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Adrenaline Sports Bar Flatters to Deceive

Adrenaline Sports Bar

Plot 9/10 Block 2, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 448 9444

FOLLY: I first heard about this place a couple of years ago, when one of my guy friends moved back to Lagos and he was really into Adrenaline. That was until they broke his window when he was parked outside and stole his laptop; I don't think he's ever been back since. I also immediately lost all interest following that incident because in the evening it's hard to get a parking space inside Four Points.

NOSA: I have an immense unexplainable hatred for Four Points. From the point you have to pop your hood for security to getting through the metal detector at the entrance to not finding a power outlet in the lobby because it's for guests only, I hate everything.

FOLLY: I also feel like Adrenaline is also a little secret for those who are regulars because I don't think many people know it and there's also not too much noise on it. 

NOSA: I think people know, but Four Points is just too stressful of an establishment

FOLLY: I liked the decor at Adrenaline, particularly the dark wood. I wasn't a fan of the low chairs are and the tiny tables, however. 

NOSA: In its defense, it's a proper sports bar in every sense.

SAM_4715 copy.JPG

FOLLY: I was trying to be a rebel and I ordered a concoction cocktail listed on their menu. It's called the Seven Step and it had in it: gin, vodka, tequila, rum, Cointreau, creme de cassis and white wine. 

You read that right, 7 types of alcohol and no mixer. I should kuku have drank rat poison since I wanted to die. I honestly thought the white wine would function as a mixer and make it drinkable but boy was I wrong.

NOSA: Because you definitely need to order it when you find out Mourinho dropped Martial for another senseless reason.

FOLLY: After exactly two sips, I ordered a sprite and diluted this drink and it became awesome. It's a lot stronger than a Long Island and if you're ever trying to get drunk very very quickly, this is the ONE.


FOLLY: To eat I ordered the Famous Full House (aka the house special burger) which when it arrived looked like one of those burgers I see on food porn Instagram pages. I was very excited because we've been doing this for 2 plus years and little did I know I could find one of those burgers in little old Lagos. 

NOSA: This is definitely the best looking worst burger in Lagos


FOLLY: Sadly, the burger looked much better than it tasted. The sum of the whole wasn't great so I'll break it down to its parts. The onion rings and the patty were a bit bland, and the patty in particular, was very dry. 

NOSA: The onion rings were really soggy and the patty smelt off.

FOLLY: I liked the bacon and the bun, and I felt they should have grilled the mushrooms instead and had a little bit more cheese. 

NOSA: Yeah, the mushrooms were straight from a can.


FOLLY: They definitely forgot Nosa's fish on the fire. 

NOSA: For a second, I thought it came out looking like that by design, but nope, they burnt it.


NOSA: The plating left a lot to be desired, but on a scale of important things, I think that's at the bottom. There were more important things at play here, like the fact the fish was BURNT again.



FOLLY: A nice place to grab a drink with friends. Their food is not amazing but it's good for what it is. 

NOSA: It's the sports bar equivalent of putting lipstck on a pig



Seven Step - N3000

Fish & Chips - N6500

Famous Full House - N6000



There's parking inside and outside, but be advised that parking outside is at your own risk.

Zenbah Wants To Be The Cocktail Bar Lagos Deserves


11B Akin Adeola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0803 855 5557

NOSA: Late last year, Paris Deli "packed up" and reinvented itself as Sip & Bite. A couple months ago, Sip & Bite "packed up" and reinvented itself as Zenbah.

If you've been keeping up,

Paris Deli -> Sip & Bite -> Zenbah

This time, it's a bit different. They've ditched the whole "let's open a restaurant" thing and gone a different route. Zenbah's big play is alcohol.

Lots of it.

Zenbah Tiki

That said, i think Zenbah falls a little short on the alcohol front. The drinks are decent, at best, and at the price point, it makes little sense.

FOLLY: I disagree. As long as you stay away from all of that Tiki nonsense, you'll be great. Take their mojito for instance, I didn't have any of that tiny leaf wahala like the one at La Taverna, nor did it have stockpiles of sugar at the bottom like most other Lagos bars. 

Zenbah Tiki 2

NOSA: The cheapest cocktail on the menu is N3000 and if you're paying a pretty penny, you expect a little more. Cafe Royale, for instance, makes better cocktails at a fraction of the price.

FOLLY: While N3000 for a mojito isn't very cheap or affordable, I can say this is one of the best mojitos, if not the best I've had in Lagos.

Zenbah Mojito

And for all it's worth Zenbah still doesn't have the most expensive cocktail in Lagos, that crown belongs to the Terrace Bar at Filmhouse Lekki. 

zenbah tiki 3

NOSA: I'll give Zenbah one thing though, the drinks are perfect for Instagram/snapchat.

FOLLY: All facts. 

NOSA: It wasn't all drinks, however. We tried out the food menu at Zenbah.

zenbah seafood platter

NOSA: Started out with the seafood platter.

FOLLY: Fisherman's Basket, actually. Aside: Zenbah is very Vellvett-esque with their presentation. 

NOSA: I wasn't the biggest fan of the calamari. I felt it needed quite a bit of salt.

The fish, on the other hand, I didn't mind. A little too "maggi" but I could live with it. Same thing with the prawn.

FOLLY: Now, see I really liked the calamari and didn't notice the lack of salt. The fish, sadly had all the seasoning packed in one corner so it was "salty". The prawns tasted like Falomo market i.e. very fishy. 

NOSA: Wow. We're disagreeing on everything today.

NOSA: The prawn came with a little surprise lol

NOSA: The presentation was really pretty though. Almost like they got tips from Velvett.

You know what was really good though? The quesadillas.

Quesadillas are so simple and easy to make that it absolutely blows my mind when I find a terrible one. I literally always want to walk in the kitchen and speak to the chef.

FOLLY: Now, something I finally agree with Nosa on. The quesadilla was absolutely amazing. The cheese especially was really good and the guacamole on the side surprised me.

FYI: the Quesadilla is actual an appetizer on their menu. 

Zenbah Burger

FOLLY: The burger was meh in comparison to Nosa's quesadilla. It had all the makings of a good burger and the meat was properly seasoned, I just didn't like that it didn't have any sauce in it. 

NOSA: I really think Velvett gave these guys tips.


NOSA: I won't lie, Zenbah isn't that great on the whole. But Lagos doesn't really have better so I guess they'll slide today.

FOLLY: Good enough if I'm in the area but not something I'd particularly crave. 



Mojito - N3000

Mai Tai - N4500

Classic Burger - N4000

Fishermans Basket - N4500

Chicken Quesadilla - N3500



For six cars only.

BarBar Got A Completely New Menu


Cinnamon Gardens, Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki One, Lagos

NOSA: A couple of days ago, we noticed BarBar got a completely new menu and we decided to check them out. 

FOLLY: "A few days ago" is actually last week when you went to get a haircut. 

NOSA: The menu, itself, is pretty streamlined. Just 4 items on it and for science, we ordered them all. 


FOLLY: And we still weren't full, so we ordered some more chicken wings because they were by far, the best of the lot. To drink, I had the Dreadlock (rum, ginger beer, brown sugar and lime). don't think they actually used brown sugar.


NOSA: The BarBar By The Sea is their seafood platter. Ok, it’s not really a platter but a plate of like 5 shrimp and a couple calamari. A shame the serving size is so small because I thought this was pretty tasty. 


FOLLY: They should have breaded the calamari and shrimp because this was pretty basic. 


NOSA: The wings were the best thing for me. Absolutely loved them. Might be hard to find anything better in the Lekki area and this includes Urban Fuxion.

FOLLY: Slow down. I still prefer Urban Fuxion's but these were really good and we even ordered a second portion.


NOSA: A bit of a random note, all the sauces tasted like they were heavy on Maggi. Not a fan at all. 

FOLLY: We had three different little pots of sauce with each item we ordered, each with varying intensities of Maggi. This was probably not by design, just probably the unfortunate consequence of not shaking the container. I didn't hate the sauce, but it was a bit pedestrian. 


NOSA: The Chicken Chopped And Screwed was a massive disappointment for me. It tasted like shitty chicken suya. Avoid this one at all costs. 

FOLLY: My friend thought it was undercooked. 

NOSA: The sliders were the other thing I liked on the menu. There’s only so much you can do with a slider and I think BarBar did all of that.


FOLLY: The bun and the patty were good so it's a thumbs-up from me. It's hard to be very descriptive when you had only two bites of something (we cut it in half)

NOSA: It tasted like a burger you’d get at a cookout and for a slider, I think that’s pretty good.

FOLLY: I was most glad because they didn't use the Maggi sauce in it. 


NOSA: The sliders and wings are the only things worth it and they’re cheapest on it. For a what they are, Barbar is pretty good if I'm being fair. So yeah, give them a shot if you're trying to get a haircut or your partner is.

FOLLY: It won't fill you up but it's okay food. More importantly, guys get a free drink with a haircut so tag along and you can drink the free drink while he cuts his hair :) 




The Wings - N1700

Barbar Sliders -N1700

BarBar By The Sea - N2000

Chicken Chopped & Screwed - N1500

The Dreadlock - N2000



It's in one of those "mall" things, so there's a lot of parking

Eko Hotel Has A Pretty Sweet Rooftop Bar

Sky Lounge @ Eko Hotel

1415 Adetokunbo Ademola St. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 277 2700

NOSA: A while ago, some guy emailed us about a location to propose. That very rooftop I recommended has been turned into a pretty sweet rooftop bar. 

FOLLY: I love the space now but liked it when it was a secret. 

NOSA: It's a bit less romantic. For the vibe, think RSVP Poolside without a pool and on a roof. The menu is also completely different from the main Sky Restaurant menu, which is good because Sky is scraps. The menu is pretty much finger food and cocktails.


FOLLY: Cocktails which cost a lot of money and so we constructed our own. We asked for the shots, ice, the mixer and the lemon/lime. 

NOSA: We got the sharing platter, which is probably the best looking platter I've seen in Lagos. 

FOLLY: We actually spent some time trying to do math to see if we were getting a good deal by getting a platter instead of individual pieces. We were, so we went for it. 


NOSA: It comes in a slightly larger version of the dim sum boxes.

FOLLY: Which I thought would be perfect as a storage unit for my for make-up or any other nik-naks. 


NOSA: The shrimp tempura was favorite of the lot. I thought it was so delicious.

FOLLY: The batter on this was dope. It also wasn't too oily and so didn't weigh the shrimp down. 

NOSA: The spring roll wasn't bad either. It wasn't your small chops spring roll so shout out to that.


FOLLY: The spring roll tasted really nice with the mayo dip and the other one that was not the soy sauce - lol. 

NOSA: The beef skewer was a bit cold. Arguably the worst thing in the platter too. Just look at it as a necessary evil.

FOLLY: It was the first thing I tried from the platter so I know for sure it came cold and it wasn't because it had been sitting out while I ate something else. 


NOSA: The chicken lollipops were my next favorite thing. I think I ate pretty much all of it. Left only one for Folly.

FOLLY: This dude ate the last chicken lollipop talmabout he thought it was his. Thank God the chicken bones were there to prove how many he had and how many I had. Even though I sadly only had one, the chicken lollipop was definitely my favorite. 

NOSA: The dumpling was in there with a shout. Got points taken off for the lack of structural integrity.


FOLLY: Zero structural integrity on this. Both my dumplings broke when I was trying to dip them into the soy sauce. Nosa says it's because I was greedy though

NOSA: Compared to the scam at Maison across the street, I didn't feel cheated at all.

FOLLY: It was definitely a good amount of food for two people, it also might satisfy a group of three. 


NOSAWorth it overall. Perfect spot for a chill evening. 

FOLLY: I loved the vibe and the food. I'm already looking for an excuse to come back.

NOSAOne thing though, the drinks are expensive so get a shot of Jameson and Sprite. It'll save you like 2k 



The Large Platter - N15500



It's Eko Hotel, there's a lot of parking

Pub Brunches: Churchill Bar

Churchill Bar

4/6 Layi Yusuf Street, Lekki 1, Lagos

01 454 2345

NOSA: A "Pub Brunch" is like a "Hotel Brunch", but infinitely cheaper, a bit less fancier, and arguably better. For this episode, we checked Churchill Bar in Lekki.

FOLLY: Churchill is my new favourite place to eat in Lekki.  

We've always said on this blog that there's a dearth of good restaurants/places to eat in Lekki 1 but since then Road Chef, Urban Fuxion and Sao Cafe came along, and now we've also discovered Churchill. 

NOSA: I had no idea it was a pub tbh. When Oreka told us about it, I still thought it was some new restaurant in Lekki

FOLLY: What's funny is that we've always known of Churchill but thought it was in 'far Lekki' aka after the 3rd Roundabout, and never wanted to make the trip.

NOSA: When we were driving, I kept looking for for a sign or something, but nope, none. 


FOLLY: I almost didn't want to come to Churchill on this day, but as Nigerians like to say "God had other plans" because he led me here instead. I was set on going to Surulere but Nosa wasn't interested.

NOSA: One day, she'll tell you guys the rubbish thing she wanted to go do in Surulere.

FOLLY: Not today, but just know I like to be prepared. 


FOLLY: I started with this nameless smoothie because I wasn't interested in drinking water. I think the smoothie had pineapple, apple and banana in it. 

Heads up, Churchill has no drinks menu so you have you trust your waitress's memory of the fridge/store room. 

NOSA: I'll tell you this for free, if there's no drink menu at the bar, just order beer. Don't try any of that fancy stuff and fall your hand. Humbly ask for Star. 

FOLLY: For my meal, I chose the Full English Breakfast and Nosa had the 3 Egg Omelette. You see, Nosa would have preferred to have the Full English but since he didn't follow me to Surulere, I couldn't let him have it. 


NOSA: Negatives first, the hash browns were a little burnt as you can see.  The omelette was absolutely lovely, however. Wish they had sriracha because it would have been the perfect fit. For quite a bit less on the wallet, this omelette is better than the one you get at RSVP  brunch and you don't have to pay so much for the bacon on the side. 


FOLLY: Everything on my plate was perfect, with the exception of the hash browns which were a little charred as Nosa mentioned earlier. The bacon, mushrooms, eggs, and sausage were just awesome-sauce. 

NOSA: The sausage was very very good, like the cumberland one at Mansilla.


The sausage wasn't a hot dog, nor was the bacon goat meat. Sounds mad, but those two things actually happened at this one place and this other place

NOSA: The bacon was a little struggs. I'm a bacon expert, I know what I'm talking about.

FOLLY: He actually is. 


FOLLY: The last time I was this excited about finding a new restaurant was Crossroads.

NOSA: I really like this place. Compared to the other "pubs" in Lagos, the food is actually good and like the other pubs in Lagos, it's not expensive either. 

FOLLY: The breakfast at Churchill is all day so if you're craving a Full English in the evening in Lekki, these are your guys. 

NOSA: Speaking of evenings, like other Lagos "pubs", you will encounter ladies of the night at night. I mean, it has a huge expat crowd and it's in Lekki. If that's not your spec, don't go there in the evening. If it is, they offer rooms on request lol. 

FOLLY: I like to know things so I asked how much the rooms were. N18000, in case you were wondering too. 



Full English - N2500

Omelette - N2000

Side Bacon - N500

Smoothie - N900