That Time Folly Couldn't Take It Anymore

Ying Yang Chinese Restaurant

5 Admiralty Way. Lekki Phase I, Lagos


NOSA: This one is a little funny in retrospect. The original plan was to go check out that Grind Grill Cafe place in Osapa London. The rain and the traffic were a little heavy. We finally find the place and it looked like nothing we expected. I expected it to be like one of those "grills" places on Instagram, but what we met was a beer parlor. Now, there's nothing wrong with beer parlors but this wasn't what we were expecting. 

Anyway, we get in the place and Folly needs to use the bathroom. Nothing major or anything. Next thing, she storms out and says she can't do it anymore.


One of the toilets had a big brick of shit in it.


It's kinda hard to eat in an establishment after that. The image might never go away. Your order their ribs and it looks like a rack of shit. You get me? Exiting the premises was pretty much a unanimous decision. 

We get back in the car and Folly loses it. It's funny now, but then I had to shut my mouth up and nod. I'm not about to get punched in the face by an angry woman because I lack self control. No, sir. Not me.  

Folly goes on this epic rant about how she's tired of all these culinary experiments, which are really my fault because I push her into it. She goes on about wasting money just because we (Read: Nosa) want content.

FOLLY: LOL, I was absolutely stressed and fed-up. I was also driving in the rain and traffic. 

NOSA: It's a valid point, to be honest. The blog was AND is supposed to be fun for us. As soon as the fun goes out of it, it becomes soulless and I'd rather that didn't happen. We're supposed to go to places because we actually want to go there and not to fulfill some obligation. 

TL;DR - No more experiments. Not Guinea Pigs. 

FOLLY: I'm only going to places I'm actually interested in and all suggestions will be scrutinised. I'm not really down for doing shit (literally) for science anymore.  

NOSA: We still had to eat something though, so I suggested Ying Yang. There's nothing fancy about Ying Yang, but it's pretty hard to go wrong with it. Sometimes what you really need to put some shine on a shit day is MSG. A plate full of it.

NOSA: I got the Special Fried Rice, Spicy Wings, and Pork Ribs. The rice was excellent as far as I'm concerned. Standard Chinese Takeout fried rice. You know those ones that leave their flyers on your doorstep in America? Yeah, this tastes like that. 

FOLLY: I had the Noodles, BBQ Wings and some generic chicken sauce.  

NOSA: On the low, I think the spicy wings can go toe-to-toe with wings anywhere in Lagos.  Better than Bottles. Better than 355. Better than Long Bar. Bring your wings and these will stand tall.

FOLLY: I preferred my 'BBQ Wings' by far to the ones Nosa got even though they weren't actually barbecue. I'd call them Chinese style wings, and they were absolutely delicious.  

NOSA: The ribs were very tough and very dry. Essentially fried meat. I don't think the chef/cook made this with all those fancy "fall off the bone" metrics in mind. Probably just wanted to fry some goddamn meat and be done with it. 

FOLLY: My noodles and my 'stew' complemented each other very well. I ate every single bit of it, that could also have been as a result of the fact that I was very hungry. 


NOSA: Ying Yang is good value for money. If you're in the area and you're hungry, you probably won't go wrong with it. However, don't bring any girl on a date here, lads.

Ladies, if any guy brings you here on a date ting, that man doesn't rate you. he might as well be taking you to the mall food court. If he tries to debate, tell him Nosa from Eat.Drink.Lagos said so. 

FOLLY: The spring rolls were oh so forgettable. If you visit, do yourself a favour and don't order them. At N350 for a pair, it might sound like a deal but they are so tiny and are just so meh 


Spicy Chicken Wings - N550

Chinese Chicken Wings - N550

Peking Spare RIbs - N880

Ying Yang Combo (Half Rice, Half Noodles, Sauce) - N2200