Mega Plaza Food Court Adventures

Zaika Indian Cuisine

Mega Plaza. 14 Idowu Taylor, Victoria Island, Lagos

0706 526 0345

FOLLY: Over the weekend, we went to Mega Plaza and sat in the food court and ordered a little something from each restaurant except the Chinese one, 'cause that would have been gluttony

NOSA: Extreme gluttony.

FOLLY: We'll be reviewing them today and Wednesday. First up is the Indian restaurant

Interesting aside: there are some serious turf wars going on with those red plastic tables. You just can't sit anywhere you like. 

NOSA: It's just like mammy market in NYSC Camp. If you served in Lagos, you'll get what I mean.

FOLLY: I probably shouldn't judge the entire restaurant from one item on their menu, but I'm still going to go ahead and do that because if an Indian restaurant cannot make a half decent chicken tikka masala, are they really an Indian restaurant?

NOSA: That's the yardstick for rating Indian places. If their tikka masala is scraps, then the whole thing is scraps. Not generalization, just facts.

mega plaza indian-1.jpg

NOSA: Their tikka masala was basically Nigerian stew. Maybe they made it for the Nigerian palate. Maybe...

...actually, no. This is inexcusable. 

mega plaza indian-2.jpg

FOLLY: I agree that they might have gotten too influenced by our local cuisine because this rice as well was a full on Jollof and hardly a Biryani. It was the same with the tikka masala, it tasted more like Nigerian stew than the Indian dish.

NOSA: I'll acknowledge the jollof-ness of the Subz Briyani, but I actually liked it. But then again, I like jollof rice soooo....

mega plaza indian-3.jpg

FOLLY: Tikka masala usually has that burnt orange colour but this was red and you know what else is red? Nigerian chicken sew. 

NOSA: Now that I think about it, they didn't even have cheese naan. What a scam.

FOLLY: Nosa and I had very little of this meal. We pretty much tasted it and decided to eat the other stuff we had gotten from elsewhere instead.


FOLLY: If you want proper Indian food in Lagos, this is not a place I'd recommend.

NOSA: Well, if you want Indian food but don't really want Indian food, I'd recommend this. 



Subz Biryani - N1900

Chicken Tikka Masala - N2000



It's N200 and N100 on weekdays and weekends to park in the Mega Plaza lot.