts in it and it’s very vegetarian friendly


FOLLY: The cheesecake was absolutely fantastic and possibly the best cheesecake I’ve had in Lagos. Craft Gourmet and Maison Kayser were previously tied in my “little black book” but Godaif Village’s blueberry cheesecake has likely dethroned both.

NOSA: Very very bold statement there.


FOLLY: I don’t want to make a hasty conclusion so I need to go back and try the cheesecake again. Once I’ve done that, I promise to report back with an update.

NOSA: It might be nostalgia tainting your judgement. Or maybe you’re associating the good vibes of the space with the cheesecake.

FOLLY: It’s only fair because I’ve tried the cheesecake at Craft and Maison multiple times, it’ll be unfair to dethrone them on a single taste alone.


NOSA: Will definitely return

FOLLY: Highly recommend for the cheesecake. I can’t wait to try it again soon.




Latte - N1500

Quinoa salad - N2300

Caramel macchiato - N1600

Ham & cheese bagel - N2600

Blueberry cheesecake - N2600

Chicken avocado panini - N2600



 Small parking lot for about five cars

My Coffee Is Expanding in More Ways Than One

NOSA: Perhaps we should have suspected My Coffee always wanted to be more than a plain ‘ol coffee shop. The space at Wings is something special and it goes beyond the decor or anything of that sort.

FOLLY: The "For Lease Sign" decribes it as a "bespoke coffee shop" - LOL.

NOSA: With that view, it’s literally the perfect location. As soon as Wings gets more tenants and foot traffic, that My Coffee location will explode. But, I digress. 

FOLLY: Since our original visit two years ago, My Coffee has expanded to four locations. Two grab and go (Lekki & Mega Plaza) and two sit in coffee shops (Wings & Adetokunbo Ademola).

NOSA: Additionally, since our original visit, My Coffee has got itself a full fledged menu. The food has always been where they beat out the competition and they aren’t loosening that grip anytime soon. Salads, breakfast staples, and even a couple nods to its Ukranian roots, the expanded My Coffee has about anything for everyone. Their roast beef bagel sandwich is still one of the best bites to grab on your way to work. 

FOLLY: Apart from it generally being dishonest, a restaurant should generally use only their own images on their Instagram page (Nigerian restaurants, I'm looking at you sideways). This is relevant because our entire order at My Coffee was made by looking at their Instagram page and picking out stuff that looked good.

NOSA: So to start, we shared the Mozzarella Sticks. 


FOLLY: You don't often find mozzarella sticks on menus in Lagos, and most times event if it's listed they don't have it available. Mozzarella is one of the few cheeses I can eat and so I quite enjoy it. I found these a tad bit overcooked and as result, the cheese on the inside went a bit further north on the melting scale than one would like. 

NOSA: I agree that it could’ve done with a minute or two less in the fryer, but I liked it nonetheless. Also, most places with mozzarella sticks on the menu tend to be a bit stingy with the cheese. A bit of a shame because mozzarella is probably the cheapest cheese to get in Lagos. 

FOLLY: That I can definitely attest too, Mozzarella is pretty cheap at Hubmart & SPAR.

NOSA: For our mains, I went with the Caesar Salad while Folly got the Fish & Chips. 


I really liked my salad, but they goofed a little bit with it. First, the bacon was a bit “hot”. The meats in a salad can be warm, but hot is a no for me. Why? Well, thanks to this thing called heat transfer, the top layer of your salad ends up just as warm. Ever had hot iceberg lettuce? 

FOLLY: However, the positive was that My Coffee used very thick cut bacon and gave a pretty generous serving. 

NOSA: I would have preferred bacon bits instead.

FOLLY: I don't know what this man is saying.


NOSA: Anyway, the second goof was the croutons were tucked inside the salad. Sounds like a great idea until the croutons taste soggy and without crunch because they absorbed some of the moistness from the lettuce. You always want the croutons at the top.

FOLLY: Again, I don't know what this man is saying because I found the croutons sufficiently crunchy. I, however, didn't like that they were all tucked at the bottom for a much simpler reason because I kept having to go dig for them. 

NOSA: Complaints aside, I liked the salad. The vegetables were fresh, the parmesan was sharp, and most importantly, it had croutons. Croutons are my absolute fave.


FOLLY: I'd rate the fish and chips a solid 7 out of 10. I'm only deducting points because the portion was a bit small relative to how much it cost, and the fish was ever so slightly over battered. Thankfully, the fish was still more than the batter but it could have done with a little bit less batter.    

NOSA: The fish and chips were surprising decent. Taste about as good as they look. It won’t transport you to a pub in London, but you’ll definitely not regret it. 

FOLLY: With chips, generally the bar is low. There are certain things you simply need to avoid to make a good batch of chips: don't undersalt or fry in old oil. Soaking the chips in cold water for several hours will take out the excess starch thus making them taste better but if you don't, we won't lose hair over it. Obviously, frying in oil that was used to cook fish is a grave sin - you should never do this. 

Long story short, the chips at My Coffee were fine and appropriately salted.



NOSA: The menu has changed a bit. It's, I daresay, better now.

FOLLY: A lot better, and also more extensive. I should also add that the customer service at My Coffee is very pleasant - much better than the average you'll get anywhere in Lagos.

NOSA: Definitely worth a visit. 




Ceaser Salad - N4000

Fish & Chips - N4400

Mozzarella Sticks - N2200



Wings has more than enough parking that you'd ever need.

Work Lunches: Michelle's Cafe

FOLLY: Michelle’s Cafe, to my understanding, started off as a salad delivery company.

NOSA: They still deliver.

FOLLY: Now they also have a small cafe in Fourteen 36 Mall on Sanusi Fafunwa. 

NOSA: In the same space Wrap City used to be. I wonder what happened to those guys. I actually kinda liked them. They just disappeared. I think the location is a bit of a winner because there are lots of finance companies in the area. Finance is one of the better-paying gigs in Lagos so being around white collar guys with higher disposable incomes has to be a plus. 

FOLLY: Before we visited, I had this idea that Michelle’s Cafe was like a super healthy focused space like Plant Planet. They make salads, which are obviously healthy, but they also have regular meals that aren’t known for their health benefits like noodles. 

English Breakfast

English Breakfast

FOLLY: We visited on a weekend for a light breakfast. We ordered the Veggie Salad (takeaway), English Breakfast, and a Breakfast sandwich.  I had the breakfast sandwich while Nosa had the English Breakfast. 

NOSA: You get what you pay for at Michelle's and it's best to judge it within that context. The Full English is simple and it just gets right to it. I substituted the toast for some pancakes (cost a bit extra) and it was absolutely worth it because the pancakes were super delicious. All fluffy and everything. The bacon is bit struggle, but you'll live.

The bacon is bit struggle, but you'll live.

The bacon is bit struggle, but you'll live.

FOLLY: The Breakfast Sandwich wasn’t very memorable, to be honest. It was simple: bread, patty, fried egg and a piece of cheese. Simple and straight to the point.

NOSA: It's a no-frills breakfast slider and for what it costs you can almost let it slide. 

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

FOLLY: Taking into consideration both of our meals, Michelle's Cafe is great value for money and delivers what is expected.



NOSA: It doesn't cost you a lot (view menu here) and for that alone, it's a "yes" from me. I'd never crave it or anything, but I'd definitely pick up breakfast there on my way to work and I'm sure other people think the same. 

FOLLY: I ordered a salad from Michelle's for a potluck and my friends thought it was overpriced for what it was, but I thought it was pretty good.  




Full English - N2000

Pancakes - N600

Vegetable Salad (L) - N3500 

Breakfast Sandwich - N1000



The mall has about 10 off street parking spots

Old Delis Is Back as D Cafe

NOSA: I feel weird calling them D Cafe. The name is not just razz, but the other guys aren’t deserving of the “Delis” name. 

FOLLY: I agree, the name is razz 

NOSA: In some ways, it’s an upgrade. Not the name sha, but the space is significantly nicer than their old digs. The parking is dog poop compared what they had and considering Delis doesn’t have great parking, you can just imagine how bad it is. The menu is a lot uglier and the prices are a bit higher. I guess someone has to pay for all this new shit.


Anyway, I ordered the ribs with side of mashed potatoes while Folly got the salmon with a side of herbed pasta

FOLLY: The salmon was salmon nothing special per say. I did like that that the top was breaded and the skin side was crispy  


NOSA: After much thought, I think i prefer my salmon cold. And thinly sliced. And in a bagel with cream cheese. Anything else is not for me, but that's probably because I think fish, on the whole, is boring as hell.

On a random note: I heard that if you're really popping in Lagos, you make your fish stew with Norwegian salmon. 


NOSA: I probably should not have gone with the mash. The wedges might have been a better idea. The mash tastes nice but had so many clumps in it. 

FOLLY: The garlic buttery pasta was definitely a good choice. A bit salty at times but it complemented my main well


NOSA: The ribs were pretty good, but absolutely did not taste how much it cost. If I can get ribs that taste similar for a significant fraction of the cost, like a quarter, what is the justification for this? Look, maybe I’m reacting this way because my week has been long, but this shit makes no sense.

FOLLY: The prices are wild, I couldn’t believe how much everything came to when the bill was presented 


NOSA: Maybe my memory is failing me, but i do not remember it being this expensive in their old place. 


NOSA: Rant aside, D Cafe has lost no step from when it was still called Delis. Good, not great, but better than most. It's priced like its better than most though. I like it, but maybe i'll get a salad next time because their mains don't present value for money.




Salmon - N10,000

Ribs - N14,000




Delis Cafe Transitions to Delis Coffee Shop

NOSA: We explained the whole Delis situation on the blog last week. But if you missed it...

They didn't even change the name!

They didn't even change the name!

FOLLY: Word on the street is that the supermarket downstairs and the restaurant upstairs did NOT have the same ownership as was thought. The supermarket gave the restaurant the boot, took over their space and started their own restaurant with the SAME name and some very similar menu items. 

NOSA: Well, there is a big difference. New Delis is SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive than Old Delis.

FOLLY: We tried to visit last weekend but it was completely full and these new owners made the rookie mistake of taking out the bar stools that were used as a waiting area. 

NOSA: I don't think the new owners took it out, I think the management of old Delis took their chairs with them. All the furniture is brand new. The only thing left is the wine fridge.

FOLLY: I meant design wise. They still have a bar but opted for no stools. 

N1900 for THIS cookie

N1900 for THIS cookie

I was really torn between having the Delis Club Sandwich or the breakfast. I eventually chose the club sandwich because I felt readers would be more interested in knowing how this tasted because we're a club sandwich-loving nation. 

NOSA: Someone on Twitter said my sandwich from Coffee Plus was weak and I'm still hurt.

FOLLY: But first, Nosa and I were a hungry so he ordered a cookie from the jar on the bar. There is no way innocent Nosa and myself would have ever imagined that this humble cookie was ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED NAIRA (N1900) for one single cookie. 

NOSA: I could've sworn the menu said N900.

FOLLY: One thing you'd immediately notice when you order a sandwich at the new Delis is that the sandwiches here come with sides.

NOSA: Old Delis gave you just a side salad, but also a considerably cheaper sandwich.

FOLLY: Yeah, the wedges do not justify the ridiculous price tag.

Club Sandwich

Club Sandwich

NOSA: Another thing is that they didn't keep the artisanal vibe that Old Delis gave their sandwiches.

FOLLY: For some people, this is good because fewer calories and what not, but the sandwich needed more bread. Yes, more bread or at least thicker slices. The slices were much thinner than regular sliced bread and so, got mushy really fast and my sandwich began to disintegrate before I was done eating it.

Another thing you'd notice that's different than most other club sandwiches that you'd order in Nigeria is that this uses fried eggs as opposed to boiled ones. I prefer this because the yolk can still be a bit soft.

No boiled eggs in this

No boiled eggs in this

FOLLY: The moisture in the sandwich was too much especially since it came from three sources - the mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and cheese spread. I could probably have done without the cheese spread. 

NOSA: For my main, I got the Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad. I really wanted to get the salmon one like I did when we reviewed Old Delis, but I got greedy when I saw all manner of seafood listed in the seafood salad menu description.

FOLLY: I also discouraged him because the salmon one was also all manner of too expensive.

Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad

Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad

NOSA: In retrospect, I let my greed get the better of me. I really didn't need all that seafood. i should've just gone with the salmon one like a normal well-adjusted person. This doesn't mean the seafood salad was bad, but it was just so overwhelming at some point. By the time I tasted grapes on my third bite, I knew I had made a massive mistake. That said, it's actually a good salad if you're in the mood to be greedy.

A little too much seafood

A little too much seafood

FOLLY: The dessert "window" is the first thing you see when you walk in (just like Crust & Cream).

NOSA: I believe they call that thing a "showcase".

FOLLY: Shrug. When Nosa went to fetch that cookie, he saw that they had sticky toffee pudding and I'm not one to have regrets so I had to try it. 

I asked for the ice cream to be served into another glass so Nosa could eat it but I still ended up topping the dessert with the ice cream for a photograph. This was perfect because it was as moist as sticky toffee pudding should be. I don't like seeing chunky dates so I was very happy that this didn't have any.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

NOSA: Sticky toffee pudding is not really my cup of tea, but this one was actually good. I wonder who handles their baking because I know, for sure, they don't do it.



FOLLY: Way too expensive for me to form a Delis habit. I can't afford it and I'm looking forward to D-Cafe opening soon. 

NOSA: I'd visit again, but not anytime soon




Capuccino - 1600

Delis Club - N4900

Delis Cookies - N1900

Prawn & Calamari Seafood Salad - N7100




Not a lot and if the supermarket downstairs is really busy, it will frustrate you.